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We haven’t scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there’s one you can attend!

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Your call is important - please hold the line

@ VOL 17 ON AUG 30, 2017

Rod Jones spoke to us about Call Centres not just how they generally annoy us but to how they work and the pressures that each of the staff are under. He further informed us how South Africa is providing employment for our youth through call centres and training to these individuals

All in a fun and enjoyable presentation manner with humour.

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The M Word

@ VOL 17 ON AUG 30, 2017

Maxine Gunzenhauser who is a "Millenial" gave us a personal and thoughtful insight on how to understand, work and live with millenials.

Clearly a missunderstood generation by their terms and how we can make them most productive and inclusive in society by understanding how they think and act

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You 2 can be Incredible

@ VOL 17 ON AUG 30, 2017

Fred Beunink spoke about unhappy people especially in the work place. He delighted us with his story of flying on SAA dressed as mr Incredible to show that everyone can be such.

How we can change our attitude and influence who we choose to work with to make us happy and incredible

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How to do good better

@ VOL 17 ON AUG 30, 2017

Katherine Robertson inspired us to do good not only in our lives but spoke about paying back to our communities and how this will enrich us in our lives

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They're your Rules break them

@ VOL 17 ON AUG 30, 2017

Douglas Kruger has a unique way of telling us to break our rules. What makes us who we are not only personally but in business and it is down to us to break the rules we set for ourselves in order to achieve our goals

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Dare to be Different

@ VOL 17 ON AUG 30, 2017

Veli Ndaba was inspiring on his messages to the audience about finding work life balance and what truly inspires us to be leaders in our own way

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The Empire, War & Cricket

@ VOL 17 ON AUG 30, 2017

Dr Dean Allen is a recognised Historian and speaks of his love for a small Karoo town in the middle of no-where just outside Cape Town.

How this little town was created over 100 years ago as the Jewel of Africa where the rich and famous went on holiday, the turbulent history of corruption and bribes established the owner of the town in the upper class through cricket and war to his business relationship with Cecil Rhodes

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How to start a Bank

@ VOL 17 ON AUG 30, 2017

Loazola Belle gave an entertaining and enlighting presentation on how to start a bank in South Africa. 

He made the audience laugh with the simplicity of how he plans to do this and how the governement will support his efforts.



Life is a Pitch...

“One of the best salespeople I know is a guy called Brandon. He runs a foundation called life changes in Cape Town. Every day he is selling. He takes gangsters off the street and sells them clean living. Women who have been sex trafficked since age 10, he sells them celibacy.”
"Life is a Pitch…" from PechaKucha Night Johannesburg Vol. 12Shelley Walters shares her personal insight on life and how our lives are, essentially, a selling process. By improving how we sell ourselves and how we persuade the people around us, we can improve the general well-being of ourselves and others. 

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