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Okayama @ Onsaya
Jun 09, 2010


Okayama @ Onsaya
Sep 08, 2010


Jan 12, 2011


Mar 09, 2011


Apr 13, 2011


Aug 10, 2011


Okayama @ Onsaya
Feb 07, 2012


Portsmouth NH @ The Flatbread Company, Portsmouth
Apr 05, 2012


Okayama @ Onsaya
Jun 13, 2012


Portsmouth NH @ The Portsmouth Gas Light Co - Third Floor Nightclub
Jun 14, 2012


Rebuilding after apartheid

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2010

Master planning and rebuilding in South Africa. A fascinating look at how a country is having to rebuild after a very different type of disaster. Contact Ilan via Twitter

Live from the... Tokyo Marathon!

@ VOL 72 ON APR 21, 2010

Joseph Tame about his challenge; running a marathon with an iPhone 3G strapped to his head. To livestream his experience to all of the people who weren't so lucky to run, as well as the rest of the world. Respect! And now pick up your iPhones and live broadcast your lives...forever! Joseph was featured on Yahoo News too, check it out here.



@ VOL 7 ON MAR 26, 2011

In this presentation, Tiago Yonamine talks about how he created Trampos, Brazil's biggest and most famous creative jobs platform. From its Twitter account to the new powerful website, Tiago explains how young talent needs a place to find work and how brands can take notice of their potential. (in Portuguese)


Interaction through Fashion

@ VOL 107 ON OCT 30, 2013

Francesca Rosella (of wearable technology fashion house Cute Circuit) shows off some of her company's new designs and what she predicts the fashion of the future will be like. Cute Circuit has created shirts that can be used to hug someone from across the world, dresses that can be used as a mobile phone, a dress that displays your tweets, and clothes whose color can be changed through a mobile phone app.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 15, 2013.


Social Media Marketing For the Socially Awkward

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

Lena Kotler-Wallace takes us through utilizing social media to reach our audience by showing us the differences of each of the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  


PKN Twitters

We've had a Pecha Kucha Night Twitter feed for a while now, but so far it's been limited to automated updates on the latest PKNs happening all over the world. We thought it was high time to start giving it more of a human touch, so start following now for our latest tidbits on everything PKN. Pictured above, a scene from Pecha Kucha Night in Austin. Vol. 4 happens tomorrow (February 12).


Twittering PKN Austin Vol. 4

Overheard tweets from last night's Pecha Kucha Night Austin (Vol. 4): @andyhunter: "Wow... Pecha is at capacity. Turning people away in droves." @ematamoros: "If you're not already at Austin Pecha Kucha, don't bother. Line's worse than Disneyland." @Robogeek: "If you're headed to Pecha Kucha Austin, don't bother - they're at capacity, and turning tons of very sad people away." @mattcurtis sums up the lesson learned from the evening: "gearing up for tonight's Pecha Kucha -- the name of the game is 'get there early.'"


Tweets of the Week

It's Friday, so time for another round of our favorite tweets of the week -- and also a reminder to follow our official Twitter feed! bujatt: PechaKucha Night Budapest vol.13 went extremely well. great presenters, lots of folks, party until 7 am! Ansam518: Getting ready to go to PechaKucha BUT STILL ANGRY!!!! UGHHHHHH Ansam518: Ciao! Going to PechaKucha! Will try to update from there (STILL PISSED) mrincrediblej: I just saw a nun. O_o back to class I go... PechaKucha time. elcario: my first PechaKucha went fine and it was an interesting experience. Nice to see how the monologue has been compressed and the dialog pushed. aruban: we ♥ pechakucha. _dal: Lost in the city tryin to find where the hell pechakucha is


Tweets of the Week

It's been a while, but yes, we're back with a selection of some of our favourite tweets from this past week -- and don't forget to follow our own twitter feed, @pechakuchanight. dangsering: Yey! PechaKucha Night in Boracay on Sept. 19! Woo-hoo! MissSon: Calgary's first-ever PechaKucha Night. What?! Check it out here: apfab: What is a "PechaKucha" you ask? Jeezz o.k. o.k. for the people that don't know how to use Google: TravisSheridan: Totally getting excited about PechaKucha Night, Fresno vol 4 on 9/21/09...who is gonna present? justoleum: Planning a massively cultural day in Oslo. Sculpture Park. Museum. Norwegian PechaKucha. Woehrle: Coming soon to a PechaKucha near you: ROBOTS. that's right kiddos! Robots! PechaKucha Worcester Sept 13 55 Pearl 7:20


Twittering PKN Calgary Vol. 1

The very first PechaKucha Night in the city of Calgary was held just last night (or a few hours ago, depending on where in the world you find yourself), but already we can get a very good idea of just what a great launch it was thanks to Twitter -- see for yourself. Pictured above, an old overpass in Calgary.


Tweets of the Week

You've missed them, so we've brought them back: time to look at some of our favourite tweets from the past week -- and don't forget to follow our own twitter feed, @pechakuchanight. natashaF8: It appears the US is morphing into an urban agricultural society. Poptech, TED, PechaKucha -- signals of an army of innovative activism. siuyee: Haven't heard of pechakucha until today and it's sold out already. :( GregRich: Get to the bloody powerPOINT - loving PechaKucha Minimal room for guff and talking bollocks thefutureofwork: Could this be the end of PowerPoint as we know it? I hope so! curioustribe: Of course I enjoyed PechaKucha... it was kinda amazing dslang: PechaKucha tickets sold out early, didn't heed @animalyouth's advice to buy a few days ago. i'm an idiot


Tweets of the Week

Time for another round of our favourite tweets from this past week -- and don't forget to follow our own twitter feed, @pechakuchanight. kenwilsonlondon: @SugarJo thank u for yr help with japanese - I really did it - spoke 7 languages during my PechaKucha - a highly recommended adrenalin rush! PKN_Nagano: PechaKucha Night NAGANO tonight! will enjoy PKN and Onsen : Hot springs together at Katakura-kan! burcuakyol: It's almost PechaKucha o'clock! johnthebeeler: Kinkos dude stayed over to help me photocopy PechaKucha handouts. Thanks Kinkos dude! urbanmatt: Best one liner from #AAO #ADEN conf PechaKucha last night at Gensler: "Self-righteousness is for douchebags." terabyte240: Am presenting @ PechaKucha: The heartwarming tale of Zombies who gathered to boogie. Dec. 3rd. Thanks @tex4272 for the phrase & for asking poetsy: really had a great time at PechaKucha night bandung... and am too tired to share... :D FruForm: proudly looking at the Swedish presenters on - new uploads of amazing quality with hundreds of hits


Tweets of the Week

It's Friday, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to highlight our favorite tweets of the week! Also, don't forget to follow our own twitter feed, @pechakuchanight. r_isherwood: @pechakuchanight can't make sorry (no dog sitter). Is it too early to ask when the next one is? Curious - who's is Baron Von Nasti? taniaelopez: PechaKucha is the bomb seanpatrickmcd: #pkindy interesting slides of pecha kucha past. It's happening everywhere. The rumblings of world peace? tomholli: Twitter is to micro-blogging as PechaKucha is to Powerpoint. 20 slides, 20 seconds each. tinkhanson: Off I go to pikachu, I mean pa-tchotchke, chupa cabre? Picante sauce. Now I'm hungry. #pechakucha #pkngville #fb mattgrieser : After this yogurt, I'm getting ready to head to the IMA for PechaKucha Indy! #pkindy adhockley: @sjhannam I suspect PK means pechakucha (though to me it means penalty kick) megliffick: @ #pkindy the name "pechakucha" is much harder to pronounce after a couple of cocktails! I think I've still got it right.


Twittering Your PKN

These days we're quite used to seeing twittering happen during PechaKucha Night events worldwide, which makes for a fun and quick update on how things are going as the events are actually taking place while attendees tweet on their mobile phones. For last November's PKN Indianapolis Vol. 7, organizers went one step further by setting up a station for anyone to twitter about the event, inviting them to use the #pkindy tag in messages.


Keeping Up with the PechaKucha Site

As you may have noticed, there have been some changes on the website over the past week or so. We now have a social media menu bar at the top of the site (in black) where you can sign up for our new Facebook Fan page and our new Twitter feed (pechakucha). You can also register on the site, so that you can then log in and manage your global or city newsletters, comment on presentations, and more -- be a part of the creative PechaKucha network! We're hoping these features will be invaluable in allowing you to stay up to date with what is happening as we approach the February 20th "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti." Sign up, PechaKucha needs you! And to clear things up about the Twitter feed, since we now have two. The new Twitter feed -- simply "pechakucha" -- will become the vital news feed. Thanks go out to Brett Stilwell of PKN Boston for helping to sort that out. The old feed --''pechakuchanight'' -- will remain the auto-tweet for events only, tweeting automatically 8 hours before an event.