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PechaKucha Event

August 17, 2017
@ Nga Taonga

Physical Oceanography Workshop, Powered by PechaKucha

Presentations on various aspects of physical oceanography conducted in New Zealand institutions.


Presenters inlcude:


Craig Stevens

Extracting turbulence from CTD data

Emily Lane

14th November Kaikoura Tsunami

Craig Stewart

Observing ice shelf-ocean interactions

Alice Harang

Tidal resources assessment using numerical simulations

Sarah Searson


Peter Bowmar

Physical Oceanography Considerations for Antisubmarine Warfare

Gabby O’Connor



Sally Garrett

Update : Southern Ocean wave buoy

Mark Hadfield

NIWA ocean hindcasts

Matt Walkington

The Supercool-ometer: What it can and can't do

Cyprien Bosserelle

Combining process-based model and meta-models for coastal inundation forecasting

Natalie Robinson

The ocean connects sea ice and ice shelves

Denise Fernandez

Variability of the Subtropical Mode Water in the Southwest Pacific

Eamon Frazer

A method for correcting seal CTD-SRDL data and its applications in estimating regional sea ice thicknesses


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