PechaKucha Presentation

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Mathias Hahn

Product Designer in London

Amazing products jammed into a tiny Mini


Mathias Hahn gave this PechaKucha during the Clerkenwell Design Week 2017 and shared his passion for design through the tales of a journey he went on with a friend in a tiny Mini collecting a range of wondrous and beautifully designed objects. By the end you will be asking the same question as the audience on the night "how the heck did it all fit!?"

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Found Object Translation

@ VOL 97 ON NOV 28, 2012

Yota Kakuda (YOTA KAKUDA DESIGN) talks about how he takes second hand objects, which he finds at flea markets, and makes something new with them. (in Japanese with English subtitles)

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Found Objects and a Desk

@ VOL 40 ON JUN 13, 2013

Frida Ersson is a recently-graduated student from Malmsten's college - one of the finest schools of cabinetmaking in the world. Her projects have entailed a fair degree of traveling, which serves as a way of lifitng inspiration for her work. Each trip taken would result in a plethora of found objects that would later see themselves incorporated into her final project; a glorious investment of time to create a stunning piece of craftsmanship - her desk. (in Swedish)


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Secret Lives of Objects

@ VOL 9 ON SEP 24, 2015

Dr. Lisa Godson researches, writes about and lectures on design and material culture. Current publishing projects include the books Making 1916: material and visual culture of the Easter Rising (Liverpool University Press) and Secret Lives of Objects: stories of design from modern Dublin. She is research collaborator with artists Jesse Jones and Sarah Browne on the major Artangel/Create/Arts Council of Ireland 2016 project In the Shadow of the State.

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Clever Products from Young Minds

@ VOL 129 ON OCT 28, 2015

"At ID KAIST we exploring new ways to enhance the user experience of existing products"

Jihoon Suh and Eunsol Byun are students at ID KAIST - Industrial Design Dept. of the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - and the winners of our first TABLE TALK Competiion at Tokyo Design Week. They give us an impresive overview of the outstanding student work happening at their school.

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The Tiny House Dream

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 11, 2016

Doug Robinson - Discussing the process of working through the designing and building, to date, of his tiny house. From growing up in Montana, he has played and worked in Wanaka for the last 10 years. He has been designing houses from bespoke houses to both modular and prefab homes, all of which are part of the design concept for his tiny house.

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Tiny Terrain

@ VOL 27 ON JUN 28, 2017

"Our first exploration into the realm of miniature worlds began. Old jam jars to kids toys, marbles, shells, and magnifying glasses suddenly took on a new meaning."

In Tiny Terrain from PechaKucha Night Brighton Vol. 27, Miniature & Moss showcase their magnificent worlds of tiny figures and flora.

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Objects as Magical Decoys and Divine Allurements

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 09, 2017

Daniel Mack has been creating rustic work for 30 years, making furniture, architectural and garden structures, and sculptural objects. These 20 images, coming from 20 years of workshops in Making at the Omega Institute, explore the nature of an object-made, bought, found, gifted- as divinations or links between the realms of spirit and matter.  

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Objects as Artifacts

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 11, 2017

Furqan Habib is a practicing architect and a product developer, with an interest in design as a problem solving and tool creating exercise. His main focus is how to convert natural systems and processes into digital systems in order to beget new kind of objects. Thanks to digital age and cad/com we have entered a new stage were we can constantly create and iterate our design. The question is how can we use these systems as tools to create new tangible and intangible meanings. The aim of this presentation is to present objects that have been creating as mentioned above.

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Tiny houses and sustainable communities

@ VOL 25 ON FEB 28, 2018

Jimmy Hirst has been traveling the world researching Tiny Housing, sustainable communities (Eco Villages) for the past five years and looking at progressive living ideals. He believes we now have the need, the technology (like with Blockchain), and the consciousness to facilitate a shift in the western living paradigm, to help bring the mainstream population into embracing more sustainable and connective communities. He believes it’s time to reinhabit the village, holistically regenerating human and natural values, to last for generations to come.