We shine this week's City Focus on the bustling capital city of Ghana, Accra. We are excited to see that their four events in 2017 showcased the city's diverse talent and history. Be sure to check out Accra’s creative event posters on our official PechaKucha Poster Tumblr. We wish the PechaKucha Night Accra organizers the best of luck in planning their upcoming event! 

While PechaKucha Nights are most often hosted in clubs, lounges, and other "thinking and drinking" spaces, we salute all the Public Libraries across the world that hold PechaKucha Nights, most upcoming in Waterville, Maine for Vol. 26. It goes to show how much PechaKucha Nights can be an important and integral part of a communities cultural identity that they're celebrated in so many public collections of knowledge! We wish you the best of luck Waterville and put you in this week's City Focus to show it! 

City Focus: Guangzhou

Happy New Year! This week's City Focus heads to the heart of the most-populous built-up metropolitan area in mainland China and one of the largest urban agglomerations on the planet, PKN Guangzhou for hosting the first PechaKucha Night of 2018, their 31st volume! We wish them the best of luck in setting the tone for another year of PechaKucha creativity across the world. Happy New Year Guangzhou and Happy New Year PechaKucha! 

In honor of their inaugural Pechakucha Night, we put this week's City Focus Capital of Culture of Peru, Trujillo! In addition to being home to the newestPKN series, their colonial-era center is also home to the grand Trujillo Cathedral, with its bright yellow facade, and the blue Casa Urquiaga, as well as the neoclassical Iturregui Palace with its Italian marble statues and courtyard. Just at the city's edge is the huge adobe complex of Chan Chan, the abandoned city that once served as the center of the ancient Chimu kingdom. Needless to say, the city's breathtaking beauty and rich cultural history will no doubt be a source of inspiration and creativity for their Vol. 1 presenters! Best of Luck, Trujillo and welcome to the PechaKucha Family! 

Taking the spotlight in this week's City Focus is Taiwan's vivacious capital city, Taipei. Characterized by its diversity and charming hospitality, Taipei has cultivated an excellent environment for the growth of bountiful creativity and knowledge in Taiwan. With PechaKucha Night Taipei Vol. 35 coming up soon, let's wish them the very best and hope to see more amazing presentations from Taipei in the near future! Hip-hip-hurray for Taipei!


This week's PechaKucha City Focus brings us to the bustling city of Hanoi. With its rich multicultural history, Hanoi is bound to have some of the most innovative and creative minds in Vietnam. Let's wish Hanoi the best at PechaKucha Night Hanoi Vol. 13 this Sunday, November 26th! Cheers to the hardworking organizers who continue to bring creativity to Hanoi!

This week's City Focus spotlight lands on Punjab's lively and majestic capital city, Lahore. Home to Pakistan's second-largest populous, Lahore is bound to be teeming with creativity and excitement! As one of the newest cities in Pakistan to join the PechaKucha family, let's all give them a warm welcome on their very first event happening November 11th. See what's in store at PechaKucha Night Lahore Vol.1! See you there!

We shine this week's PechaKucha City Focus on the vibrant community of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia who are hosting their 34th volume this week! Surrounded by rice fields in a remote corner of the world, PKN Ubud shows that all it takes is some passion and the 20x20 format to truly activate a community's creativity. From here head over to our official PechaKucha Poster tumblr where we always share Ubud's amazing posters for their PechaKucha Nights! Hats off to you Ubud, and best of luck to you on your 34th PechaKucha Night! We're cheering for you from around the world! 

As the city's design and art platform, the DESIGNART festival has gathered over 70 local and international designers in 70 locations around the main creative areas of Tokyo proper from October 16th to 22nd! Overlapping with Tokyo Fashion Week, it will be an amazing melting pot of creativity, giving Tokyo the international design event that it deserves!

City Focus: St. Louis

Our PechaKucha City Focus sparkles over America's Mississippi River, on the Gateway to the West, the city of St. Louis, who plans to capture our imaginations at their upcoming Vol. 23, just as their iconic Arch continues to serve the world as a conduit of creativity and proof that the boldest of dreams do come true.