Past Kyoto Event: VOL 25

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VOL 25

May 20, 2017
@ MTRL Kyoto

Speaker List: 
1. Nobuhiro Niwa(素晴らしい橋の魅力! How Attractive Bridges Are!)
2. Michael Whittle (The Shape of Information)

3. Emily Nickel (Through the Portal: ceramic sculptures)

4. Yasmin Flett (Making makers make)
5. Taishi Wakunami (Innovate Platinum)
6. Théo Casciani & Cléo Verstrepen (Photograms Project)
7. Connor Kirk - Chop - making DIY instruments and gear)
8. Manabu Kato (オーダースーツVOGA Order Suits)
9. Takashi Hatano(風景をつくる建築 Architecture)



Theme: “Making things”
For the first time, we will have a theme for this event in honor of our collaboration with MTRL. The theme is “mono-tsukuri” or “making things”. This not only includes traditional arts and crafts, which Kyoto is famous for, but anything created that has a shape, whether it’s food, computer hardware, fashion, or architecture. We ask that speakers focus on projects that are already completed rather than proposals for the future. Speakers are also invited to bring samples to the event to show others.

Event Info: PechaKucha Night Kyoto x Fab Meetup Kyoto @MTRL 
Date/time: Saturday, May 20, 2017, 19:30
Place: MTRL (south of Gojo on Tominokoji)


No presenters have been added to this event.