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Many museums, galleries, libraries and any other public institutions in Slovakia and other countries have been in a proces of transformation within previous 25 years. Various examples of more progresive and inovative management reacting on the current needs of society have appeared and are still appearing. By the concrete examples we tend to look for the answers on questions how the contemporary cultural institution and public services should be like ? What motivation is behind the change and how the idea of change could be supported and spread furthermore. The event is co-organised with Goethe Institute in Bratislava, which is one of the example of such an institution.




The Oskar Čepan Price

Goethe-Institut Bratislava

Prague Institute of Planning and Development /CZ

Cultural Policy Institute

The Library for youngsters of Košice Knižnica

Betliar Museum

Design Museum

Projektil /CZ

Radim Labuda /CZ

The Slovak National Gallery


The East Slovak Gallery


FB event : https://www.facebook.com/events/292735868194109/


Web: https://pechakucha.sk/

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Two Projects, Two Cities

@ VOL 26 ON APR 16, 2014

Urban designer Veronika Kovascsova's two projects look to build a bridge between the cities of Vienna and Bratislava, and also try to reimagine the unused spaces in the city, giving them a new lease on life, and engaging and contributing to the growth of communities.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 21, 2014.



City Focus: Bratislava

This week's
City Focus lands on the picturesque and historic city of Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. Known for their beautiful architecture and rolling landscapes, Bratislava will without out a doubt inspire and captivate their audiences at PechaKucha Night Bratislava Vol. 38, held at the Galleria Cvernovka. Let's wish them the best and hope see you all there on September 13th!

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