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Matt Watson-Power
eCommerce Consultant in Harrogate
Anita Ko
Founding Member / Event Organizer, Power Unit Youth Organization in Markham


Bielefeld @ FilmhausKino
Jan 21, 2010


Miami @ The Wolfsonian-FIU
Feb 20, 2010


Aalen @ Hochschule Aalen
Feb 22, 2010


Toronto @ Harbourfront Centre (York Quay Centre)
Sep 30, 2011


Norwich, UK @ cinema city norwich
Sep 16, 2012


Seattle @ Pike Place Market - Economy Market Building
Dec 05, 2013


Prince George @ The Copper Pig BBQ House
Feb 18, 2014


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Jul 18, 2014


Providence @ Trinity Rep
Apr 30, 2014

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Freda’s Bar & Canteen
Aug 20, 2014


The Power of Twenty - For Haiti

@ VOL 68 ON JAN 27, 2010

20th February - Save the date - We are planning a PechaKucha Global Day for Haiti. 200 cities, 2000 presenters, 200,000 participants. Look to local city sites for more info - and how to participate - The global map on geolocates around you. If you have a idea, a system, product anything creative that could help Haiti let us know we want this to become a database of wonderful information! Please come back to the site daily - for updates. Thanks you so much - the global PechaKucha family


The Power of the Arts

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 07, 2012

Kathryn Blume talks about the power of the arts in building powerful movements for addressing climate change and communicating a potent, creative vision for a world without oil. This presentation is in English.


Twenty Beautiful Buildings and Places of Kyiv

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 22, 2012

Oleg Zhary is a photographer who lives and works in Kyiv, and in this presentation, he gives us all a stunning photographic tour of the capital of Ukraine through its iconic objects. (in Ukrainian)


Power of the Crowd

@ VOL 7 ON MAR 26, 2011

Diego Borin discusses the power of the crowds; how can a group of fans unite and help fund their favorite artist's new work? What are the limits and boundaries of crowdsourcing? He also presents his project, one of Brazil's largest and most important crowdfunding platforms.


Depicting symbols of power

@ VOL 9 ON OCT 12, 2012

Visual artist José Rosero shares a new series of his paintings featuring iconic local street characters swapping emblems with Catholic priests and bishops, resulting in intriguing portraits charged with black humor and ultimately making a comment about symbols of power. (in Spanish)


Power, Passion, Purpose

@ VOL 105 ON JUL 31, 2013

Bob Tobin talks about three ways to design and change the invisible at work-corporate culture, motivation, relationships between people, and your own feelings. He shows how you can work with power, passion and purpose, no matter what you do. 

Twenty Works of Design and Art from the 20th Century

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 07, 2013

Andy Nicholls runs a furniture and art shop in Bedford called Design Twenty, and here he speaks on 20 of the most iconic works of design and art hailing from the 20th century. Pieces by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Fin Juhl, Gunnel Nyman, Peter Saville, Poul Henningsen, Charles and Ray Eames, Tapio Wirkkala, and Mattew Hilton are featured and discussed at length. 

"Presentation of the Day" on January 20, 2014.


The Power of Play

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 20, 2013

Brian Corrigan, an independent creative strategist, talks passionately about his idea of the "power of play" and its ability to transform cities into positive places. Through his past, most recent, and future projects, he puts this idea into action in order to help communities to be more creative and reimagine new futures. 


The Northern Sport Centre Has the Power to Move You


Becky Dochstader and Scott McWalter are the Communications Team for the Northern Sport Centre and are proud to be participating in PG’s first ever PechaKucha event. “The Power to Move You” theme is a natural fit for the Northern Sport Centre, and Becky and Scott explain how the NSC is not only a provider of movement, but a recipient as well. The NSC is a world-class sport and fitness facility that provides Northern BC with the power to move, but in reality, it’s the members, user groups and staff who move us. 


The Power of Language

@ VOL 20 ON APR 18, 2014

Irina Holca, an english teacher, shares her love for languages and introduces some of Japan's historical attempts at language acculturation in neighboring countries.


Power Pill

It's no secret that yours truly is personally excited about the upcoming iPhone game Power Pill from Canadian creators Polytron and Infinite Ammo -- forming the all-powerful Infinitron Polypharma -- and as we previewed last week, Polytron's Phil Fish was set to reveal the first details of the game at this week's PechaKucha Night in Montreal. The night has come and gone, and Power Pill's "viral" debut is now public, thanks to Phil posting all of the presentation's images online -- and here's a video of the presentation.


The Power of Twenty

As we first mentioned on Monday, we here at PechaKucha, in collaboration with Architecture for Humanity, are putting a project together to help with the reconstruction in Haiti. You can read more about the PechaKucha Global Night for Haiti -- "The Power of Twenty" -- here (and keep checking that page for updates), and also watch the presentation that was recorded live last night at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 68, with Mark Dytham, Astrid Klein, and Cameron Sinclair (skyping in from the World Economic Forum in Davos).


PechaKucha for Haiti on PKD

As we enter February, and now less than three weeks away from the "PechaKucha Global Night for Haiti," we're going to concentrate coverage here at PechaKucha Daily on the worldwide event, and all of the things happening in the weeks leading to it. As you'll soon see, there's going to be a lot of activity on the site, with a huge ramp up of presentations going online (we're hoping to get as many as we can uploaded), to be accompanied with donation buttons, with all proceeds going to reconstruction projects in Haiti (through Architecture for Humanity). So stay tuned, and prepare to be amazed by what the PechaKucha community will be producing.


The Power of PechaKucha

We hand over the controls to PechaKucha Night in Gothenburg organizer Jesper Larsson -- his Vol. 24 event was held just last night -- who talks about the perks of being a PKN organizer. As a PechaKucha organizer you sometimes ask yourself if it's worth all those hours you put in. But then you go on vacation to Central America and find out you have PechaKucha colleagues in every other city. Take this example with Panama City. I went there by myself and only knew about two places in town, the place I was staying at and the offices of TBWA / Panama, the local producers of PechaKucha Night. From left: Jesper Larsson (PechaKucha Night in Göteborg) and Ricardo Fernández (PechaKucha Night in Panama City). Words of wisdom at the TBWA / Panama office. I had a great time hanging out with local PechaKucha organizers Ricardo Fernández and Juan Cruz Soares Gache. As an organizer I highly recommend you use the power of a 385 city strong network -- what company can compete with that? -- and contact the local organizers of PechaKucha when you are out traveling. It's a great way to get local tips and recommendations, and a chance to discuss and share PKN experiences. While still traveling I also found out that I had been listed as an up-and-comer when Gothenburg's biggest daily newspaper listed "The 100 most influential people in town," simple because of the success of PechaKucha here. The power is there. Let's just not forget that it's there because we all put in all those hours.


The Power of 20

The number 20 is of course a special one for us -- it does form the basis of the entire format (20 images x 20 seconds) -- and we're always happy to see cities reach that special Vol. 20. Brussels is the latest city to hit the milestone, and how's this for a celebration of 20s: PechaKucha Night in Brussels Vol. 20 is held on November 20, with a start time of 20:20! Here's wishing Alok and his team a terrific event, and with already 400 people having pre-registered, it should be a memorable one. The photo above, by Rex Features, is from this article.


The Power of the Arts

From today we're going to start sharing a couple of presentations a day -- we've been getting our hands on quite a few of late -- and we start with "The Power of the Arts," with Kathryn Blume talking about the power of the arts in building powerful movements for addressing climate change and communicating a potent, creative vision for a world without oil. It was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Montpelier, VT Vol. 3.


Reenacting the Teutonic Knights, Microsoft's Innovative Technologies, and the Power of Stools in Guangzhou

Presentations Before we get to today's presentation, we'd like to highlight and celebrate the fact that this week saw us cross the 400 presentation mark on the site. All of these presentations have been viewed over 1.5 million times, and we also love pointing out that so far, we have been able to share presentations from over 80 cities. A big pat on the back to the amazing Yuki Takai who has been working with organizers on trying to get the most varied collection of presentations as possible. In our first presentation today (in Polish, from PKN Koszalin Vol. 8), Bartłomiej Zielonka shares the activities of a local knight's company. Following the presentation by Marek Czechowski, now you can see the Teutonic Knights in action! Training their skills regularly, they get together wearing the original knight outfits, revealing that being a real warrior yelding a bow and sword these days is still possible. Armina Mkhitaryan's presentation (from PKN Istanbul Vol. 14) covers some of the latest Microsoft technologies, everything from the Kinect to the innovative projects implemented by the Microsoft Innovation Center in Armenia. Posters No new additions to the Tumblr blog today, so we take this opportunity to highlight the second poster that was added yesterday, for PKN Chattanooga Vol. 11. The event will happen on July 13 at Green Spaces. Photos Today's gallery [Flickr] comes your way from the recent PKN Guangzhou Vol. 10, and that's what you're seeing above as well. We're not quite sure what's happening in the third photo, but it must have made for an intriguing presentation. Calendar Here's what you'll find on tonight's (July 5) agenda: PKN Semarang Vol. 9, PKN Augsburg Vol. 1, and PKN Las Palmas Vol. 7. For your Friday night plans, you can look to these events: PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 13, PKN Pisa Vol. 2, and PKN Castellon de la Plana Vol. 1.


Celebrating the Power of Video, Building a Kiln, and Photos from Bogota

Presentations Bart Weiss loves video, in all its forms, and in this presentation (from PKN Dallas Vol. 10) he talks about the power of video, and the impact is has had, and can have. Gregory Miller decided to build a kiln -- to cook pizza -- for his uncle, and he uses his presentation (from PKN Hjorring Vol. 1) to describe all the steps that were required for the construction. Posters We start the week off with one new addition to the Tumblr blog, in the form of the poster you see pictured above, for this Friday's PKN Cagliari Vol. 4.  Photos Here's a photo gallery [Flickr] for the recent PKN Bogota Vol. 9, held earlier this month -- here's a better look at the panoramic shot you see above.  Calendar We have three events happening tonight (October 22): PKN Salt Lake City Vol. 8, PKN St. Petersburg Vol. 23, and PKN Sundsvall Vol. 9. There are no events in the calendar for tomorrow, but on Wednesday you can look forward to PKN Providence Vol. 43. 


Twenty Works of Design and Art from the 20th Century

Check out this veritable who's who of design from the previous century: Andy Nicholls runs a furniture and art shop in Bedford called Design Twenty, and here he speaks on 20 of the most iconic works of design and art hailing from the 20th century. In "Twenty Works of Design and Art from the 20th Century" from PKN Bedford Vol. 1, we see pieces by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Fin Juhl, Gunnel Nyman, Peter Saville, Poul Henningsen, Charles and Ray Eames, Tapio Wirkkala, and Mattew Hilton featured and discussed at length. 


The Power of Observation

Are you aware, that in a single day (today) we take in 5x the amount of information we did (25 years ago) in 5 days? That's right, in the same amount of time, we take in 5 times the amount of information we did 25 years ago.  Bob Hambly examines (at PKN Toronto Vol. 26) the topic of observation – how we've become visually complacent, how we are manipulated to see certain things, how important it is to have good observational skills, and how we can go about improving them. This is something we can all get better at. In "The Power of Observation", you'll see that the better we get at observing, the better we will get at generating creative ideas. Don't be a lazy observer, see (don't look -- see) things now!