Rita Hubbard-Robinson, JD

CEO, NeuWater & Associates, LLC in Buffalo, NY United States

Rita Hubbard-Robinson, CEO of NeuWater & Associates, LLC, has been committed to the improvement of health and social determinants of health for over 30 years. Currently, under contract with Millennium Collaborative Care, a New York State Medicaid reform project, she works with community-based organizations in Western New York to connect individuals to healthcare and wellness services. Formerly the Director of Institutional Advancement at the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) Foundation, she was the organizer of the Farmer’s Market at Grider, an innovative project focusing on making fresh fruits and vegetables and wellness activities available in the Delavan Grider community in Buffalo, NY. Ms. Hubbard-Robinson was also ECMC’s lead person with the Great Lakes Health System of Western New York in coordinating community outreach initiatives. She is the host of the Millennium Health Matters Radio Show.



Buffalo @ The 9th Ward at Babeville
Mar 14, 2018