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PKN Atlanta Vol. 9 This Sunday

Most Pecha Kucha Nights are weeknight affairs, but in Atlanta, Sunday -- and more specifically, this coming Sunday (February 15) -- is when Vol. 9 will hit the Octane Coffee Lounge. What can you expect? Here's a look at the presenters lined up: Louise E. Shaw - "AIDS in the Eighties" Decatur Dan Hall - "Cease and Desist" Andrew Ian Morrison & Cristina Del Sesto Morrison - "13 Ways of Looking at an Onion" Fakhri Hagghani - "Coffee Shops in Tehran" Ellen Dunham-Jones - "Retrofitting Suburbia" Valencia Coar - "Aesthetic Housing Where it Matters" Jerry Goux - "Building for Other Architects" Alex West - "WonderRoot is Cool" William Boling & Corinne Vionnet - "Complete Desire" Mark Cottle - "Seduced & Abandoned" You can also listen to podcasts of previous editions (iTunes Store link). Pictured above, Vol. 3.