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Join us for another evening with the most interesting people in Asheville.


Get your tickets at http://pechakuchaavl.org/attend.


Featured Presentation

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Mark Medlin

IT Project Manager, Mission Health in Asheville

Mark Medlin has been lots of places, but nothing prepared him for the trip he tells you about here.

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Clearing a Hurdle by Finding Inspiration

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 14, 2018

As a graphic designer and photographer, Reggie Tidwell found himself not embracing his photographer side and lacking the confidence to take on high-end projects and charge a respectable rate. Over the last 2 years, he has found his inspiration and is now earning as much as a photographer as with his design work. Reggie has also garnered the respect of photographers that he's always admired and even looked up to.

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Bridging Generations

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 14, 2018

Kami Ahrens presentation explores the ways that Foxfire, a history museum, magazine, and book anthology based in Mountain City, Georgia, engages with the local community to capture, preserve, and share Southern Appalachian heritage. She also addresses methods for the preservation and continuation of heritage skills, especially among Appalachian youth, that are unique to the area.

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Adventures in Graphic Design

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 14, 2018

Adventures in graphic design in Asheville, NC. Jenny Fares explains her work and different solutions for her clients as designs evolve through the design process and more.

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The Monty Hall Problem

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 14, 2018

The so-called "Monty Hall problem" is a probability puzzle that captured the public imagination when it was widely publicized in the early 1990s. This popularization and a backlash from flummoxed mathematics PhDs raised some interesting issues around gender. In his PechaKucha talk, Jay Hill explores a bit of this history and tries to give an explanation of the problem.

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What's On Your Rear End?

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 14, 2018

David Carr has never seen so many bumper stickers in one location as Asheville, NC. He's got over 500 bumper sticker photos. The local newspaper, "Mountain Xpress", even has an annual "Best Of" category for these paper-vinyl tweets. "What's On Your Rear End?" is David's take and commentary on the best bumper stickers in this area.

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First Grade Gardening

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 14, 2018

Heather Gast and Buzz Durham have gardened with children at Grace Covenant Church for about a decade and we decided to bring gardening into her classroom this past year. With a small grant, we set out on a garden adventure with Heather’s eighteen Weaverville First Grade Students. Our objectives were to introduce the students to issues of hunger and what we and others are and can do to ease those pains by growing your own food no matter your age….and to get our hands in the dirt in a way that these kids may not have done before!

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How Needle Exchanges can Build Trust in the Community

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 14, 2018

Bill Brooks makes an argument for supporting needle exchanges in our community by illustrating the benefits to both active and non-users.

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Way Up On Clinch Mountain

@ VOL 19 ON JUN 01, 2018

Matthew Toney shares about one old folk song in particular - how it was taught to him, why there are so many versions, and why he think it continues to persist today.



Art With Other Species

"One of the themes that keeps drawing me back to this sorta work is that of technological augmentation. Some interspecies collaboration can begin to suggest to us what it might be like to be technologically augmented humans..."
Art with Other Species from PechaKucha Night Asheville Vol. 9Egg Syntax explores the artistic, scientific, and all-together fascinating intersection of an art crossbred with nature. He surveys examples, themes, and implications of interspecies art from the simplest notions of using another species as a medium, to that of collaboration with another species. Prepare to have your mind blown. 

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About the City's Organizers

  • Jay Hill

    Software developer, tech community organizer and outspoken advocate for the introverted.

  • Jasper Adams

    Jasper is one half of NineBar Creative, a small design creative in Asheville focusing on web, graphic, and small-scale industrial design. He also runs the beverage program at Table & The Imperial Life, and finds plenty of time to develop tasty concoctions of his own. An unhealthy amount of Lego time paired with shockingly-free access to art supplies and entirely too much NPR meant this nerdy little child knew from an early age he wanted to study architecture. Someone in the admissions department at the University of Virginia spilled coffee and let Jasper into the School of Architecture. Four years later, The University spit out an enlightened and marginally more mature architect-in-training. Jasper amplified his design aesthetic at school by dabbling in architectural history, preservation and urban planning courses, all aside his architecture studios. His work is spatial, textured and tactile and his design process typically involves an ample freedom of movement between digital and manual media. He pushes NineBar Creative to foray into industrial and product design. Jasper developed an interest in and an affinity for classic cocktails and spirits about 5 years ago, and he’s sometimes just as often behind the stick as he is in front of the computer. Outside of the office, Jasper is most likely at home cooking, riding his bike, or looking for bottles of antique spirits with which to further clutter his bar, er...house (much to the chagrin of his girlfriend).

  • Kate Kelleher

    Kate Kelleher is a Speech Language Pathologist currently working in Long Term Care and Short-Term Rehabilitation in Black Mountain. Her work experience includes the school system, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, home health and outpatient care. She graduated from Appalachian State University with her bachelors and masters degree. She currently has been living in Asheville for 4 years.

  • Ryan Naylor

    Ryan Naylor is an Asheville native. He traveled the world with his working family through middle school, and went on to earn his BFA in graphic design from Appalachian State University. After graduating, he moved back to Asheville where he had a daughter (now 4 years old) and decided to build a home for his new family. Ryan has always been a box-breaker and a boundary pusher (as his scars can attest). Instead of just building another house, he decided to build his first home as a statement. He constructed it from re-purposed and re-used materials in order to show how wasteful the construction industry in our country is. His intention was to show others that you can construct a beautiful modern home with a more environmentally friendly impact; even if you don't know much about construction. He went on to design, contract, and construct the first shipping container home in Asheville with the help of his partner Brook, and his daughter Soleil. They also produced a blog which got over 100,000 views, and attracted attention from over 150 different countries. The construction of this home was followed by magazines, newspapers, and a documentary film maker who is now in the final phase of editing a documentary on the project. Please welcome Ryan Naylor to present on 40x28... his shipping container home.