Past Glasgow Event: VOL 26

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VOL 26

November 26, 2015
@ The Whisky Bond

Social Entrepreneur


1. a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems oreffecting social change.

(Oxford Dictionaries)

Great Minds Don't Think Alike will present a range of speakers who are developing creative solutions that make a positive difference to our world. These are out-of-the-box thinkers and doers who are breaking through traditional structures and existing norms, presenting new ways to help the most marginalised people and tackling head on some of the big issues we are facing in society today.

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Power a life

@ VOL 26 ON NOV 26, 2015

Power A Life works to improve opportunities for children in developing countries, using a buy one - give one business model to empower African children with light. Every time you purchase one of the company’s products, a solar light is given to a child in an African Government school, allowing them to do homework at night, get better grades, and have more opportunities in life. The company’s first product, ‘wee PAL’ power banks, are available to purchase now from their site.

The company, based in Glasgow, was set-up by Jeremie Warner and Stephen during their studies at Strathclyde University, turning academic research into enterprising opportunities.

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Circular Economy

@ VOL 26 ON NOV 26, 2015

Lynne Wilson is currently the Sector Specialist -Textiles, Circular Economy Team at Zero Waste Scotland. Her role is to support innovation in design, manufacturing and production in the Scottish Textiles sector and to look at ways to close the loop and secure economic benefits through the development of new business ideas and products. Lynn is a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the Arts and Engineering) and a Member of the Institute of Fundraising. Lynn was recently awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to visit Japan and explore circular economy textile technology, heritage and design.

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Lingo Flamingo

@ VOL 26 ON NOV 26, 2015

Learning a second language at any stage of life not only increases concentration, communication and perception skills but also recent studies have also shown that speaking a second language can also postpone the effects of dementia by up to five years. Therefore, those at Lingo Flamingo provide tailored foreign language workshops delivered by students and refugees to vulnerable citizens, to help battle against dementia and brain ageing.

Traditionally, language teaching is quite regimented and the majority of language teaching takes place in language schools. Robbie Norval presents on the idea of having community outreach workshops, which are tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Furthermore as part of their wider ethos, Lingo Flamingos provides training, practical experience and the living wage to international students and refugees, providing them with practical work experience in the UK to assist with future employability.

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@ VOL 26 ON NOV 26, 2015

Scott Kennedy presents Revive, a Glasgow-based waste rejuvenation ecoprise striving to create a sustainable and scalable circular economy through its unique product and service offering. The company is involved in the collection and recycling of used coffee grounds to create a completely natural and environmentally-friendly plant food. Revive set out with the mission of using its business concept as a means of eradicating some of the environmental challenges currently being faced in the UK. The team have done this by empowering coffee shops and giving them the means to recycle a vast amount of their waste, whilst also being able to offer gardeners an eco-friendly and highly effective plant food.

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Theatre Without Walls

@ VOL 26 ON NOV 26, 2015

Presenter Simon Sharkey is Associate Director of National Theatre of Scotland and part of the Company’s inaugural senior management team.  He leads the Learn department and previous work for the Company includes large-scale site-specific productions including The Tin Forest, Jump and 99…100. He has worked across the world and facilitates international cultural exchanges for the National Theatre of Scotland. Most recently he has been travelling throughout Scotland and internationally, developing a wide range of projects for communities.

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Impact Ready

@ VOL 26 ON NOV 26, 2015

Speaker Tim Hartley is a Senior Partner at Impact Ready, specialising in social enterprise and beyond-profit business. He has mentored and supported the growth of numerous start-up enterprises in the UK; designed and facilitated summits for entrepreneurs in India, South Africa, China and Scotland; and developed impact analysis frameworks and theories of change for NGOs in South Africa, the UK and India. He has experience developing cross-sector mentoring partnerships between business and social enterprises for EY (Ernst & Young) and the SPARK homelessness project.

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Radiant and Brighter

@ VOL 26 ON NOV 26, 2015

Pheona and Micheal Matovu experienced many challenges when they relocated from Uganda to Scotland. Unable to work due to immigration controls, they were dependent on churches, family and friends for their daily needs. Through finding themselves in this situation they discovered that many immigrants face similar and sometimes worse difficulties. They also realised that there were very few organisations dedicated to offering the kind of practical help that would make a lasting difference.

They made a decision to do something about it and that something was Radiant and Brighter, which became a Community Interest Company in 2014. Radiant and Brighter helps individuals to become their very best with career counselling, employment support, mentoring sessions and intensive workshops. They believe that everyone is uniquely gifted and, with the right support, has the ability to change their lived reality.

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Missing Maps

@ VOL 26 ON NOV 26, 2015

Pete Masters left Médecins Sans Frontières‎ / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) four years ago to become a carpenter. In 2014, he was tempted back by the opportunity to manage a beautifully collaborative, crowdsourced mapping project called Missing Maps. If you need a map of the most vulnerable places in the world (or a new oak table, for that matter), he’s your man.

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Delivered Next Day Personally

@ VOL 26 ON NOV 26, 2015

Bruce Gunn's company DNDP was set up specifically to break down the many barriers that prevent people with disabilities from working. Here we hear about their amazing work and meet some of his characterful team!

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