Past Calgary Event: VOL 30

Large wide audience 20general

VOL 30

October 02, 2017
@ Globe Cinema

It's our 30th event.

Our 300th speaker takes the stage.

Our 9th Season opens with "Open Season".

Doors @ 6:30 PM / Presentations @ 7:00 PM

It's open season on how these speakers will interpret our 30th event theme, "Open Season". They might explain it through the lens of weather patterns, hunting trends, open mic rhyme scheme or even the best season for creating magic, but no matter what, they only have 20 images on the screen for 20 seconds each to express and inspire.


  • Käthe Lemon -Editor-in-Chief of Avenue Magazine Calgary - @KätheLemon
  • Victoria Scott - Blogger, podcaster, trier of life - @GirlTriesLife
  • Richard Roseboom - Co-founder of MicroMech, thinking big with technology - @RichardRoseboom
  • Jazzlib - Hip hop collective levelling up with funky antics and beats - @Jazzlib
  • Carisa Hendrix - Magician, circus stunt girl, fire eater and Guiness Record holder - @CarisaHendrix
  • DJ Kelly - Digital Services at United Way of Calgary - @DJKelly
  • Neil Keown - Chair of the Alberta Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Association - @Alberta_BHA
  • TJ Snow - Indigenous poet, writer and artist from the Nakoda First Nation

EMCEE: Jeff D'Silva - Comedian & PKN #29 speaker - @JeffDSilva

BEER: The Globe will be serving drinks pre-show and during the Beer Break so come early and enjoy a brew with other awesome Calgarians.


VENUE: @GlobeCinema

Many thanks to our community event partners, RocketHouse!@RocketHouseInc

Tickets are only $11 so buy them early and buy them fast.


DJ Kelly
in Calgary
Käthe Lemon
Editor-in-Chief, Avenue Magazine, Calgary in Calgary
Richard Roseboom
Co-founder, MicroMech in Calgary
Carisa Hendrix
Artistic Director, Ballyhoo Entertainment in Calgary
Neil Keown
Chair, Alberta Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Association in Calgary
Victoria Smith
Blogger, Podcaster, Girl Tries Life in Calgary
Tony Snow
Senior Aboriginal Relations and Strategic Communications consultant, Snow Communications in Calgary
Jazzlib Collective
Hip Hop Artists, Jazzlib Collective in Calgary