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09 AUG


PKN Erfurt #13 findet im alten Schauspielhaus in Erfurt statt.  Unser PECHAKUCHA Abend ist  Teil Kulturquartiers Sommerprogrammreihe (jedes Wochenende in August) und wir freuen uns dabei zu sein!

Wir suchen noch Redner!  Bitte bei uns melden!


BEGINN:  8.20pm / 20.20Uhr

Pechakucha Night #13 will be in the old Schauspielhaus/Theater in Erfurt.  The event is a highlight for the KULTURQUARTIER summer activities, and we are happy to be active in revitalizing the old theater and waking the interest of Erfurters in this cultural endeavor.

We always welcome new speakers to tell us about their projects and ideas!   Contact us for more information.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

START:   8.20pm / 20.20



Featured Presentation

Living Elsewhere and its Lessons


Living abroad is more than just a cultural experience, especially after living in 14 cities in 7 countries. Barbara Kuntze, an English language coach and restless Gemini, has always wanted to see more of the world, but traveling is only one way with usually a limited glimpse into the area.  Living and working (and volunteering, such as in the Galapagos) elsewhere, allows one to gain an insight into another world and  (re)assess one's place in life. Lifelong learning continues in the cities and with the people we encounter on the path; the journey is the life!

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Broken Britain

@ VOL 7 ON NOV 17, 2016

Brexit has shown how the country is divided. In his excellent book"77mal England", R. W. Leonhardt argues that in England the opposite is always true.  JOHN GLEDHILL, retired university instructor who has lived 25 years in Germany, presents Britain in a different light, attempting to illustrate the two extremes in Britain - from extreme formality to barbarous and uncouth behaviour.

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Congress - Bundestag - 1 year in Thuringia

@ VOL 5 ON JAN 08, 2016

How can a student participate in an exchange involving the US Congress and the German Bundestag?  India English decided to participate in such a program and tells us about her 10-month experience as an American student, volunteer and intern in Thuringia.

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Cultural Confusion

@ VOL 5 ON JAN 08, 2016

In the light of recent wave of refugees and migrants arriving in Europe, Hasnain Bokhari speaks about his experiences living in Germany about how it is being like living like a foreigner or a migrant in Germany/Europe.

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Lehren ist Leben

@ VOL 5 ON JAN 08, 2016

Barbara Kuntze, Lektorin an der Universität Erfurt, erklärt die neuen Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten worauf Berufstätige in Thüringen Anspruch haben.  Der Vortag bezieht sich auf das Thüringer Bildungsfreistellungsgesetz,  die ab Januar 2016 gültig ist.  (German)

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Northern Ireland: The land of cutting-edge knee surgery

@ VOL 4 ON JUN 26, 2015

Why is Ireland (the island) divided? What cuased the chaos that we know as The Troubles?  Has Northern Ireland really moved on since the peace agreement?  What does the future hold for Northern Ireland?

Tom Hedley, a student from N Ireland, gives a brief insight into the unique situation in this country, addressing the difficult and often very complex issues that define this curious little part of the world.

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Ein Jahr unter brasilianischer Sonne

@ VOL 4 ON JUN 26, 2015

Wie verbringt man ein Jahr?  Ist ein freiwilliges soziales Jahr in Brasilien sinnvoll?  Simon Gussen hat sich das gut überlegt und fand sich dann im sonnigen Brasilien mit viele abenteuerlichen Aufgaben.


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#Google ist nicht böse!?


Ingenieur Andreas Schulz  erklärt einiger der positiven Eigenschaften Googles im Bezug auf Smarthomes, selbstfahrenden KFZs und viel mehr.  (German)

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More Than Honey

@ VOL 6 ON JUN 24, 2016

Today more than ever, Einstein's statement about the bees is very relevant:  “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

What is a possible solution?  Wilhelm Mieth, full-time student and part-time beekeeper gives us some ideas in his presentation.




All presentations available

Wow!  Just received an email from Johnny Linnert (Japan) telling me that ALL 21 presentations have been given the go-ahead and are available to see on this site.  HURRAY!  I wanted to make sure that all the PKs have a description in English (and German), especially since most of them are in German.  At least it will give others an idea of what kinds of ideas and projects people in Erfurt are doing.
At the moment info emails are going out to all the future presenters who indicated an interest in PechaKucha in June.  A number of people were so enthusiastic at the February event that they immediately lined up to give me their details.  Let us see how many actually present in June, but who knows it could also be in November.
I am curious, or rather we organizers are curious, to see how others do it.  Later this month, Dresden will have their PK7, so I think we will take the train (2hrs away) and take a peek as to they do it.
And now for the last few rays of sunshine in Madeira before returning to the snowy landscape in Germany.
Barbara K

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