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PechaKucha Event

November 25, 2017
@ COVA, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Scotland Day in Tokyo 2017,  Powered by PechaKucha

Scotland Day in Tokyo is the event to introduce Scotland to Japan.

Scotland has had a huge Impact on creating modern Japan, Scots were instrumental in inspiring Japan's modernisation, and since the beginnings of the Meiji revolution there has been a special relationship between the two countries, and surprising parallels In psyche between the these two cultures. Recently there is also increasing Japanese interest in Scotland.

Last year we held the inaugural Scotland Day 2016 introducing this history and updating the close affinity between Japan and Scotland with modern culture, art, business and science perspectives to look to the future and develop mutual potential.

This year we are building on the success of the program and format of last year’s events, introducing a broad range of culture, science and technology. The key themes of the main events are education, Scottish film and the Edinburgh festivals.

Speakers include:

Kinari Amamiya
Miles Oglethorpe
Kenta Kobayashi
Sean Michael Wilson
Eriko Shimomura
Kerry Bryson
Noriko Mizuno
Stephen Baker

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