Leslie Tsai

Event Planner, Project Manager, Institute of Creative Industries Design, NCKU in Tainan Taiwan

Event Planner/ Project Manager in CI.
PhD student in Institute of Creative Industries Design, NCKU(National Cheng Kung University).
Research focus is mainly about participatory events and local involvement in regional developments.
About me:
This is my second year of my PhD, but the third year of working as a member of the city creative center in Tainan. We founded the center and empowered local talents to gather to this platform as a channel to promote or train themselves. But I have been seeking for a more casual way of making all these people communicate with each other. Tainan city is the earliest developed city in Taiwan, usually people compare it as a smaller Kyoto due to the richness of cultural heritages and booming young power. With the really high density of heritages that have been renovated as a new platform of performing arts and theaters in the city, we also have more than 7 colleges incubating designers, artists, film makers and curators. Therefore, these few years, the city was also successfully promoted to perform in the field of cultural tourism and in-depth experiences. More and more people are coming to the city to start up their businesses and life.


Tainan's Design Culture

@ VOL 123 ON MAR 20, 2015

"This is one of the most dangerous festivals in the world! You must join!"

In Tainan's Design Culture from Pechakucha Night Tokyo Vol. 123, Leslie Tsai talks about the wonderful culture of Taiwan. He encourages many people to visit this great country with its many different customs and art.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Friday, September 25th, 2015. 



Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Mar 20, 2015