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What Made Me Want To ÜPSYKL

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 03, 2018

Fashion designers Nina Saiful and Nabilah Jeffery wanted to be involved in something impactful and meaningful in their life. This led them to team up and grow a friendship to start a social enterprise that tied their passion and interests together. Their company and brand, ÜPSYKL, is the first eco-fashion platform in Brunei for designers to upcycle clothes and reduce the gap between landfills and the fashion industry.

Join Nina as she recalls her journey from being a pizza mascot to building a brand with her partner-in-design.

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Design Inspirations

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 03, 2018

XOIA, the brainchild of Atiqah Ismail, was created out of a desire to build a successful brand that represented the designs and aspirations of a determined vision. Being the creative director for XOIA, Atiqah envisions XOIA’s design to embody minimalist and contemporary fashion while paying homage from the inspiration it is drawn from. Find out what XOIA means to Atiqah and the journey that it has brought her to.

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Women in Foreign Policy

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 03, 2018

Growing up in Australia, Nicola Rosenblum hoped to be a vet, but the path she walked led her to other things. She talks about the history of women in Australia's foreign policy, including her own personal journey to become High Commissioner to Brunei.

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Faith and Feminism: Why I No Longer Wear The Tudong

@ VOL 12 ON NOV 26, 2017

Kathrina Md Daud, a lecturer in the University of Brunei Darussalam, explains why she no longer wears the wrap-around head accessory that many have labeled as the symbol of a muslim woman's everlasting faith. From discussing in a feminist book club that she and a friend started to writing and acting in a monologue play with an all-female cast, Kathrina explored and delivered her reasons to the public of why the headscarf is no longer a valid reason to show her belief in Islam.

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The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Hero

@ VOL 12 ON NOV 26, 2017

Known as a tomboy when she was younger, Sarah Haji Abdul Mutalif believed that she was a boy until she could no longer deny her womanhood. When she realized there weren't many women known as heroes she decided that she would become one, a hero. Making her hero journey true she was accepted into a male-dominated course in the UK and returned home to a male-dominated oil and gas career and sent offshore. However, no matter how much she wanted to be the hero for women there is always something that wants to pull her back.

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I'm A Feminist By My Own Definition

@ VOL 12 ON NOV 26, 2017

Nadzierah Razak's curiosity on feminism first developed when Emma Watson's name boomed across the Internet with her campaign HeForShe. After reading, researchig and trying to make sense of it against her own surrounding and experiences, Nadzierah noticed that it was women themselves that created a discord by putting each other down. This is why she wants everyone, especially women, to stand for and with each other.

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Little Pages of Happiness

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 30, 2017

Escaping the world through children's books, May Cho tells us about how the wonderful pages pulls her away from a harsh reality she only wants to escape. Because of her experience reading these fictional worlds and characters she wants others to join her in this delightful adventure.

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Qu'est-Ce Qui Est Plus Grand?

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 30, 2017

Writing has always been Huwaida Ishaaq's passion and with her partner they created Heartwrite. After accepting any and most clients that came their way they decided to write their first ever children's book, and this was how the characters Nina and Kong Kong of their book, Qu'est-ce Qui Est Plus Grand?, became representations of hope and wisdom.

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What Is Smart?

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 30, 2017

"What does smart even mean?", Nadzirah Suhaimi felt the sit, stare, spoonfeed and memorize method of learning was hindering children's growth and development. After teaching in Laos with a dynamic learning method, she decided to open Creativate with two others and help children grow more active, social and be more inquisitive.

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Born From Love

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 30, 2017

Melati Yusoff has always wanted to be a mom, making baby names for her imaginary babies, thinking how beautiful it would be until she finally did get pregnant. Melati describes what she felt after the birth of her baby and the exhaustion that comes with being a mom of a high-needs child. 

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The Root of Music

@ VOL 10 ON APR 01, 2017

Rhythmic music became a trigger for Alexandre Wielemans who traveled all the way to Africa finding soul in their music by traveling to Bamako, Mali with his traveling companion, Finah Yusof. It was there that he realized he had to go through a quest of creating and finding the perfect instrument that would reconnect him to his deepest roots. Meanwhile, for Finah, the music she learned in Bamako was a revelation to an almost transcendent connection she had been missing.

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Koto Music: A Lesson In Cultural Transformation

@ VOL 10 ON APR 01, 2017

In the past, Japanese music faced a dilemma to adapt itself to a new modern taste and was heading towards a future of being perished. Jean-Marc Lepain talks about the challenge faced by Koto music, its evolution and reinvention, and how Koto music beat all odds.