Past Galashiels Event: VOL 5



November 18, 2017
@ Mac Arts

We're back!

PechaKucha Vol 5 is a partnership event as part of the national Being Human Festival, curated by local artist and academic Inge Panneels.  Mapping the Borders is the theme for this PechaKucha event, which will include presentations from:

  • Inge Panneels whowill give an overview of artists who ‘map the borders’.

  • Map curator Chris Fleet, National Library of Scotland will take us through time and space with the wonderful collection of maps of the Scottish Borders in its collection.

  • Inge Panneels will give an overview of artists who ‘map the borders’. 

  • Professor Mike Collier leads  W.A.L.K (Walking, Art, Knowledge and Landscape) at the University of Sunderland and will discuss the notion of walking (the border) as an artistic practice.

  • Zoe Childerley will discuss The Debatable Lands of the Anglo-Scots border through photography and mapping based on her artist-in-residency at VARC in Northumberland in 2016

  • Pre Interval – Film Screening:  Katie Davies’s film Lawes of the Marches (16 minutes) made in 2014 presents the visual spectacle of the Scottish Borders Common Riding.

  • Andrew Richardson will discuss the digital mapping of the 'lost and found' literary and linguistic clues which describe the landscape of the Scottish Borders.  Informed by the work of the Borders poet James Hogg.
  • Clare Money will talk about her work using old maps to reimagine the now defunct Riccarton railway junction, and its lost infrastructure

  • Artist Alec Finlay will talk about Th' Fleety Wud/The Flooding Wood - a commission for the Scottish Borders Heritage Festival - a work of place-awareness and linguistic archaeology mapping the catchment of the Rivert Teviot, Hawick 
  • Kate Foster will talk about her map of the Riverways which presents the Borders dominated by its waterways rather than its towns
  • John Wallace will talk about his long-term collaboration with climate and soil scientist Professor Pete Smith (University of Aberdeen) and their examination of human connections to the ecosystems of various watercourses and watersheds, including the border-marking rivers Sark and Tweed

After the event, around 4.45pm, there is an option to walk along to the ‘Mapping the Borders’ exhibition at Venue 50, Island Street, Galashiels. 

Information on the presenters can be viewed below.

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Please note - unfortunately Ysanne Holt is now unable to present.  We hope she gets well soon!

Inge Panneels
Artist/Academic in Galashiels
Chris Fleet
Map Curator, Collections and Research Department , National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh
Alec Finlay
artist | poet in Edinburgh
Kate Foster
Environmental Artist in Selkirk
Ysanne Holt
Professor of Arts and Visual Culture, University of Northumbria in Newcastle
Zoe Childerley
artist | lecturer in London
Clare Money
artist in Newcastle
John Wallace
Filmmaker & Video Artist in South West Scotland
Mike Collier
Professor of Visual Art, The University of Sunderland in Sunderland