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Seattle @ Historic University Theater
Jun 16, 2010


Charlotte @ Amos' Southend
Apr 28, 2011


Norwich, UK @ cinema city norwich
Oct 26, 2011


Gisborne @ Gisborne Hotel aka 'The DB'
Feb 10, 2012


Toledo, Ohio @ Manhattan's
Mar 31, 2012


Grand Rapids @ Stellas Lounge
Oct 30, 2012


Fresno @ Fulton 55
Sep 20, 2013

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre
Dec 19, 2013

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ ALBERGUE SCM
Dec 21, 2013


Albuquerque @ ABQ UNM CityLab
Feb 27, 2014


Postcards from Japan

@ VOL 93 ON JUN 27, 2012

This presentation covers three exhibition projects that Kate Thomson and Hironori Katagiri produced to support post-tsunami recovery: "Postcards From Japan" is an exhibition of A5-sized artworks by 22 Tohoku artists touring the world, so far shown in Edinburgh, New York, London, and Birmingham.

"Postcards To Japan" includes over 470 works sent from all over the world to tour Tohoku, first shown at the Iwate Museum of Art, currently on show at Fukushima Museum of Art, next going to Minami Soma Museum and more informal venues along the coast of Tohoku. "TOHOKU-SCOTLAND" is an exhibition of sculpture, paintings, collage and prints by Scottish artists who took part in the Iwate Art Festival UK98 and artists from Tohoku shown in Edinburgh, UK. (in English)



@ VOL 4 ON MAR 06, 2014

Crea Va 14 es una muestra dinámica, colectiva, simultánea y multidisciplinar que se celebra en 12 espacios diferentes y cuenta con el trabajo de 27 creadores de distintos medios que van desde la pintura hasta la videocreación, pasando por el grabado o la ilustración. Tiene lugar entre los días 14 y 30 de Marzo, coincidiendo con la celebración del Día Europeo de la Creatividad el 21 de Marzo.



PechaKucha Doubles Up in Beijing

The last PechaKucha Night in Beijing was held back in February, so it's exciting to see not only the return of PKN this coming Saturday (November 21), but also a companion event a week later (November 28). Note that both events are taking place at different venues: at Original Design Circle on the 21st and CNEX Salon Cafe on the 28th.


PKN Sheffield Vol. 2

It's always fun seeing the difference in venues that the global network of cities use when hosting their PechaKucha Nights. In Sheffield, based on the photos found in this Flickr photoset (from last month's Vol. 2), they do it in a kingly manner, with presenters sitting around a long table.


PKN Kyoto Vol. 4

Kyoto just recently held its fourth PechaKucha Night, and from what organizer Sally McLaren tells us, they've been attracting a larger audience with each volume, and it may finally be time to change venues (although we quite like the coziness of UrbanGuild). We've included a few photos in this post, but there's more to see in this Facebook photo gallery.


PKN Ferrol Vol. 5

PechaKucha Nights are held in all sorts of venues, and although most of them tend to be in a bar-like environement -- which we encourage, since we like PKNs to have a casual feel -- sometimes they are held in a beautiful theater, like in the case of PKN Ferrol Vol. 5, which took place in Teatro Jofre. We share a few photos in this post, but there's more to see in this blog post -- and you'll also find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. That blog post also includes a complete video recording of the evening.


PKN Richmond Vol. 2

Yesterday we shared the flyer for PechaKucha Night in Richmond Vol. 2 -- its Global Cities Week event -- and here are a few photos from the event itself, with more to see in this Flickr photoset. These really do show that PKNs can be held in all sorts of venues, and a giant screen is not always necessary.


Hello Santa Fe!

We are right now developing the inaugural PechaKucha Night for Santa Fe -- so please drop us a line to get involved, suggest venues, sign up to present, volunteer to help out, you name it! Let's get this amazing social evening going here and tap into the inspiration and creativity that lives and breathes here every day. Contact us anytime at Check out our new Twitter feed @PechaKucha_SFe, like us on Facebook (see here for our work in progress!) and help spread the word!  And see you in the summer! Cheers, CR


PechaKucha Global Night

Every year we try to come together as a global network of cities to celebrate this great big PechaKucha family of ours, and we're doing it again this year. We'll have more to share in the coming weeks, but let us first tease you with a date: September 20. That's the night on which our organizers around the world are trying to hold a PechaKucha Night, so check your local city page to see if your city is taking part -- and please note that new cities are being added daily, as organizers find venues.


A Great Night!

Thank you Santa Fe! Our AMAZING eight presenters really brought the creative juice to Volume One! Or as one attendee said, 'It's like a perfect slice of Santa Fe.' A wonderful start to a healthy PechaKucha career here. Our room at the Travel Bug was full, and we spoke with several people who already volunteered to present at Volume Two. We also gained great new volunteer organizers -- already we're thinking about Volume Two. Please be in touch if you can suggest venues, speakers or if you'd like to help: THANK YOU again to all attendees for trying something new, and to our incredible and brave and creative speakers. Great job!!! Peace love and PK, -CR



Every month, Ryu Konno of SuperDeluxe takes us on a tour of past and upcoming events at the venue -- home to PKN Tokyo since the very start -- and for next week's special PechaKucha Global Night edition (Vol. 106), he will follow our "hidden heroes" theme by highlight some of the lesser known "heroes" of the Tokyo music scene.9月20日(金)のPechaKucha Night 東京106にてSuperDeluxeの昆野さんが音楽シーンの「隠れたヒーロー」についてプレゼンテーションをしてくださいます。


PKN San Antonio Goes to Church

PechaKucha Nights are held in all manner of venues, and as you can see here, the latest PechaKucha Night in San Antonio (Vol. 12) went to church. The cool, night air of the Southwest School of Art courtyard gave way to an intimate yet cavernous setting for PechaKucha 12 in Coates Chapel. The evening of Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013, saw veteran and first-time PechaKucha attendees and presenters with practically every seat inside the dark, serene building occupied for the prescribed 20 slides for 20 seconds presentation format. Read the full event report from Rivard Report here.