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Beaufort SC
Feb 20, 2010


San Luis Obispo
Feb 20, 2010


Vigo @ Cafetería do MARCO
Sep 27, 2012


Znojmo @ Kino Svět
Feb 08, 2013


Vigo @ Cafetería do MARCO
Mar 01, 2013


New Westminster @ Westminster Pier Park
Jul 27, 2013


Albuquerque @ ABQ UNM CityLab
Jul 19, 2013


Vigo @ Salón de actos MARCO
Nov 16, 2013


Brisbane @ Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse
Jun 03, 2015


Taos @ Wild Rivers Outdoor Amphitheatre
Jul 18, 2015



@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

Nayokenza Oliver and Fraser Barratt talk about the ins and outs of creating a music video for Nayo's latest single, "Andromeda." Find out more about Nayo from his website, and you can watch the music video for "Andromeda" on Youtube.



Time Drifts

@ VOL 21 ON APR 14, 2012

Philipp Geist models many of his installations in which the topics of time and space play an essential role. He shows his way of dealing with various media, like video, light installations, photography, and painting. In this presentation, he mainly focuses on moved and accessible installations which he displayed all over the world in the last years, including Thailand, Rome and Germany. Moreover, he pays special attention to his installation “TIME DRIFTS” which he showed at the square of the Goethe-University in Frankfurt for Luminale 2012. (in German)

Die malerische Interpretation von Zeit und Raum in den künstlerischen Arbeiten von Philip Geist Während seiner Präsentation stellt Philipp Geist einige seiner Installationen vor, in denen die Themen Raum und Zeit eine wesentliche Rolle spielen. Er zeigt, wie er mit den Medien Video, Lichtinstallation, Fotografie und Malerei umgeht. Hierbei stehen hauptsächlich bewegte und begehbare Installationen im Mittelpunkt, die er während der letzten Jahren in verschiedenen Ländern der Welt ausgestellt hat. So präsentiert er zum Beispiel Installationen in Thailand, Rom und Deutschland. Darüber hinaus geht er auf seine Installation „TIME DRIFTS“ ein, die er anlässlich der Luminale 2012 auf dem Platz der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt gezeigt hat.


Civil Duty

@ VOL 31 ON OCT 01, 2013

Arturo Hernández, Gabriel Ramos and Alex Marin present their video project called “Los Supercívicos” a group that seek order in Mexico City by documenting civil complains in a fun and ingenious way. (In Spanish) 


It's All About The VIBE

@ VOL 28 ON DEC 03, 2013

Martin Atkins gives a humorful and vulgar presentation about the transformation of objects of once higly admired, to lame, to lastly hip and vintage. He gives his own formula for this tranformation and tries to foresee what happens next. What he discovers will make you question the use of common words today. However, there is only one important thing which is VIBE. 


Paper Models

@ VOL 19 ON DEC 13, 2013

Chris Ritson's work serves to create dialogue with the environment and imagine new ways of interacting with nature. His art speaks to cultural anxieties and relationships with nature, and analyzes the myths and prerogatives specific to a psychology of the self.


Doliwood Films

@ VOL 4 ON JUN 05, 2014

L'associazione culturale DOLiWOOD da sempre reinventa dialoghi e voci dei più noti film di Hollywood nel proprio dialetto seguendo morbosamente i labiali.
La nostra filosofia è che ognuno di noi nasconde in sè un arte ed è per quello che diamo voce a tutti e aggiungiamo spesso doppiatori alle nostre opere.


24h party people

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 23, 2014

Mark Loonen is an energetic, imaginative and skilled filmmaker who has been working behind the lenses for nearly a decade. Overtime, Mark´s wide range of video productions amazed millions of views on the web. His credits include star-struck collaborations with the hottest internationally acclaimed DJs, record labels and events, including Martin Garrix, Spinnin Records, Don't Let Daddy Know and much more. One of Mark´s highlights in 2013 has been the official musicvideo for Martin Garrix "Animals", counting over 300.000.000 views on youtube!


Video Power

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 09, 2014

Video Power is a talent development program aimed at video makers in the Meuse-Rhine euregion near Maastricht, the Netherlands. Audiovisual artists/filmmakers pitch their idea and try to create awareness for their idea among professionals and public. When succesfull they gain access to means and coaching in order to realise their idea. All genres and forms are welcome, from documentaries to talkshows, from soundscapes to dance movies. Video power is there to support them in producing their movies and projects. 


What's 'Cool Japan'?

@ VOL 124 ON APR 22, 2015

最近よく聞く「Cool Japan / クールジャパン」って何でしょう?子供の時から漫画やアニメ、テレビゲームなど日本のサブカルチャーにハマり、日本人以上に日本人らしいアメリカ人のBenjamin Boas(ベンジャミン・ボアス)さんが、自身の体験からクールジャパンを熱く語ります!


Tube Creative


Chris Downs shares his childhood memories of bicycling and talkes about his family, band, broadcast design and corporate video business.


Photos/Video from PKN Ferrol Vol. 7

On the 30th of November, PKN Ferrol held their Vol. 7 event and put together an impressive video (in Spanish) containing all 13 presentations from that evening. If you've ever wanted to check out another PechaKucha Night from the comfort of your abode, this video's contents are about as good as it gets. For more great pictures and details from this event, take a look at the organizer's blog entry.


Video and Photos for PKN Ostrava's Upcoming Vol. 10

PKN Ostrava is really something special -- as organizer Jiri Vecherek puts it, the Czech Republic is "hungry for culture. 1200 free tickets for [PKN Ostrava Vol. 10] were gone in the matter of hours. This is how popular [PechaKucha Night] has become." He's put together a sort of teaser trailer for their Vol. 10 event. In the video you'll get to see how large PKN Ostrava has grown! If you prefer your pictures stationary, they've also posted a number of galleries of Ostrava's prior PechaKucha Nights.


Photos and Videos from PKN Edmonton Vol. 14

Back in October, PKN Edmonton held their Vol. 14 event, and they have a great photo-set to show for it. This PechaKucha night consisted of 11 presenters ranging from CEOs to comic-book artists. For a detailed look at these presentations, the Edmonton Journal has compiled a post listing videos for each and every one.


Photos and Video from PKN Barcelona Vol. 17

PechaKucha Night Barcelona held their Vol.17 evening this past November 23rd. With comedians, artists, designers, architects, and biologists as presenters; it appears to have been an exciting night.  We've posted a small photo-set from this evening, and the organizers have made a neat video montage from that event as well. Check it out!


Photos and Videos from PKN Bilbao Vol. 13

PKN Bilbao knows how to have fun -- back in October, they held their Vol.13 evening in their new Bilborock venue. The organizer, Jone Zubiaga, had this to say about the event: "10 new projects were presented ... One of the presenters talked about the lack of smiles [in our day to day routine]. And how did she put a smile on our faces? Well, she rapidly distributed hundreds of little red clown noses to the crowd, had them raise their hands up and shout, 'TA-DA!'" For a closer look at this PechaKucha night's presenters, take a look at PKN Bilbao's YouTube channel.


Photos and Video from PKN Aalborg Vol. 10

PechaKucha Night Aalborg held their Vol. 10 back on November 27 with presenters including artists, designers, event planners, and entertainers. In the midst of one of the presentations emerged a deluge of dancers -- their very own flashmob! The organizers sent us a YouTube video of this unexpected and lively occurrence; it seemed to be a real crowd-pleaser. Once the presentations had concluded, PKN Aalborg held a small concert with electronic musician Tone, and cellist Johanne. They've also posted a little photo-set of the event, so if you have a moment, check it out!


PKN Video: Beirut Vol. 16

On top of the great flyer we just shared for this Wednesday's PKN Beirut Vol. 16, here's a fantastic teaser video that was also produced for the event. Concept and animation is by Dima Boulad.


Watch PechaKucha Vol. 29 - Film Edition presentations!

    PechaKucha Vol. 29, Film Edition was an inspiring evening focused on the hidden heroes of the film industry here in Vancouver. In case you missed it, we’ve posted each talk on our vimeo page.    Speakers Gwenael Lewis - Director New Document, Videographer BocciA filmmaker, storyteller, and design entrepreneur based in Vancouver, BC. Gwenael's growing obsession for visual story telling came to the forefront while working at Chanel. He has since collaborated with several international designers including Omer Arbel, Marcel Wanders and Maarten Baas.  Watch Presentation Carl Bessai - Director Raven West Films Carl Bessai is one of Canada’s leading directors of independent film. Based in Vancouver and Los Angeles, he has directed 14 feature films to date, all of which have garnered numerous national and international awards. Watch Presentation Edo Van Breemen - Film Score Composer / Producer A classically trained composer, songwriter, and electronic music producer. Edo's stylistic versatility and ability to musically interpret narratives in an emotionally compelling manner have made him a go-to composer for a rapidly growing pool of renowned film directors and commercial production houses worldwide. Watch Presentation Andrea Chlebak - Digital Colorist, Digital Film Central Andrea Chlebak is the Senior Colorist and Director of Creative Services at Central, a boutique post-production facility in Vancouver, BC. Andrea most recently completed the final colour for Neill Blomkamp's feature film, Elysium. Watch Presentation Adrien Van Viersen - Illustrator/Filmmaker, Smashmedia Production Adrien's career as a storyboard artist began with Romeo Must Die, and continued with Dreamcatcher, X-men2, I-Robot, Incredible Hulk, Mission Impossible 4, and TV pilots Smallville, Supernatural, The Arrow, and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Watch Presentation Simon Barry - Creator/Show-Runner of Continuum Simon has sold Film and TV projects to Warner Bros., DreamWorks, Universal, Columbia, Working Title, CBS, FOX, FX, TNT, USA, and many independent companies. Feature Film credits include the Warner Bros. action thriller The Art of War and the micro budgeted independent Hamlet. Watch Presentation Kristin Lehman - Actress, Editor of This Fair Land Kristin's television credits include leading series regular roles on The Killing, Judging Amy, Felicity, Century City, Drive, Tilt and Strange World to name a few. Kristin can be seen playing Detective Angie Flynn on CTV’s primetime drama, Motive, or running her recently launched online magazine, This Fair Land. Watch Presentation Wayne Bennett - Film Producer, Organizer of Save BC Film Wayne has been a member of the Film and Television community for 23 years. In 2013, he became actively involved with "Save BC Film" in an effort to educate the public and our Government of the benefits of having an active and thriving Film and Television industry in BC. Watch Presentation Jesse James Miller - Writer/Director, Profile Films Jesse James Miller is a multi-award winning writer and director who's latest critically acclaimed feature film The Good Son: The life of Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini was described by the LA TIMES as "a powerful story of triumph & tragedy". Watch Presentation Damien Gillis - Co-Director Fractured Land A Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker with a focus on environmental and social justice issues – especially relating to water, energy and saving Canada’s wild salmon – working with many environmental organizations in BC and around the world. Watch Presentation Maureen Webb - Co-Founder Project Limelight Society Co-Owner of East Of Main Cafe Maureen Webb co-founded (with her sister, Donalda Weaver) Project Limelight Society, a free performing arts program for young people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. They also launched East of Main Cafe, in Chinatown, which donates 100% of its profits to Project Limelight. Watch Presentation Kevin Eastwood - Producer/Director of Optic Nerve Films The producer on two of BC's most successful homegrown feature films (the cult favourite Fido, and the Canadian box office hit, The Delicate Art of Parking). Currently directing The Emergency Room - a new series from Lark Productions that takes an unprecedented look inside the emergency room at VGH. Watch Presentation


Video Vol.2

El próximo 15 de mayo celebraremos el Vol.3 de Pechakucha Valparaíso, ahora les dejamos el link de lo realizado el pasado 31 de enero.    


Only few hours to our first PechaKucha

V Hradci gradují poslední přípravy na první PechaKucha Night, řečníci jsou na cestě, prezentace jsou připravené, kamera (skoro) jede a my se těšíme, kolik přijde lidí, aby viděli, jak to všechno dopadne. Pro ty, co se nemohou dočkat tu je naše zdravice z Hradce: 

Friends of PechaKucha