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Our first PechaKucha was on May 9th! We had 14 presenters and their stories can be viewed online at: https://www.pechakucha.org/cities/bridgeport/events/5a935d7a3c70efad7400010d

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PechaKucha Bridgeport is designed to bring people together to listen to great personal stories. PechaKucha is Japanese for "chit-chat." It is a presentation style in which one speaker uses 20 slides, each shown for 20 seconds resulting in a total time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. This licensed format keeps presentations focused and fast-paced. 

This PechaKucha is FREE, and registration is not necessary. Arrival by 6:00 is a good idea to get a good seat and FOOD will be available to purchase through the community work of CHEF RAQUEL RIVERA PABLO (a PechaKucha presenter at our Vol.#1 event!).

ONE workshop is being provided for learning more about how to put together your own Pechakucha on Sunday, July 22 -- 4:00 at the Barnum Museum.

Do you have a story to share? Fill out a PechaKucha Proposal! -- Due by August 1sthttp://bit.ly/PK-Bridge-Vol2

[Barnum Statue image used with permission from photographer, Tim O'Brien.]


Featured Presentation

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Nina Lesiga

Experience Designer, Performing Artist, Nina Lesiga inc. in Stratford, CT

Coming Out!


Nina Lesiga makes life more worth living! She creates extraordinary experiences in ordinary situations and tells how she entertained throngs of people in a Macy’s elevator during a busy holiday shopping period. Her joy for life is contagious!

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The Kitchen Table

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Raquel Pablo-Rivera is a chef instructor and small business owner who provides cooking instruction in Bridgeport.  She describes how she promotes healthy food and the preparation of delicious meals that are cost effective and require little ingredients or equipment.  She provides services to local lighthouse programs, farmers markets, senior centers and food pantries and this passion comes through in her story of how food connects people of all ages, regardless of income, race, or education level 

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Making of “Heaven Stood Still:” A Work in Progress

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Larry Locke has been working on a new film for over seven years and it is not finished yet. The key parts are the subject- singer Willy DeVille and his life story and the people he has met in the process  (like the late Ben E King, Peter Wolf from J Geils band, Marshall Crenshaw and many others). His story explains how the making of the movie has become its own story full of ups and downs spread across three continents with a deep connection to Connecticut.

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How “YouTube University” Changed My Life

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Daniel Recinos quit his job to document his life. As a first generation American from two Quatemalan parents he shares how his travels, his discovery of self-value and his education from "YouTube University" changed his life!

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The Indian Trail

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Mia Lipstick has strong roots in Bridgeport, especially to Beardsley Park. She tells the story of two kids enjoying the natural beauty of a trail along the water in the park, accompanied by Native American ghost spirits who encourage them to take care of the earth. 

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Annotating the Self: Writing and Recovering

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Amy Nawrocki became ill at age 19, and eventually ended up in a coma. She tells about her jouney through her illness utilizing her own journals from before and after the event. Writing through the illness and during rehabilitation was important to processing events at the time and making sense of them after. 

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The Top 15 Pieces of Theater that Influenced My Life

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Bill Derry has collected programs from nearly 1000 performances! In this story he shares the 15 most influential pieces of theater --- those that most impacted his memories, emotions and thoughts. He tries to demonstrate that theater is much more than entertainment!

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A Feather Falls from the Sky

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Suzanne Kachmar shares her love for art, travel and unusual experiences to explain her work on a book -- that all started in magical Assisi, Italy. Her story expresses strong and emotional connections to the arts and the people of Bridgeport.

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Photographing & Sharing the Stories of People in Bridgeport, CT

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Jay Misencik and Geralene Valentine are professional photographers and they know that it is people who make a city! They present the stories behind their remarkable portraits of Bridgeport people. In the late 1980s and early 1990s they photographed several people of different occupations on Main Street. That project lead them to our Palace & Majestic Theatres Memories Project and then the Thomas Merton House of Hospitality calendars. They talk about how their earlier projects lead us to this current "Bridgeport Portrait Project!"


About the City's Organizers

  • Nina Lesiga

    Nina Lesiga's passion is creating exceptional experiences. She tells true stories of uncommon adventures and facilitates Ukulele workshops. . She's a Bridgeport CT PechaKucha planning team member and helped produce and organize Westport CT PechaKucha. Photo credit:The Confetti Project

  • Bill Derry

    Bill Derry most recently worked as the Director of Innovation at The Westport Library in Connecticut. He was the co-chair of the Westport Mini Maker Faire and one of the leaders of the creation of the MakerSpace. He helped coordinate and produce a Westport Pechakucha. Prior to joining the Westport Library in 2011, Bill worked in education for over 30 years as an elementary classroom teacher, drama-in-education teacher, library media specialist, supervisor of library media K-12 and information and technology literacy coordinator K-12. Currently he is volunteering to run an afterschool program at Bridgeport's Barnum Museum and leading teacher workshops on the transformative power of play, imagination, and making.

  • John Swing

    John Swing is the heart of finance and administration at the Barnum Museum. Coming to the Museum from Yale University, John brings his considerable experience in large-scale management to guide the infrastructure, policies and people that will grow and reinvent the Museum. John nimbly manages budgeting, operations and board relations in an effort to plan and direct our massive organizational change. He is, quite simply, the Chair of the Department of No Worries.

  • Lauren Coakley Vincent

    As the Business Improvement District for the Park City, the mission of the Bridgeport DSSD is to promote the preservation and development of the downtown business district; make the area more attractive and accessible; and enhance the public perception of downtown Bridgeport through overseeing and managing its appearance, security, and cleanliness.

  • Suzanne Kachmar

    Suzanne Kachmar received her MFA at the New York Academy of Art. She is the Executive Director of City Lights & Company a community based, nonprofit arts organization that “serves the community through art“. One of her initiatives is the Annual Bridgeport Art Trail. A weekend long open-studio arts celebration that attracts visitors to tour Bridgeport to “view art, talk art, buy art.“ As an artist, art instructor and therapeutic recreation director, she has taught art to people of all ages and abilities. Her work has shown in Connecticut and New York and is in private and corporate collections.