Jorden Parker

Architect, Wightman & Associates in St. Joseph United States

Life long SJ/BH Resident, I love this community and continue to find ways to engage my workplace with the activities I enjoy and the places they happen. By day I am architect at Wightman & Associates, by all the time I am a father to three daughters and a husband to someone else's.


Make Main Street Great Again

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 23, 2017

Chris Gregory and Jorden Parker join the PK stage together in their talk, "Make Main Street Great Again".

Chris Gregory is an industrial designer in Whirlpool's Global Brand Design Studio. He discovered a hidden interest in urban planning after taking a landscape architecture course in college. Chris has a habit of observing urban spaces and often wonders how they could be designed better. Chris believes that the job of designing our urban areas is not just for architects and designers, but that every citizen should "lace up their shoes and contribute”.  Jorden Parker has three daughters and is married to somebody else’s while trying to be an architect and planner on the side.  He never wants to grow up.



St Joseph @ The Livery Microbrewery
Mar 23, 2017