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@ VOL 18 ON JUN 24, 2014

Roby Bagindo began developing BAGindo KPS Productions, a production house that focuses on video to support social activism in 2002 and penetrated video production tutorials and podcasts, one of which 
Indonesia has more than 300 ethnic groups with distinctive characteristics and unique cuisine. Masak.TV try to share this rich diversity through cooking tutorial video. Hosted by young chefs: Tirta Pane, Faisal Lanin dan Alvin Maulana, Masak.TV serves fun, easy, simple cooking for culinary enthusiasts in general and young people overseas who might be missing simple home-cooked meals in particular.


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@ VOL 13 ON NOV 25, 2015

Stef Visjager begon met radiomaken op haar veertiende. Sinds 2003 maakt ze deel uit van het collectief Radiomakers Desmet en specialiseerde ze zich in radiodrama en radiodocumentaires. Stef komt bij ons vertellen over haar werk waarvoor ze bekroond werd met de Prix Europa in Berlijn (2x) de Zilveren Reissmiscrofoon en de Jan Kassiesprijs.
twitter: @RadiomakersDesm


Podcasting - Change the world without asking permission

@ VOL 12 ON MAR 15, 2016

Mark Steadman is a web developer, the organiser of Ignite Brum and, from June, a freelancer. He’s talking about the medium of podcasting, about making media without asking permission, how amazing stories can be told and minds changed, and how it’s not all about Serial.

(One of Mark's slides mysteriously vanished from the deck, so this is a 19x20, but he recovered magnificently!)


Podcasts in a Nutshell

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Eleanor Kagan teaches us how to start our own podcast in under 7  minutes at PechaKucha Night Brooklyn Volume 8! Stay tuned all the way to the end - exclusive audio clips of democatic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton!

Eleanor is a producer and sometimes host of podcasts, live events, and conversations with people about their hair. She has made public radio, pirate radio, and once helped build a radio station from scratch. She currently produces the podcast "Another Round" for BuzzFeed.



PKN Atlanta Vol. 9 This Sunday

Most Pecha Kucha Nights are weeknight affairs, but in Atlanta, Sunday -- and more specifically, this coming Sunday (February 15) -- is when Vol. 9 will hit the Octane Coffee Lounge. What can you expect? Here's a look at the presenters lined up: Louise E. Shaw - "AIDS in the Eighties" Decatur Dan Hall - "Cease and Desist" Andrew Ian Morrison & Cristina Del Sesto Morrison - "13 Ways of Looking at an Onion" Fakhri Hagghani - "Coffee Shops in Tehran" Ellen Dunham-Jones - "Retrofitting Suburbia" Valencia Coar - "Aesthetic Housing Where it Matters" Jerry Goux - "Building for Other Architects" Alex West - "WonderRoot is Cool" William Boling & Corinne Vionnet - "Complete Desire" Mark Cottle - "Seduced & Abandoned" You can also listen to podcasts of previous editions (iTunes Store link). Pictured above, Vol. 3.


PKN Kyoto Podcast!

Introducing PechaKucha Night Kyoto Podcast! oin us as we interview past speakers for a deeper look at what they are most passionate about. We'll introduce you to some interesting people in Kyoto, Osaka, Kansai, and beyond. Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto is held once every 3 months in Kyoto, Japan. We love locals and visitors! Get in touch if you want to present. Or just come to watch and enjoy the community. For details and contact info, check out our official site at the link below.


PKN Kyoto Podcast #2

This is the second volume of Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto's podcast. Our guest is Australian textile artist Melinda Heal, who tells us about making traditional Japanese textiles, dyeing, and Hosted by Eric Luong and Ash Ryan. Edited by and music by Ash  


PKN Podcast #3!

Click here for Podcast This is the third volume of Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto’s podcast. Our guest is photographer Rafael Roman who talks about how he got into taking photos and tells us the stories behind some of his recent Hosted by Eric Luong and Ash Ryan. Edited by and music by Ash Eric Luong is a full-time instructor at Kyoto University of Art and Design and a freelance translator of art-related literature. Ash Ryan creates music and WordPress websites, translates Japanese-English, and is co-founder of alternative creative space イタチshelter in Osaka.


PKN Kyoto Podcast#4 - Nike Dattani

Click here for podcast Take a listen to our Podcast#4 with Vol.15 speaker Nike Dattani, computational scientist who was at Kyoto University for a work stint. From genetic mapping to Einstein's theory of relativity, we tried to ask the hard questions. After a few drinks, the conversation truly became interesting! Hosted by Ash Ryan and Eric Luong


Podcast No.5 - Robin Hoshino

After a short hiatus, we are back with PKN Kyoto vol.18 speaker Robin Hoshino. Originally from Ireland, Robin presented just after a few months living in Kyoto, providing a fresh perspective on the city. Here she gives more details about her many passions: coffee, aikido, illustration, and most recently, working in a Japanese izakaya.  (英語のみ) Click here to hear podcast.  Artist URL: Music by Ash RyanIntro song: Ashryanbeats – By-the-light-of-the-moon Outro song: Ashryanbeats – The-name-of-the-game      


Podcast No.6 - Paul Speed

  Despite some technical difficulties and a hangover for Sagar, our latest podcast is withPaul Speed, one of the founders of the much-loved 京都醸造株式会社 Kyoto Brewing Company. They have taken the city by storm since launching last spring, supplying thirsty Kyotoites with their line of beautiful, well-crafted beer. Listen to find out more about their brew and how it got started!  Hosted by Eric Luong and Sagar Patel. (Sound trouble present!) Click here for podcast


Kyoto Podcast No.7 - Michael Whittle

  Podcast No.7 - Vol. 20 speaker Michael Whittle takes us on a wild intellectual journey on the age-old dynamic of art vs. science. Join us for an enlightening conversation on diagrams, art, science, semiotics, and more! Hosted by Eric Luong and Sagar Patel PodcastMichael Whittle website