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Moscow @ Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design
Jun 24, 2011


Kosice @ Moulin a Cafe (Mlyncek)
Aug 17, 2011


Taipei @ xuexue institute
Jul 01, 2012


Dnipropetrovsk @ Coffeeshop FRIENDS'TIME Moskva
Jul 31, 2012


Groningen @ Plaza Sportiva
Nov 15, 2012


Fresno @ The Hashtag
Oct 08, 2012


Nov 22, 2012


Dubai @ Satellite
Nov 25, 2012


Garrison @ The Garrison
Mar 27, 2014


Poitiers @ Maison de L'architectue - Poitou Charentes
Mar 19, 2013


Master of the Midfield

@ VOL 3 ON JUL 01, 2012

Gianni Stevano's presentation is about how he came to produce -- or what inspired -- the new Master of the Midfield clothing line. It is expressed through the memory of playing on the road, in the sand, or anywhere else where there are no restrictions. (in Italian)


Unsanctioned Racing

@ VOL 11 ON JUL 13, 2012

In his presentation, Jim Farmer takes a look at all manner of unsanctioned racing, from the nostalgic to the crazy, to the plain old fun. (in English)


Stand Up Paddling


SUP stands for "Stand Up Paddleboarding," which means that you stand up on a big surfboard and use a paddle. This ancient form of surfing reemerged when surf instructors realized the benefits of it, that by being higher you can better see oncoming waves. Today, SUP has turned into the fastest growing water sport in the world. (in Swedish)


Cricket For Dummies

@ VOL 5 ON APR 17, 2012

In this great KIDS Presentation from PechaKucha Night Derby, Haseef apprises us of the ins and outs of his favorite sport: Cricket.

"Presentation of the Day" on February 1, 2013.


The Art of Running

@ VOL 100 ON FEB 20, 2013

Joseph Tame loves to integrate sports, technology, and a healthy dose of craziness to bring smiles to the streets of Tokyo. Find out more about his latest projects in this presentation, and witness the "20x20" run he produced to wish PechaKucha a happy 10th anniversary.

Joseph ran the Tokyo Marathon again this year (February 24, 2013) while live streaming all the way on his site.

"Presentation of the Day" on February 23, 2013.

何台ものiPhoneと一緒にマラソンをされ走っている町並みを中継されるジョセフさんのPechaKucha 東京100を記念したプレゼンテーションです。


In The Cut

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Nayokenza Oliver energetically takes us on a tour of some of his favourite low-key hang out spots or "cuts" as he has dubbed them. He does this with the hopes of inspiring other people how to have fun in Tokyo without spending all of their money.


A Concise History of Race Relations in New Zealand ... Abridged

@ VOL 18 ON FEB 17, 2013

James Nokise gives us a comedic rundown on the history of New Zealand, its diversity, and its rugby team. He talks about New Zealand's original inhabitants, its immigrants, and encourages racial understanding and acceptance across the board. 


A Night Out At Night It Up

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 07, 2014

Anita Ko talks about her orangization's abilities. Having been a part of an event that hosts over 120 000 people each year, Anita shows us what her company, Power Unit Youth Organization, is capable of when it comes to inspiring many generations.


Consider Yourself An Athlete, Even Without Exercise!

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 07, 2014

Often known for her entrepreneurial skills, Brigitte Sharpe takes us through a topic quite familliar to most. She speaks to us about how we're all capable of being atheletes in our own ways as we strategize, achieve, and work hard to push through together.



The Significance of Rowing

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 07, 2014

Nora Kern, Project Coordinator at Walk/Bike Nashville and Cumberland River Compact, tells about the importance and impact of rowing - why someone would row, and how this sport can give us a new perspective. She addresses the issue that very few people have the opportunity to recreationally enjoy the river, and poses the questions how can Nashville be designed with easy water access, and how can we personally enjoy the river?


Roberto De Vido

Based in a tiny village outside of Tokyo, Roberto De Vido creates comics that cover everything from politics to sports, with a bit of everyday life mixed in. In this post, some of the works shown during his presentation at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 59. Below, pages from a project initiated with photographer Masaru Goto to highlight the plight of HIV/AIDS in Cambodia.


Art, Sport and Passion

What keeps you awake at night and gets you up in the morning? How can seemingly small events make us the people we are today? By looking at art and sport, two defining interests in his life, Adam Buss chart a journey to this exact point in time. No conclusions, no sales pitch, just passion. The presentation was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Derby Vol. 2.


Poster for PKN Gisborne Vol. 8

Gisborne will have its PechaKucha Night Vol. 8 this Friday (February 10) at the Gisborne Hotel. Here is more on the event, from organizer Pene Walsh:Always on the lookout for new venues and presenters, this summer we are hitting the DB in outer Kaiti. A popular venue in the 1970s we reckon, the bathing beauty on the poster would have been a regular at the DB. Plush carpets, swanky bars, lounge and the pool – this was the place to be. They still have a presidential/honeymoon suite that is pretty top notch. This summer is an important PechaKucha Night for our organising team as we will never be the same again – the date for the event is all timed around the impending birth of Sarah’s (and the lovely Matt) first child. Although she has cleaned out the linen cupboard already we reckon she will make it through this last PechaKucha Night in one (not 2) piece. It may not have been much of a summer as far as sunshine hours go this year, there has been heaps of entertainment and it isn’t finishing yet – this time around we have local MP Moana Mackay presenting – who knew she is a scientist? Last PechaKucha Night audiences were surprised when Shauna Ratapu announced she was resigning from her job and was going to follow her dreams – I think her boss in the audience got a bit of a shock. She is back and is going to let you know just how far she has taken the dream – it is a beauty of a story. Other presenters include an artist with an unusual story of nuns to tell, a sports fanatic who will surprise, a clever cushion maker, a DJ, a mad obsessed bamboo bicycle maker and a couple of extra bonus presenters.


Cricket for Dummies

Another great kids presentation from Derby (Vol. 5), this time with Haseef introducing us to the world of his favorite sport: cricket. If you're unsure of the difference between a Batsman and a Wicketkeeper, this one's worth a look!


What is PKN anyway?

What's Pecha Kucha Night? It’s a community event where presenters are given six minutes and forty seconds to share a story, a hobby, an experience, or pretty much anything else. The Pecha Kucha format is also called “20x20,” because each speaker will have 20 slides that will display for 20 seconds apiece.Why the funny name? Pecha Kucha was developed in Japan, where pecha kucha is a common word for chitchat.  More than anything, Pecha Kucha Night exists to get conversations started! The audience can share lots of questions and comments with each other and the presenters during intermission and after the event.So, what kind of presentations are we talking about? Will I be bored? You will not be bored. An array of topics is covered at each PKN! Past topics have involved: Travel, hunting, crafts, science, health, sports, philosophy, creating art, and building a house of mud and straw! PKN presenters aren’t professional speakers—they’re just people with twenty images and less than seven minutes to share stories with the community.Is this a sales thing? Absolutely not. In fact, PKN is a nonprofit organization. We just love chitchat.Is PKN family-friendly? Yes! Each presentation is suitable for all ages.


From Japanese Graffiti to Drain Spotting

In today's "Presentation of the Day, Remo Camerota takes us through his brilliant book on Japanese graffiti, and on to his follow-up release (which wasn't out at the time this presentation was done) on Japanese manhole covers, titled Drain Spotting. Remo currently has a Kickstarter campaign for a new project.


White Spots and Doubt

In 2012, David Maney wrote and performed a theatre-show based on his experience being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This show eventually became known as "White Spots," a humorous look at the traumas that plague us daily. In his presentation (from PKN Tokyo, Vol. 102) he discusses the ugly sides of ourselves, our fixations, and various flavors of doubt.


Joseph Tame

Presenting at our Tokyo Designers Week edition PechaKucha Night (Vol. 107) on Wednesday, October 30 is our good friend Joseph Tame who will surprise you with his talk about how he (may have) brought 2020 Olympics to Tokyo! Whilst wearable technology has a history tracing back to the abacus-on-a-ring of 1600's China, it was only once Joseph Tame started wearing multiple health monitors and live streaming cameras during the 2009 Tokyo Marathon that it really took off. A trend setter within his own parallel universe, Joseph reveals how his passion for combining mobile technology, sports and art (may have) led to Tokyo being awarded the 2020 Olympics. たくさんのテクノロジー機器と一緒にマラソンをされる有名なランナーJoseph Tameさんも10月30日のPechaKucha Night 東京(東京デザイナーズウィークにて)に登場されます。


British Sports Cars: Why I Always Need Another One

If dihedral doors, carbon-fiber chassis, and airbrakes rev your engine, this one is for you: With the need for speed and style, no doubt you're in need of a Britsh sports car -- at least in Nick Groombridge's opinion you are. In "British Sports Cars: Why I Always Need Another One" from PKN Garrison Vol. 5, Nick showcases four British cars in his collection and talks about them individually; explaining how they are made and what makes them unique.


Exley on Lucas

No, it's not a report about PechaKucha, but we love seeing PechaKucha Night Chicago organizer Peter Exley in this CBS local news report about George Lucas' upcoming museum, as he sports his "20 images x 20 seconds" PechaKucha t-shirt. Watch the full report here.