PechaKucha People: Leslie Tsai

As co-founder of the City Creative Center in Tainan, Taiwan, and PhD student at the Institute of Creative Industries Design, our PechaKucha People Spotlight this week lands on Leslie Tsai. Through organizing PechaKucha Nights in the culturally rich city, he's driven to incubate, promote, and empower it's emerging young talent. 

UPDATE FROM EARTHQUAKE HIT TAIWAN: Very Relieved that PechaKucha Tainan, Taiwan city organisers Leslie Tsai and Nini Lee are safe after the big earthquake in Tainan. We have been in touch - Leslie says the situation is 'very serious' - a heritage project he has been working on has been badly damaged. We will chat more when the situation is calmer. The whole PechaKucha global community wishes you positive strength over the next hours and days - we will try to help in anyway we can. In a strange coincidence we featured Leslie as PechaKucha Person of the week - on Monday - on the top page of the site. Check back here for updates. 2016.02.06, 12:56:52 CST, (UTC+08:00)