Peter Williams

Connector & Collaborator, Citibank in Hong Kong

After completing an executive MBA at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Peter relocated with his wife and four children to Hong Kong to begin a new role at Citibank. Parallel he embraced ideas and research from Chicago Booth about the importance of social capital, and gradually built a portfolio of experiences that have become a way of life.

Social capital involves being a bridge between diverse groups. And with practice it quickly becomes an engine for both personal and professional adventures. Building bridges involves saying yes to meeting new people from diverse backgrounds or industries. It involves listening, learning their story, and looking for ways to connect and collaborate. It involves a mindset that says "how can I help".

It turns out Hong Kong is networking nirvana for these opportunities, because it has three magic ingredients (density, diversity, depth). This PechaKucha presentation will showcase and amplify the stories and insights that have emerged. It will also highlight how Hong Kong provides the perfect conditions for connection & collaboration.


Connections and Collaboration

@ VOL 26 ON DEC 01, 2015

Peter Williams shares his thoughts on the value of social capital, saying "yes," looking for ways to connect and collaborate, and how Hong Kong is networking nirvana.



Hong Kong @ PMQ
Dec 01, 2015