Past Dar es Salaam Event: VOL 17

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VOL 17

May 24, 2018
@ Triniti Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant

We are hosting a special edition of Pecha Kuca for HDIF's Innovation Week 2018. Our presenters will be taking the stage presenting on "Storis in Innovation: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" 

We will be hearing from people from different industries from creative pursuits to recycling and technology telling us what it takes to turn innovation into action. From the positives to the negatives they will be sharing their stories about the real world adventure of trying to bring your new ideas to life.


Sarah Scott
Creative Executive Officer, Archipelago in Dar es Salaam
David Ross
in Dar Es Salaam
Mike Wilkins
Mixologist in Dar Es Salaam
Fortunatus Ekklesiah
Senior Managing Partner, Dar Children's Choir in Dar Es Salaam
Cecil Sagawala
Co-founder and CEO, MARETEX in Dar Es Salaam
Edwin Bruno
Founder and CEO, SMART CODES in Dar Es Salaam
Benjamin Fernandes
Founder and CEO, NALA in Dar Es Salaam
Elias Sabuni
CEO, EndlessTec Company Limited in Dar Es Salaam