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Montreal @ La SAT (Société des arts technologiques)
Jun 14, 2007


Durban @ Durban Art Gallery
Apr 21, 2010


Cairns @ Tanks Arts Centre
May 08, 2013

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Revolution Brewery
Jan 20, 2014



@ VOL 1 ON MAY 03, 2012

What is scrapture? It's the word that local Blue Mountains artist Kathy O'Hara uses to describe her work, which is all about the recycling of disused materials, revitalised as unique sculptures and functional items. In this presentation, Kathy discusses the nature of her work. (in English)



@ VOL 1 ON JUL 05, 2012

Redesigna is a collaboration of different projects in Augsburg -- each of these projects focuses on alternative living. This presentation shows a variety of recycled and upcycled projects created by Doris Leitner. (in German)


Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls


Niki Schillerstrom works with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls as the Community Relations Director. She talks about the goals of the organization as well as a current fundraiser in which local artists rallied together to turn old and un-used building materials, found at their Restore, into works of art. 


PULP: Paper Art Party 2014

@ VOL 29 ON APR 01, 2014

After last year's success, PULP: Paper Art Party has returned. Led by architect Rotem Yaniv, the fundraising event advocates for sustainable design. The event itself encompasses a live music show within a reclaimed materials art exhibit. All proceeds go towards raising funds to refurbish Street Haven at the Crossroads, a downtown emergency women's shelter. 


The Environment in a Constantly Evolving, Urbanizing World

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 10, 2014

In this presentation, Aasha Eapen will focus on spreading awareness among the general public about:
1. What does it mean to conserve our environment?
2. What does the phrase "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" convey?
2. Why should it be done?
3. What are the small yet profound steps that can be taken by us in doing this?
4. What is the TUNZA Eco Generation networking platform?


Bike-Powered Kinetic Sculpture

@ VOL 10 ON AUG 01, 2014

Sculptors Raymond Rawls and Lorraine Duerden explore the potential for using abandoned, recycled bicycles as the foundation to create large-scale ambulatory kinetic sculpture. Here they speak about the creation process of these animal-themed rideable sculptures, and the community parades where they put them on display.

"Presentation of the Day" on August 14, 2014. 


Apparently I'm a Freakshow

@ VOL 5 ON OCT 28, 2014

Adam Morely, boat captain and business owner, shares with us about living in a shipping container and a few other things that make him a little freakier than the average guy. Working with recycled materials, it is possible to build a home in a shipping container. It is also possible to live a life smarter, than bigger, to take steps in the right direction of keep plastics out of the enviroment. 


Central Verde

@ VOL 35 ON APR 24, 2014

Daniela Medina is the founder and director of Central Verde, a nonprofit that aims to create an environmental awareness through the promotion of a responsible consumption to achieve a balanced lyfestyle with the aid of culture and arts.


Evelyn & Elsie

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

Brenna Elrod comes from a long line of collectors.  She feels that she was destined to either love or hate old stuff. And she loves it. Brenna loves it because she believes objects have stories to tell, for better or worse.  However, She finds it disconcerting because we produce so much stuff. And we produce this stuff at a cost to the environment and people. This juxtaposition of values informs the content of her blog ( and more recently her creations. Brenna Elrod's expands on these topics and explores how she choses to pursue the study of 'old stuff' and what it means to her. 


Zero to Go: Composting in Beacon

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 31, 2015

Sarah Womer runs down the facts and figures of how waste in Dutchess County  is managed and about how her team at Zero to Go is trying to bring a curbside composting program to Beacon, NY.


PKN Raglan Vol. 4

Here then is a report for PechaKucha Night in Raglan Vol. 4 -- held at the end of November -- courtesy of organizer Rodger Gallagher (and you'll find all the presenters listed on the event page). The caption for the photo above should read: "Chit chat during beer break at Raglan PechaKucha Night Vol. 4." The intimate theatre room at the Raglan Old School Arts centre was even more intimate than usual on Saturday night for Raglan's PechaKucha Night Vol. 4. The interesting line-up of local and visiting presenters was a strong attraction. Two conservation presentations started the evening, the first with Ros Empson on the SS Rangiriri and then Rick Thorpe on the Chatham Islands Back Robin. Charlie Young gave his views on dreaming big and took the audience through the birth of the boat Wahine Moe on Raglan Harbour. Then Rodger Gallagher took the audience down the 300 year history of France's Midi Canal. Selwyn Stuart amazed everybody with his wood working skills and John Lawson covered the Raglan Panorama calendars. Meliors Simms mystified with her poetry and stitching. Jacqui Forbes covered the developed of Xtreme Waste and its recycling work in Raglan. John McNeil from Aurecon group finished the evening with an explanation of how the Papahua footbridge was designed and constructed. John said it was the most interesting project he had been involved in during his extensive bridge design career.


The Art of Scrapture, a Spanish Hotel in Hanoi, and a Cold Night Out in Aalborg

Presentations What is scrapture? It's the word that local Blue Mountains artist Kathy O'Hara uses to describe her work, which is all about the recycling of disused materials, revitalised as unique sculptures and functional items. In this presentation (from PKN Blue Mountains Vol. 1), Kathy discusses the nature of her work. El Fabricante de Espheras talk about one of their projects in which they were tasked to redesign a Spanish hotel in Hanoi -- it opened in May of last year. The concept was based on bamboo, and they used aspects of traditional Vietnamese culture for the design. The new interior is very restrained and "quiet," especially compared to the loudness seen outside on the streets of Hanoi. In the presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Valencia Vol. 13), they also cover how they worked together with the Vietnamese, surmounting difficulties in communication. Posters It was added to the Tumblr blog last week, but let's highlight the poster for tonight's PKN Orlando Vol. 6 -- remember, the Orlando series is a "Silver Brick Award" winning event. Photos and report A couple of photo galleries to share with you today, along with an event report and a blog post link -- above, a few photos from last month's PKN Tokyo Vol. 92, taken by Michael Holmes (see the gallery link below). PKN Tokyo Vol. 92 [Facebook] -- on Flickr tooPKN Aalborg Vol. 8 [Flickr]PKN Bilbao Vol. 12 [Creative Zentrum, blog post]As an addition to the gallery of photos for this past Tuesday's PKN Aalborg Vol. 8 that we linked to above (taken by Mads Christiansen), here's a report on the event from PKN Aalborg organizer Annette Scheibel.PechaKucha Night Aalborg #8 had the theme TIME, and was held outside in the summer-cold yard at Huset. We opened with a videobite from a theatreperformance at Det Hem'lige Teater in Aalborg called AURA, where interactive technology plays with the actor on stage. Titgen Pavia Toft talked about the AURA theatre project and the challenges of using interactive technology. Architect Thiru Manickam's "A Design Journey" -- time, process and knowledge -- was a very exiting presentation about how nature inspires archtecture. This was followed by Sandro Masai and Edit E. Vizer's TIME-LIFE project (an interactive installation project), and then Kathrine Skovsgaard, a volounteer for RED Barnet, an organisation that works with childrens rights. Industrial designer Elodie Lepaludier made an extremely interesting presentation about ergonomic solutions for elderly. At the break we chose to show a very beautiful trailer by film director Mads Jeppesen for his documentary about the singer LYDMOR. The second half started out with jazz-bass player Kenneth Dahl Knudsens and his amazing music journey to New York recording his last album. Nikkie Dahm Breinholt shared her vision of transferring two World War bunkers into art-projects with respect for history. Mads Jeppesen talked about his work and his learning time in New York, and we finished off with FOREDANCING, live projected to the screen as an outro by Milan Prabu and Valerie Rizzo. A great evening competing for audience with the football European Championships on TV and cold weather -- 50 people stayed and enjoyed and kept each other warm. THANK YOU!!!Calendar First, here's a reminder of the PKN action that will be taking place this Friday night (June 15): PKN Zilina Vol. 19, PKN Orlando Vol. 6, PKN Des Moines Vol. 10, and PKN Paris Vol. 18. Over the weekend, Saturday will see a couple of firsts, with PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1 and PKN Fort Lauderdale Vol. 1, as well as PKN Kosice Vol. 19. On Sunday, look to Kyoto for its Vol. 7. 

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