We shine this week's PechaKucha City Focus on the vibrant community of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia who are hosting their 34th volume this week! Surrounded by rice fields in a remote corner of the world, PKN Ubud shows that all it takes is some passion and the 20x20 format to truly activate a community's creativity. From here head over to our official PechaKucha Poster tumblr where we always share Ubud's amazing posters for their PechaKucha Nights! Hats off to you Ubud, and best of luck to you on your 34th PechaKucha Night! We're cheering for you from around the world! 

City Focus: Tokyo

As the city's design and art platform, the DESIGNART festival has gathered over 70 local and international designers in 70 locations around the main creative areas of Tokyo proper from October 16th to 22nd! Overlapping with Tokyo Fashion Week, it will be an amazing melting pot of creativity, giving Tokyo the international design event that it deserves!

Our PechaKucha City Focus sparkles over America's Mississippi River, on the Gateway to the West, the city of St. Louis, who plans to capture our imaginations at their upcoming Vol. 23, just as their iconic Arch continues to serve the world as a conduit of creativity and proof that the boldest of dreams do come true. 

The captivating and exotic coastal city of central Chile, Viña del Mar, steals the spotlight in this week's City Focus! With PechaKucha Night Viña del Mar Vol. 1 coming up October 4th, we are all excited to see what's in store for their very first PechaKucha Night! With its beautiful scenery and warm-hearted locals, PechaKucha Night Viña del Mar is sure to be a great success! Hope to see you all there!

This week's City Focus heads to the south-central interior of British Columbia, to the charming town of Penticton who embraces their funkiness by putting a giant cafe peach lakeside.  The town takes their eclecticism even further by hosting sweet PechaKucha Nights, ripe full of juicy creative nectar. Check their always inspiring presentations and don't forget to dig into their always imaginative posters by organizer, Skyler Punnett.  

Temperate and tantalizing Brisbane has taken the slow and steady approach in inspiring and entertaining their fellow Brizbanians, hosting, count 'em, FIFTY PechaKucha Nights since 2007! This is no easy task, and we know! This week for their semicentennial volume, they'll also be celebrating their 10th anniversary in the Queensland Capital! Look forward to seeing presentations from Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse, and join them if you're down under! 

This week's City Focus lands on the picturesque and historic city of Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. Known for their beautiful architecture and rolling landscapes, Bratislava will without out a doubt inspire and captivate their audiences at PechaKucha Night Bratislava Vol. 38, held at the Galleria Cvernovka. Let's wish them the best and hope see you all there on September 13th!

Having hosted their 31st Volume at the infamous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located on the banks of Lake Erie, Cleveland takes the spotlight in this week's City Focus! With an amazing line-up and a captivating venue, PechaKucha Night Cleveland Vol. 31 was an unforgettable event that will have us wondering what Cleveland has in store for PechaKucha Nights to come! Be sure to check back in soon for some star-studded presentations uploaded from the evening. Keep on rocking, Cleveland! 

City Focus: Providence

Celebrating their 100th volume, the enchanting city of Providence, Rhode Island graces this week's City Focus! As the second city worldwide alongside Tokyo to accomplish the feat of reaching their 100th volume, everyone at HQ would like to congratulate Providence for their outstanding achievements and hard work to reach this milestone in their PechaKucha journey. Let's wish them the very best at PechaKucha Night Providence Vol. 100 and hope to see you all at the Steel Yard on August 30th!

Welcome, Puerto Vallarta to the PechaKucha Family of now over 1000 cities! In the spirit of summer, we celebrate their first volume this week by putting the PechaKucha City Focus on them, wishing them the very best of luck and the most creative of evenings for their inaugural night! Watch this space for creativity coming online from one of Mexico's most scenic places! Buena Suerte, Puerto Vallarta!