Creative Loafing, Charlotte, North Carolina's news and entertainment source on the web, has published a post on PKN Charlotte's recent Vol. 9. The event was held on March 21, and featured 11 presenters. Here's a tidbit from Creative Loafing Charlotte's rundown of the topics:

The Machine: The collective group of artists performed an experimental piece about human nature, the meaning of life, and the mystery of existence. Two ladies dressed as nurses cared for a man, fighting against his confines, and the scene closed with a chilling rendition of "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)."

Natalie Abrams: An encaustic artist (who will be an artist in resident at McColl Center for Visual Art in the future), Abrams shared her story about her hand injury and taking up art in different forms, including hot wax works and reef. She explores the relationships between different organic structures and the beauty found outside of urban environments.

Creative Loafing Charlotte has also posted a slideshow of photographs from the evening; take a gander at the full gallery. (photos by Jeaumane McIntosh)

Check out the post for a full description of the speaker's presentations.