Judith Coulson

Medical & Lifestyle Nutrition Caoch (Owner, BKK-Health - my body, my choice! in Bangkok Thailand

Are you diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, and are asking yourself why me, and where do I go from here? You struggle with implementing the recommendations you got from your doctor on how to change your lifestyle and eating habits, don' t know where to start and what to change how? Then you should call me: 0892051530

85% of all chronic and cardiovascular disease as well as most forms of cancer are "home made" and have nothing to do with fate or genetics.
Your food and lifestyle choices today determine your health future.
We save you lots of money, pain, time and bring back your quality of life.
We support our clients to prevent, manage and heal disease like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, allergies, skin problems etc. in treating the cause and not the symptoms.
If you in a pre- or early stage of a chronic disease it will normally take only 1-3 months to get your blood values back to normal.

Try , you have nothing to lose:


Food Myths: Right or Wrong

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 03, 2012

In her presentation, nutritionist Judith Coulson questions the audience about the biggest food myths, and offers the proper answer. (in English)



Bangkok @ Opposite
Oct 03, 2012