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Douglas Funke

President, Citizens for Regional Transit in Buffalo, NY United States

Douglas Funke is a long-time transit advocate and user. He has been President of Citizens for Regional Transit in Buffalo, NY since 2013. As a CRT Board Member, Doug supports a wide range of transit promotional and educational efforts including briefings to the government, private sector, and public audiences. He also operates a part-time consulting business, Human First Ergonomics, where he offers ergonomics consulting and promotes sales of his book, "Pondering Relativity: An Illustrated Guide for Building an Understanding of Einstein's Relativity".
Before becoming a CRT Board Member and starting his consulting business Doug worked for over 30 years as a research engineer in the transportation research departments of Calspan and General Dynamics. Doug is also a veteran of the US Navy.
Doug has an MS in Industrial Engineering and has certifications in project management and ergonomics. He lives with his wife Dolores and has three grown children and a granddaughter on the way.

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Buffalo @ The 9th Ward at Babeville
Mar 14, 2018