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@ VOL 18 ON JUN 24, 2014

Roby Bagindo began developing BAGindo KPS Productions, a production house that focuses on video to support social activism in 2002 and penetrated video production tutorials and podcasts, one of which 
Indonesia has more than 300 ethnic groups with distinctive characteristics and unique cuisine. Masak.TV try to share this rich diversity through cooking tutorial video. Hosted by young chefs: Tirta Pane, Faisal Lanin dan Alvin Maulana, Masak.TV serves fun, easy, simple cooking for culinary enthusiasts in general and young people overseas who might be missing simple home-cooked meals in particular.


PKN Atlanta Vol. 9 This Sunday

Most Pecha Kucha Nights are weeknight affairs, but in Atlanta, Sunday -- and more specifically, this coming Sunday (February 15) -- is when Vol. 9 will hit the Octane Coffee Lounge. What can you expect? Here's a look at the presenters lined up: Louise E. Shaw - "AIDS in the Eighties" Decatur Dan Hall - "Cease and Desist" Andrew Ian Morrison & Cristina Del Sesto Morrison - "13 Ways of Looking at an Onion" Fakhri Hagghani - "Coffee Shops in Tehran" Ellen Dunham-Jones - "Retrofitting Suburbia" Valencia Coar - "Aesthetic Housing Where it Matters" Jerry Goux - "Building for Other Architects" Alex West - "WonderRoot is Cool" William Boling & Corinne Vionnet - "Complete Desire" Mark Cottle - "Seduced & Abandoned" You can also listen to podcasts of previous editions (iTunes Store link). Pictured above, Vol. 3.


PKN Kyoto Podcast #2

This is the second volume of Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto's podcast. Our guest is Australian textile artist Melinda Heal, who tells us about making traditional Japanese textiles, dyeing, and Hosted by Eric Luong and Ash Ryan. Edited by and music by Ash  


PKN Podcast #3!

Click here for Podcast This is the third volume of Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto’s podcast. Our guest is photographer Rafael Roman who talks about how he got into taking photos and tells us the stories behind some of his recent Hosted by Eric Luong and Ash Ryan. Edited by and music by Ash Eric Luong is a full-time instructor at Kyoto University of Art and Design and a freelance translator of art-related literature. Ash Ryan creates music and WordPress websites, translates Japanese-English, and is co-founder of alternative creative space イタチshelter in Osaka.


PKN Kyoto Podcast#4 - Nike Dattani

Click here for podcast Take a listen to our Podcast#4 with Vol.15 speaker Nike Dattani, computational scientist who was at Kyoto University for a work stint. From genetic mapping to Einstein's theory of relativity, we tried to ask the hard questions. After a few drinks, the conversation truly became interesting! Hosted by Ash Ryan and Eric Luong

Friends of PechaKucha

Friends of PechaKucha