Past Christchurch Event: VOL 31

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VOL 31

June 14, 2017
@ CoCA
PechaKucha Night Christchurch and CoCA - Centre of Contemporary Art are proud to present Vol.31 themed Making Space! The notion of making or creating space is broad and we are celebrating different perspectives on this theme. This time, the event will be amongst CoCA's upcoming exhibition with speakers speaking on what making space means to them.

As always, we are proud to bring you a collection of some of Christchurch's top creative minds. Vol.31 speakers include a Perpetually Exhausted Arts Organiser, a Writer, an Architectural Graduate, an Infertility Survivor, Artists and many more.


Wednesday 14 June 
CoCA - Centre of Contemporary Art, 66 Gloucester Street
Doors open 7.30pm, PechaKucha kicks off at 8.20pm
$15 + booking fee

Make sure you get in quick, limited seating available - this will sell out!
Our line up for the night:

Brie Sherow // Writer // Not Your Average Food Blog
Ōtautahi Kōrerotia // Artist-Run Initiative // Feeding Patchy Ecologies of the 'Creative City'
Peter Wells // Food Resilience Network // I want to make beautiful, world-changing places
Amira Mikhail // Infertility Survivor // My Inconceivable Journey and the Power of Shared Experience
Aisha Lee // Youth Worker & Community Events Organiser // The Learning - Making Space for Ōtautahi Hip Hop
Astella Philpott // Change Management Consultant // Diving into the Unknown


Aurelia Rohrbacker// Architectural Graduate // Investigating Spaces
Jennifer Katherine Shields // Perpetually Exhausted Arts Organiser // Why I stopped f*cking with gender
Preston Hegel // Exchange Operator // Through Time and Space
Julie Frew // Occupational Therapist & Mother // on Making Space For Life
Jonny Knopp // Architectural Designer + Photographer // Chaos in Space
Danielle O'Halloran // Poet // Rising Voices


PechaKucha Nights are devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture.

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Not Your Average Food Blog

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

Named after a french cheese and an ancient Greek intellectual, Brie Shreow shares musings as a food blogger and bartender and how these experiences shape her and others. Check out her blogs at Taste Transfixed.

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Feeding Patchy Ecologies of the 'Creative City'

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

Ōtautahi Kōrerotia supports young, marginalised and experimental art practices in Ōtautahi, Aotearoa (Christchurch, New Zealand). Their talk explores the development of this group and the impact it has had on young artists in the city.


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I want to make beautiful, world-changing places

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

Peter Wells is driven by the desire to create spaces that facilitate a spark in people’s eyes. He shares his thoughts about urban food forests through his work with the Food Resilience Network.


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My Inconceivable Journey and the Power of Shared Experience

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

Everyone deserves to be a parent if they want to be. Infertility is a silent epidemic. Amira Mikhail shares her journey through endometriosis, miscarriage, infertility, and surrogacy.


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Diving into the Unknown

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

Nothing is what is seems. Astella Philpott reflects and poses the question: If I am not the combination of the conditioning and the beliefs of the world that I grew up in, then who am I? I am whoever I choose to be. 

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Investigating Spaces

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

From Portland Oregon, to Christchurch, Zealand architectural graduate Aurelia Rohrbacker has been exploring space in old and disused buildings and shares the beauty she sees in them.

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Why I stopped f*cking with gender

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

Jennifer Shields shares her exploration of shifting gender and transitions as a transgender person and why they see gender as constantly evolving.

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Making Space For Life

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

In this talk, Julie Frew shares her journey of making space for a new life. As a paediatric therapist she thought she'd handle it well, but as it turned out she struggled with PPD, triggers from traumas in her childhood and massive shifts in her social life.

She weaves a story that is visually and auditorily beautiful to capture both the wonder and heartache of transitioning into motherhood.

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Chaos in Space

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

"Chaos always works within a framework, making it completely predictable so long as you understand stand the framework."

In "Chaos in Space" from PechaKucha Night Christchurch Vol. 31, Jonny Knopp, whom accidentally wore slippers to his presentation, ponders architectural creation in accompaniment of his simple, yet quirky illustrations.



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Through Time and Space

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

Preston Hegel followed a random Facebook quiz that told him he should live in New Zealand and in Christchurch he found a space to follow his desire to be involved in the social enterprises that are developing around the city.


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FIKA Writers

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 14, 2017

Poet Danielle O’Halloran weaves poetry through her images telling stories of her whakapapa, childhood and life.  A member of FIKA,  a collective of Pasifika writers based in Ōtautahi, who have been meeting together regularly to write since 2004.

Brie Sherow
in Christchurch
Julie Frew
Occupational Therapist (paediatrics) in Christchurch
Jonny Knopp
in Christchruch
Jennifer Shields
in Christchurch
Preston Hegel
in Christchurch
Aurelia Rohrbacker
in Christchurch
Peter Wells
in Christchurch
Astella Philpott
Change Consultant, Smart & Wise in Christchurch
Danielle O'Halloran
in Christchurch
Aisha Lee
in Christchurch
Ōtautahi Kōrerotia
artist run initiative in Ōtautahi
Amira Mikhail
Veterinarian and Writer in Christchurch