Past Glasgow Event: VOL 35

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VOL 35

October 25, 2018
@ The Whisky Bond

As the age of automation looms, we are now more so than ever at risk of losing elements of our day to day responsibilities or our jobs entirely. In the recent proliferation of ‘bullshit jobs’ that occupy more and more nuanced versions of traditional work, is this impending future in fact something we should look forward to rather than dread? Are we really 'hardwired to work' as capitalism has lead us to believe? Or, if freed from the clock-in clock-out system are we instead offered a more tranquil, more social and more engaged human experience?

In this Pecha Kucha, we will hear from different thinkers, artists, organisations and political groups to address the question of the future of work and present ideas on how our developing work-culture might affect our way of life, our economy, our cities and professions.

No presenters have been added to this event.