Past Edmonton Event: VOL 30

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VOL 30

March 16, 2018
@ Shaw Theatre at NAIT

Edmonton's NextGen is excited to present Pecha Kucha Night 30 at NAIT's Shaw Theatre!


You may have noticed we moved the event to Friday (compared to the usual Thursday). Being our 30th birthday, we figured we’d host it on a non-work night to maximize mingling and celebrations! We hope you’ll join us for a healthy dose of nostalgia and, as always, interesting ideas presented by your fellow Edmontonians!

For PKN 30, 11 former presenters are returning to the stage to take their classic presentations for somewhat of a victory lap: giving us updates and presenting totally new ideas. Come be inspired, learn something new, and mingle with peers and presenters during the pre- and post-show to connect over your shared interest for all things Edmonton.

Our totally amazing presenter lineup is...

  • Stephanie Enders - 20 slides x 20 seconds per slide x 20 PKNs
  • Ian O'Donnell - As Goes Your Downtown, so Goes Your City
  • Andrew Williams - Why Pineapples Are the Most Interesting Fruit in the World
  • Shafraaz Kaba - How Can We Build a Carbon Neutral World?
  • Omar Mouallem - Kebabs: A Global Phenomenon
  • Brittney Le Blanc - I Met over 5,000 People in One Year and All I Have Are These Learnings
  • Michael Ross - The Game of Life: Why Boardgames Should Be Your Next Hobby
  • Marni Panas - Finding Truth: My Life in Transition
  • Michael Strong - Edmonton = Work in Progress
  • Kuen Tang - Mightykuen and Her Dragon: Taking on the Great Wall of China on Wheels
  • Leroy Schulz - The Collective of Miguelito's Little Green Car

No presenters have been added to this event.