Creating a presentation: UPDATE

Each PechaKucha presentation consists of 20 images shown for 20 seconds each - they will auto-advance as a slideshow, so there is no going back, pausing, or skipping around.

  • Please use PowerPoint - if you don't have it, skip to the next section.
  • Choose 20 images, one for each slide
  • Slides can also be text, but text is best kept to a minimum so it doesn't distract from your talk. Try an intro and/or closing slide with your name and contact info (these count toward your 20 images).
  • After your slides are created and organized, make sure your slideshow is set to auto-advance after 20 seconds - no mouse-click needed. (In PowerPoint, this is under the "transitions" tab. Make sure you click Apply to All so each slide gets the same timing.)
  • TEST your slideshow several times.
  • PRACTICE the presentation if you want what you're saying to line up with certain images.
  • Once the slideshow is set the way you want it, share with me via or similar file-sharing method.
  • I upload the presentations as videos to YouTube and run from there on the night of the event.

OR - if the above has you scratching your head, never fear.

  • choose 20 images
  • make sure the file names indicate their order, ie "01 Sheehan.jpg" "02 Sheehan.jpg" etc.
  • Share them with me via a folder on Dropbox ( or your favorite file-sharing method.
  • I'll make the PowerPoint (no frills or fanciness, but I'll include your name) and upload the video for you.


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