Past Fresno Event: VOL 29

Large wide tradition 20typewriter

VOL 29

November 29, 2017
@ Bitwise South Stadium

As usual the broad theme is meant to inspire a variety of presentations, for the holiday season, we like to take this time to reflect on what is 'Tradition'...

If you are interested in presenting or want to know more, please email the PK team at

Tickets at the door only: Doors Open at 7pm (event starts at 7:30pm)
$8 General Admission
$4 for Creative Fresno Members
Not a member now? Join up at the event

This event is and ALL AGE Venue!

Sweet Delicates is back with us, selling savory and sweet treats.

Deisy Ruiz
in Fresno
Kenny Schoelen
in Fresno, CA
Benjamin Short
in Fresno, CA
Jeff Hodge
in Fresno, CA
Craig Scharton
in Fresno, CA
Tony Sanders
Shine! Theatre in Fresno, CA