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PechaKucha Night Chengdu X Shengge Festival

Volume 9: City Culture & Public Views

Public views and creative works are in constant dialogue with one another. Views from the crowd sometimes scream for new development or expressions, while creative work often takes this lead too and provokes public interaction. This dance of the general public with designers, artists and other creative minds shapes city culture into its local color. And with that not only the buildings around us and the products we use every day, also what gets served for dinner and what we can enjoy in a theater.

During the upcoming edition of PechaKucha Night Chengdu, we get insight in this ballet of push and pull factors in the creative decision making process. How crowds reply on creative works and what effect it has on future projects or how creative works push the crowd into a certain emotion or action. The balance of this is the outcome of our city culture, and that is exactly what our speakers will present; their work as integrated part of our city.



Poster for Chengdu Vol. 2


About the City's Organizers

  • Michiel Roosjen

    Michiel (Netherlands) has been active as cultural entrepreneur in China since 2009. As founder of About Asia, he is an active promoter of creative industries. He initiates, manages and executes projects and events with European and Chinese companies and governments in the fields of culture, design and entertainment. Why PechaKucha? Simply because it is a great platform to bring the city's most interesting stories to stage.