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Antonio Valcarcel
in Fayetteville, NC
Attendant, NAGOYA TY Tower


Indianapolis @ The Veranda
Jul 25, 2008


Udine @ Teatro San Giorgio
Apr 29, 2009


Damascus @ Tajalliyat Art Gallery
Oct 08, 2010


Yerevan @ Akumb (The Club)
Apr 02, 2011


Zilina @ Stanica Zilina Zariecie
Dec 16, 2011

Östersund @ Jamtli


Östersund @ Jamtli
May 17, 2014


Christchurch @ Cardboard Cathedral
Aug 28, 2014


Dumaguete @ Byblos at Oriental Hall
Jan 22, 2015


Medicine Hat @ Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre
Feb 20, 2015


Motion Graphics in Australia

@ VOL 93 ON JUN 27, 2012

Tim Costello has worked in Australia's television industry for the past 10 years, creating animated graphics for a variety of TV programmes. He also worked on the feature film Where the Wild Things Are. (in English)


Aye, Thanks!

@ VOL 14 ON MAY 24, 2012

Can Yücel Metin's presentation is all about a comedy TV series called Aye, Thanks! that airs Friday nights in Turkey. He is an actor on the show, as well as a writer. (in English)


To Kids About Kids

@ VOL 12 ON DEC 11, 2010

Marina Potanina is the president of a charity foundation called To Kids About Kids. In her presentation she talks about the project, and the creation of an animated series about school life for a group of kids, with one of the main characters being a girl in a wheelchair. In Russia, there are no books, TV, or other examples of adequate communication with people with disabilities. Marina believes that if we start by talking to kids about these issues, that our society will be changed.  (in Russian)


Animating in Sweden

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 06, 2013

Ben Mowbray is an animator and owner of Zygomatic Animation Studios.  He talks about animation and the making of the company's own animated TV series, Duffton Friends. (in Swedish)


A Tour of Westeros

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 06, 2013

Fredrik Fornänger runs a casting company but is also a huge fan of the TV series Game of Thrones. In this presentation, knight and travel guide Algoth Umber from Westeros gives us a tour of all the best places to visit in this imaginative kingdom. (in Swedish)


Knee High Media


Tokyo veteran Lucas Badtke-Berkow treats us to an introduction of all the publishing adventures he's had in Japan through his company, Knee High Media. The company has been the brain and creative mechanism behind some of Japan and the world’s most innovative and influential magazines: Japanese culture magazineTOKION (1996), kids magazine MAMMOTH (2000), travel magazinePAPERSKY (2002), free paper Metro Min. (2002) and botanical magazines PLANTED & PLANTS + TV (2009). His activities are now beyond print media and he also organises and produces events such as "MAMMOTH POW-WOW", an outdoor music and camp festival for families, and the "PAPERSKY TOUR de NIPPON, an event to travel around Japan and promote Japan's rural community. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 22, 2013.


The Japan Superhero Boom and the Pachimon Phenomenon 1971-1975

@ VOL 103 ON MAY 29, 2013

Don Kratzer adds to his collection of PechaKucha presentations dealing with the Japanese toy and figure scene with a new installment, this time looking at the explosion of Superheros on Japanese TV and popular culture In the early 1970s. Check out the cast of characters, the amazing vinyl toys, and the charming "pachimon" (bootleg) phenomenon of this bygone era.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 7, 2013.


Radio Eva

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

Yoshio Muto presents products from his company, Radio Eva. These products are all based on a TV show called Evangelion. They have recently started a new line called Evangelion Red in which they selected red things from the show and used them as a theme to design new products.


City Message

@ VOL 7 ON NOV 21, 2013

Massimiliano Bonacci presenta City Message:

City Message è un circuito di schermi distribuiti nella città e utilizzato per scambiarsi informazioni fra Commercianti, Associazioni, Pubblica Amministrazione e Cittadini, in tempo reale e con l'ausilio anche solo di un semplice smartphone. Noi vogliamo:

• Creare un nuovo strumento di comunicazione dove tutti possano sentirsi partecipi.
• Portare internet e i Social Network nelle piazze e nei negozi, in modo che anche chi non sa usare questi mezzi possa rimanere aggiornato su ciò che accade nella città.
• Aiutare la Pubblica Amministrazione a comunicare con i cittadini.
• Dare visibilità anche alle piccole realtà territoriali.
• Incoraggiare la condivisione e la partecipazione delle persone, alle iniziative del quartiere.

Sono uscito quest'anno da Ericsson, dopo 21 anni di lavoro, dove ho acquisito una discreta esperienza internazionale. L'idea di Citymessage è nata a livello embrionale all'interno dell'Innovation Garage di Ericsson, vincendo anche premi in Silicon Valley come l' "Innova Award". Quando mi sono reso conto che per svilupparla sarei dovuto espatriare, perché non relativa al core business delle attività italiane, ho deciso di prendere la buona uscita come opportunità di far nascere qualcosa nella mia città e nel mio paese!


Chrysanthemums & Plastic Walls

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 03, 2015

Artist, TV presenter and music maker Lee Baker explains his connection with Japan.  A truly heart-felt PechaKucha, which profoundly moved the audience and its presenter.


PKN St. Petersburg on TV

httpv:// Time to practice your Russian by taking a look at the following video, which includes a report on PechaKucha Night in St. Petersburg. Big thanks to organizer Mikhail Barsegov for sharing the link (he's also interviewed in the report).


PKN Bahrain on TV

httpv:// Sure, it may be in Arabic, but it's great to see the organizers of PechaKucha Night in Bahrain be interviewed on Bahrain TV's Hala Bahrain morning show. As organizer Mohammed Janahi tells us, the reason for the scarves was in celebration of the country's National Day. The interview is a follow-up to the city's Vol. 3, held earlier this month -- you can still find the list of presenters on the official event page.


Animated Graphics for Australian TV, an Intro the Color Wheel, and a Doom Clock from Vladimir

Presentations Tim Costello has worked in Australia's television industry for the past 10 years, creating animated graphics for a variety of TV shows, which he shares in this presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 93). He also worked on the feature film Where the Wild Things Are. In her presentation (in German, from PKN Aalen Vol. 6), Annegret Barth wants to introduce us to the interplay of colors. Using photos from nature, Annegret walks us through the development of the color wheel and its possible applications. (in German) We don't have a full presentation to share, but PKN Vladimir organizer Boris Matin has sent us the following photos (above) and description of this rather interesting participant at the city's recent Vol. 6.Sergei Karelin is a silversmith and goldsmith, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, and an academic at the Petrovskaya Academy of Science and Art in St. Petersburg. The clock (in the photos) shows the countdown of the time from the moment of the Birth of the Earth to the moment of its collapse, owing to its inevitable approach to the Sun. The work calls for the drawing together of world religions, the union of all nations, and the immediate stop of all war conflicts in the face of the fatal disaster. Posters We have two new posters on the Tumblr blog today, one for this month's PKN Waterville Vol. 8 (pictured above), and one for PKN Chattanooga Vol. 11, also happening later this month.  Video Pisa's Vol. 2 is happening this Friday, and today we have a video promo to share for the event.  Calendar On this 4th of July, we may not have any PKNs happening in the US, but we do have these two events: PKN Amsterdam Vol. 22 and PKN Utsunomiya Vol. 1. Tomorrow, you can look for the following: PKN Semarang Vol. 9, PKN Augsburg Vol. 1, and PKN Las Palmas Vol. 7.


Comedy TV in Turkey, a Primer on Schizophrenia, and a Teaser from Guatemala City

Presentations Can Yücel Metin's presentation (from PKN Istanbul Vol. 14) is all about a comedy TV series called Aye, Thanks! that airs Friday nights in Turkey. He is an actor on the show, as well as a writer. Presented as part of a special PechaKucha Night that was themed on "schizophrenia," Philippe Conus is a psychiatrist who used his presentation (in French, from PKN Lausanne Vol. 8) to cover all aspects of the disease, debunking many aspects that are mistaken by many. Posters Today's additions to the Tumblr blog include posters for PKN Azores Vol. 3 (above), PKN Sunshine Coast Vol. 10, PKN Victoria Vol. 4, PKN Norman Vol. 2, PKN Melbourne Vol. 15, PKN Perth Vol. 10, and PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 17, 18, and 19. Photos and video Here's a small photo gallery [Flickr] for last June's PKN Toledo Vol. 2 -- above, a look at the venue (Toledo Public Library). We also have a video to share, in the form of this teaser video for the upcoming PKN Guatemala City Vol. 2 (set for September 27). httpv:// Calendar Tonight's (August 29) PKNs are the following: PKN New Haven Vol. 13, PKN Tampere Vol. 7, and PKN Providence Vol. 41. Tomorrow, it's a big Thursday with these 5 events: PKN Sevilla Vol. 13, PKN St. Petersburg Vol. 21, PKN Christchurch Vol. 15, PKN Xalapa Vol. 12, and PKN Nashville Vol. 8.


Tokyo Designers Week TV

As we announced earlier this week, our next PechaKucha Night is our special Tokyo Designers Week edition, taking place on Wednesday, October 30, at the TDW grounds. Catch PechaKucha founders Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham in this episode of Tokyo Designers Week TV! 次回のPechaKuchaは10月30日(水)東京デザイナーズウィークの会場にて行われます。ぜひお越し下さい。PechaKucha Nightの創設者のアストリッド・クラインとマーク・ダイサムも東京デザイナーズウィークTVに出演いたしました。


Dutch Prime Minister Experiences PechaKucha

PechaKucha has always been big in the Netherlands -- PechaKucha Nights have been held in 16 Dutch cities -- and imagine our surprise to see even the Prime Minister experience PechaKucha first-hand, as he did on this episode of Dutch TV program Uitzending Gemist (the segment starts at the 9-minute mark). He even gives it a shot himself, albeit a shortened 5-slide only example.


Exley on Lucas

No, it's not a report about PechaKucha, but we love seeing PechaKucha Night Chicago organizer Peter Exley in this CBS local news report about George Lucas' upcoming museum, as he sports his "20 images x 20 seconds" PechaKucha t-shirt. Watch the full report here.


PKN Cleveland in the News

Cleveland's latest PechaKucha Night gets some coverage from the local NBC affiliate, which you can watch online here.


PKN Barcelona in the News

PechaKucha Barcelona co-organizer Mitch Micenmacher shared with us this great video report that aired on the local TV program Barcelona Televisió. The piece gives a taste of what the events in Barcelona are like.


PKN Bryan in the News

Bryan's very first PechaKucha Night -- held last month -- got some nice coverage on FOX affiliate KWKT, and you can watch the full report here. Visit the official event page to see photos from the event.