Past Detroit Event: VOL 31

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VOL 31

March 22, 2017
@ ArtLabJ

PechaKucha Night Detroit is hosting our 31st local event in the popular 20slides x 20 seconds-each format!

Creative people will share their ideas, projects and passions -- come join us for an evening of inspiration! Meet a few new friends, share some refreshments, and find out what Detroit is up to...

Doors 6:00 // Presentations 6:30

If YOU would like to present, please send your contact information, along with a few images and a brief explanation of your topic, to by Friday Feb 3rd.

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Empowering Low Income Residents

@ VOL 31 ON MAR 22, 2017

Mallarie Gainer is the volunteer coordinator for the Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency. She talks about empowering low-income residents in Wayne County and strengthening communities.

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Engaging Women to Run for Office

@ VOL 31 ON MAR 22, 2017

Tiffany Ellis wants everyone to know that there are more men in the Michigan State Senate named John than there are women. Through her work with Emerge Michigan, she is helping more women get elected to public office.

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Detroit Mobility Specialist

@ VOL 31 ON MAR 22, 2017

Jeffrey Nolish used to be an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Air Force. Today, he works to make it easier about Detroit – whether on foot, by book, or by mass transit.

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Pedal to Porch

@ VOL 31 ON MAR 22, 2017

Cornetta Lane was named an Emerging City Champion in 2015. She joins us to talk about her Pedal to Porch campaign.

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Light-Science & Art

@ VOL 31 ON MAR 22, 2017

Brienne Willcock is a lighting designer and LED nerd. She joins us once again to talk about the art and science behind lighting design.

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Marquetry Craftsmanship

@ VOL 31 ON MAR 22, 2017

Jeff Smith and Shayn Smith of SMITHMADE aren’t related. They do, however, have a story of friendship and professional craftsmanship translates in their design work.

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Community Youth Boxing Gym

@ VOL 31 ON MAR 22, 2017

Carolyn Geck is the development director for the Detroit Boxing Gym’s youth program. For her, a boxing ring is a huge part of teaching kids how to become better adults.

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Live6 Enhancing Northwest Detroit

@ VOL 31 ON MAR 22, 2017

Lauren Hood leads the Live6 Initiative in Detroit. She works to enhance the Detroit Northwest side near Livernois and 6 Mile Roads.

Brienne Willcock
Lighting Designer, Illuminart in Detroit
Shayn Smith
Co-Owner of SmithMade, SmithMade in Detroit
Mallarie Gainer
in Detroit, MI
Carolyn Geck
Development Director, Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program in Detroit, MI
Jeff Smith
in Detroit, MI
Tiffany Ellis
in Detroit, MI
Jeffrey Nolish
in Detroit, MI
Cornetta Lane
in Detroit, MI
Lauren Hood
Connector in Detroit, MI