Past Ginowan Event: VOL 21

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VOL 21

February 17, 2018
@ Cotonoha


Kenichiro Kuba - Artist
Newyoake - Food Artist
Kenji Nagamine - Teacher
Tomio Hino - Idea Researcher
Akira Senba - Awamori Producer
Azusa Kishaba - Theater Producerr
Kei Toguchi - Flutist


PKN #21 Project Team:

Coordinator: Musuko Amano

Coordinator: Ai Shinjo

Coordinator:Yayoi Shimabukuro

Photography:Naohisa Arai

Coordinator&Music Curation: DJ Mutsu 

Technical Support: DJ Mutsu

Host: Maki Nishimura

Born in Tokyo 14 years ago, “Pecha Kucha” – Japanese for ‘the sound of conversation’ – is a unique show-and-tell social event where local creatives from all disciplines present 20 slides for 20 seconds each – an exhilarating kaleidoscope of inspirations, ideas and work. 

It is an opportunity for people in their communities to express their opinions and share their observations. The experience encourages presenters to work out ideas with a crowd that is diverse, broad and provides a casual supportive social environment, much akin to an intellectual happy hour. 

Since it’s inception, the presentations of PKN have covered a broad range of topics and media. PKN Ginowan# 20 will fill the same expectation. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation! 

Azusa Kishaba
舞台制作者, (株)TEAM SPOT JUMBLE in 宜野湾市
Tomio Hino
研究者・講師, 一般財団法人ひらめき財団 in Ginowan
ニュー 夜明け
art unit in okinawa
泡盛プロデューサー, 泡盛倉庫 in OKINAWA
Kenichiro Kuba
painter,potter in NAHA