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Past MINI Event: PechaKucha Kyoto Special- presented by MINI

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PechaKucha Kyoto Special- presented by MINI

September 02, 2017
@ UrbanGuild

Inspired by Tradition

A PechaKucha Night Kyoto Special event, presented by MINI in collaboration with PechaKucha Tokyo 

*English follows Japanese



"Inspired by Tradition"
We're very happy to announce a special PechaKucha Night Kyoto in collaboration with MINI and PechaKucha Night Tokyo. Kyoto has been synonymous with Japanese traditional craft, being the origin of many of Japan's traditional cultures. Traditions, however, change along with the times and new innovations are born out of traditional crafts. At this PechaKucha Night special we bring you "Inspired by Tradition" with a line up of creators who are taking traditional crafts in new and exciting directions. 

Inspired by Tradition is brought to you by MINI and PechaKucha. MINI is the creative solution for a brighter urban life, continuously seek to inspire creativity, and PechaKucha is the platform for people to share their creative inspiration. Sharing the “Creative Inspiration” as the common belief, we bring to you: Inspired by Tradition, a PechaKucha Night Special.

* Free of charge!

スピーカー(一部)Speaker List (partial) 

1 Yasuyo Fujimoto (Batik artist)
2 Chuck Kayser (Organic farmer)
3 Kazuki Yamane (Calligrapher)
4. Masato Kishi (Flower artist)
5. Toru Tsuji (Artisan)

No presenters have been added to this event.