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Auckland @ Galatos
Jun 16, 2010


Concepción @ Universidad Santo Tomas
Oct 15, 2010


Helsinki @ Katajanokan Tulli- ja Pakkahuone
Jun 10, 2011


Cairo @ Tahrir Lounge
Oct 04, 2011


Miami @ FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus - Graham Center Room #243
Nov 29, 2012


Tehran @ Zaman Museum - Cafe Gallery Zaman
Jan 10, 2013


New Plymouth @ Puke Ariki
Apr 17, 2013


Zürich @ EWZ - Unterwerk Selnau
May 24, 2013


Zoetermeer @ 4MKB Center
Jan 15, 2013


Washington DC @ The Embassy of Sweden
Nov 08, 2013


Restoring Liberia's History

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 13, 2013

Jeff Topham and his brother set out to retake old pictures of their childhood home in Liberia; along the way, they ended up restoring the history of their old country, exposing a new generation to photos of a near unrecognizable Liberia, before rebels and war tore the country apart. The project collected photographs of Liberia from various expats, and eventually culminated in a gallery exhibition. 

"Presentation of the Day" on August 5, 2013.


Distinction Through Typology

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 07, 2013

Christian Webb has a unique way of making art. He takes pictures of similar things and then arranges them in a grid. Its the perfect mix of chaos and structure, and it produces striking results that lead to questions about typology, diversity, and change.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 7, 2014.


Fighting Mental Illness

@ VOL 15 ON OCT 31, 2013

Anxiety effects an extraordinary amount of people. These people often cope with their anxiety by using social media. Louise Hutt is out to change misconceptions that people have about social media and people with mental illnesses.

"Presentation of the Day" on February 24, 2014.


Capturing Custom Car Show Character

@ VOL 18 ON NOV 21, 2013

Photographer George Brainard was asked by The Kontinentals to photograph the the Lone Star Roundup a couple years back, and while he originally focused on the event itself, he was drawn to all the unique people who attended this annual hot rod and custom car show. George recalls here his photographs, experiences, and the subjects that inspired so many stories. 

"Presentation of the Day" on December 26, 2013.


Landscape-told Stories

@ VOL 20 ON NOV 14, 2013

Janet Stephenson presents us with numerous idyllic photographs of the New Zealand tussock grasslands, and encourages us to question the subtle inconsistencies found within her photographs. She speaks specifically on the small creeks or "races" lining the hillsides, and at first inquires as to why they exist -- she then delves into the mysteries nature unveils.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 16, 2014.


Passions of Photography and Gastronomy

@ VOL 6 ON JUL 04, 2013

Marie-Laure Louis is a young and dynamic photographer who loves to eat! She tells us the beginning, her passions, sometimes the trouble with a lot of happiness and energy. Through crowd-funding she was able to take a trip to and photos of Mauritius. Already winner of a photo contest, she'll no doubt make a great photographer. (in French)


Ken and Mary's Sex Education

@ VOL 112 ON MAR 26, 2014

What happens when you have two naked female and male dolls, snow on the ground, and a camera? An education on sexual relationships of course! (and now a book well!) Listen as Katsumi Saiki talks about his love of photography and sex. 


Snipping the Fabric of Time

@ VOL 19 ON DEC 13, 2013

Justin Davies is an educator and artist. He likes to work in a range of media which he uses to integrate historical, scientific and aesthetic perspectives. His work is also influenced by his love of film and by his studies in biology and history.


Photography and Violence Against Children


 تتحدث هناء صالح عن اخلاقيات التصوير وخصوصا مع الاطفال، وان استغلال الاطفال من اجل الحصول علي ماده تشويقيه من غير مراعاه الجانب النفسي والانساني للطفل يعنبر نوع من انوع العنف الموجه ضد الطفل المعنف


Elegant Adaptations In Oil

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 31, 2014

David Vickery is a resident of Cushing, where he has been working for the past 23 years, finding inspiration in local scenes and creating oil paintings with an eye for the imperfect, quirky, and sometimes elegant adaptations we’ve made in order to live here.  His process is to carry a camera wherever he goes and photograph any scene that moves him, then contemplate and carefully re-compose the photo in the studio and paint it.


Brian LeBarton and Francesco Valentino for Haiti

As the big PechaKucha for Haiti event gets closer and closer, we will be seeing more and more special PechaKucha presentations like the one you see here, courtesy of an amazing collaboration between Brian LeBarton and Francesco Valentino. Here's a message from PK co-founders Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham: Brian LeBarton and Francesco Valentino have never met. The terrible tragedy in Haiti has brought them together by fate for this moving presentation. Brian LeBarton is musical director for Beck, and we had chattrf to him about musicians performing over 20 images 20 slides for PechaKucha presentations. Francesco Valentino is a filmmaker and photograher who we knew through a chance meeting in Tokyo. Only a few days ago when we had this idea of PechaKucha for Haiti, Brian stepped forward and said he would compose and play something for us. At the same time, we bumped into someone who said Francesco was in Haiti trying to find his family and had been taking some moving shots as events unfurled. Sadly he didn't find all the lives he was looking for. This a poignant first PechaKucha presentation for Haiti. Thank you Brian, thank you Francesco, and thank you Joey and Corrie for making this happen. Please spread the word about this initiative and our Global PechaKucha Day on 20th February -- and please click the donate button. Many other bands are working with us. If you are a photographer or have any other images of Haiti past or present you want to share, we will be happy to match you with a musician. Please get in touch at Unlike anything else out there in this world of visual entertainment, the PechaKucha Presentation Player allows you to look, listen, and think.


PKN Bangalore + Inspire Japan

Bangalore will take part in the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event on April 16, part of the opening of the "Urban Bengaluru" photography exhibition -- as organizer Archana Prasad tells us, "this event will include an exhibition by the presenters who are all photographers who used the city of Bangalore as their source of inspiration." It all takes place at Jaaga from 19:30 -- you'll find more details on the official event page, and we're also including in this post a full press release for the exhibition. URBAN BENGALURU A collective of Urban Photography from Bangalore YOU ARE INVITED TO BE PART OF OUR GRAND EXHIBITION OPENING When: Saturday, April 16th, 7.30PM After an intensive two-week workshop with award winning German Photographer and Designer Fabian Sixtus Körner, Urban Bengaluru and Jaaga are proud to present to you the final exhibition shot straight from the streets of Bangalore. An alliance of five 5 Bangalorian professional and amateur photographers will showcase their personal view of their home-city. Come down to see what is being created in your hometown. Exhibitors: Ashwin Kumar Devendra Purbiya Moksha Carambiah Priya Prakash Sam Mohan Fabian Sixtus Körner THE IMPORTANT STUFF: Location: Jaaga - Creative Common Ground No. 16/1, Rhenius Street, Off Richmond Road Opposite Hockey Stadium, Shanthinagar, Bangalore - 560025. INDIA. 3pm Exhibition opens for public viewing 7:30pm Venkataramanan Associates in collaboration with and host a special Pecha Kucha [] evening with 6 photographers who will reveal how the urbanity of Bengaluru inspired their work during a one week workshop conducted by Fabian Sixtus Körner and Jaaga. This Pecha Kucha session in Bangalore is dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami in Japan and any proceedings or donations made by guests will go towards their aid. 8:30pm Drinks, snacks and conversation! UK based ZENNESSY presents rowdy bass-music flavours on the rooftop ( ) SEE YOU THERE! // Links // Portfolio of Fabian Sixtus Körner: Original Info of Urban Bengaluru Photography Workshop: URBAN BENGALURU A collective of Urban Photography from Bangalore Exhibitors in detail: Ashwin Kumar - “Living Around Death” An amateur photographer keen on cataloging people and time. Moksha Carambiah - “The Door in the Wall” Graphic designer and amateur photographer, begins most of her sentences with ‘when I was young, Bangalore used to be…’ but lives, breathes and loves Bengaluru. Devendra Purbiya - “Wounded Street” Full time Software engineer evolved into full time photographer. Priya Prakash - “Bus Life” 20 year old Student and part time photographer. Sam Mohan - “Invisible Resonance” Professional photographer residing in Bangalore. He completed his Masters in contemporary art photography from university of sunderland,UK and has received hassleblad masters semifinalist award for 2010. Fabian Sixtus Körner - “Stories of a Journeyman” Award winning architect, graphic designer, photographer, blogger and full time Design-Journeyman whose work is exhibited worldwide and published in renowned media.


Poster for PKN San Juan Vol. 4

Here's a look at the terrific poster for the upcoming PechaKucha Night in San Juan (Argentina) Vol. 4, with graphics and photography by Daniela Quattropani, who was a presenter at the city's Vol. 1.


Photographic Eye

Gus Benke has a passion for photography, and in "Photographic Eye" he shares his "views" of the world around him, revealed through his photos. The presentation was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Curitiba Vol. 1, and is in Portuguese, but the visuals go beyond the language.


Cindy Waldron's "Time Out Photography," Schizoprenic Architecture, and Aalborg's Illustrated Poster

Presentations Cindy Waldron is a professional photographer based in Blue Mountains, but her passion extends beyond her professional work. In this presentation (from PKN Blue Mountains Vol. 1), she walks us through a collection of personal works entitled "Time Out Photography." In their presentation (in French, from PKN Lausanne Vol. 9), architects Marco Bakker and Alexandre Blanc start by looking at various examples throughout history of what they see as examples of schizophrenia in architecture. They finish by describing one of their own projects -- the Swiss embassy in Algiers -- and how they also see it as reflecting a certain level of schizophrenic reality (the co-existence of two cultures). Posters Our addition (pictured above) to the Tumblr blog today is from Aalborg, for that city's Vol. 8, which happens tonight. The poster was designed by Kasper Anthoni.  Photos A few new photo galleries to share with you today, with the shot above taken by Silvia Aresca at last week's PKN Genoa Vol. 2 (there's more to see in the photostream link below).Photostream of photos from PKN Genoa Vol. 2 [Flickr] PKN Lucerne Vol. 4 [Flickr]PKN Aalen Vol. 10 [Flickr]Calendar First, a reminder for tonight's (June 12) events: PKN Aalborg Vol. 8, PKN Toledo Vol. 2, PKN Ottawa Vol. 5, and PKN Hawkes Bay Vol. 2. Tomorrow night you can look forward to the following two events: PKN Okayama Vol. 14 and PKN Adelaide Vol. 3.


The Art of Photographing Water, Indonesian Comics, and Post-Earthquake Christchurch

Presentations Chris Tennant is a physicist by day, but behind the lens he becomes the champion of photographing water. This presentation (from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1) takes us on an exploration of the soul of water's essence. The images are amazing enough, but Chris' narrative opens us to a deeper understanding of why we are always drawn to images of water. Anto Motulz is an Indonesian comic book artist, and in this presentation (in Indonesian, from PKN Jakarta Vol. 9) he tells us about the medium he had decided to express himself in. As a comic artist, he does not limit himself by drawing with one tool, and instead he will move from ballpoint to pencil to color pencil to brush, even using sticky notes as a medium. He also shares stories how he himself as an artist is adapting to technology development, from using Wacom and the iPad in creating his works. Posters We have a few additions to the Tumblr blog today, including posters for PKN Castellon Vol. 1, PKN Pisa Vol. 2, and PKN Christchurch Vol. 14 (pictured above). Here's more from PKN Christchurch organizer Jessica Halliday, on the poster, the upcoming event, and the current state of post-earthquake Christchurch.The poster was designed by noted New Zealand artist Julia Morison. We're in raptures over it -- it's the first illustrative design we've had for a PKN poster, hey're usually by designers who are obsessed with typography, not that there's anything wrong with that but it's a great privilege to have Julia make something so distinctive for us that so beautifully expresses PechaKucha. This time we're going to hold PechaKucha Night in The Court Theatre's temporary shed -- a post-earthquake example of temporary adaptive reuse of an industrial building for cultural purposes. It's in the urban-fringe village of Addington, so we're stepping outside the central city for the first time. Much of our central city is still cordoned off -- as it has been since the 22 February earthquake -- and it is now estimated that at least 80% of our central city buildings will be demolished. In addition, over 7000 domestic properties have been 'red-zoned,' meaning they won't be rebuilt on their existing sites and thousands of people have to find new places to live. This is a devastating loss and life here is still very difficult for many of the city's citizens. We hope PKNCHCH14 will be something of a bright spark in the cold, winter darkness. We've got an excellent line up -- from the eight listed on the poster we've now risen to 11 superb speakers from the fields of architecture, science, visual art and design. We may even get a special surprise twelfth speaker...Video Today, instead of photos, we share a video that offers a taste of the recent PKN Bilbao Vol. 13.  Calendar Tonight (July 3) you can catch PKN Cape Town Vol. 19 -- we're told there will be an 11-year-old presenter in the lineup -- and tomorrow you can look to the following two events: PKN Amsterdam Vol. 22 and PKN Utsunomiya Vol. 1. 


Fun and Photography, Improvising to eBay Items, and Photos from Santiago

Presentations Vikram Jammula sure loves photography, and in his presentation (from PKN Hyderabad Vol. 9) -- featuring some fantastic visuals -- he hopes to make us all understand why. This presentation (in German, from PKN Augsburg Vol. 1) is made up of random selections, forcing Dominic Antritter to improvise to images he has never seen. The slides are all strange and funny -- and real -- eBay auctions that needed some explaining. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is a poster for Osijek's upcoming Vol. 1, set for October 5 -- you'll find the presenters listed with links on the official event page.  Photos We were big fans of the poster for PKN Santiago Vol. 3, and now have a photo gallery [Flickr] to share from the event itself.  Calendar Here's what to look for tonight (September 13): PKN Ottawa Vol. 6, PKN Burlington Vol. 8,PKN Perth Vol. 10, PKN Bordeaux Vol. 8, and a special edition PK event in Amsterdam at the Stedelijk Museum. Tomorrow, we have the following: PKN Brighton Vol. 16, PKN Kuching Vol. 1, PKN San Jose Vol. 8, PKN Cadiz Vol. 1, PKN Denver Vol. 14, and PKN St. Petersburg Vol. 22. 


Poetic Photography, Developing Creative Thinking, and a Look at Varberg

Presentations David Herman performs a poetic presentation (from PKN Dallas Vol. 10), using a lovely collection of photographs as visual cues. Lina Bergstrøm is a sociologist, and she adds studying techno-anthropology to her skills. She made this presentation (in Danish, from PKN Aalborg Vol. 9) on how to develop creative thinking and processes, and how our creativity can leave footsteps in the world. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is for this Thursday's PKN Townsville Vol. 1 (in the form of a flyer), but the poster you see above is one that we added last week, but wanted to highlight here, for next month's PKN Las Palmas Vol. 8.  Photos and video Varberg just had its Vol. 3, but here's a photo gallery [Flickr] for the city's Vol. 2 -- with 2 examples above -- along with a short video to give you a taste of how things went.  httpv:// Calendar There are no events tonight, but tomorrow (October 16) we have the following five PKNs in the calendar: PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12, PKN Poitiers Vol. 3, PKN Hjorring Vol. 2, PKN Sacramento Vol. 19, and PKN Helsingborg Vol. 10. 


PechaKucha in the British Journal of Photography

Last year, Paris Photo fair held a very special PechaKucha event for photographers to speak at a rapid pace on their works. The British Journal of Photography featured this PechaKucha function in their January 2013 print edition, and now on the web. Here's a slice of their editorial pie: ...Now the format has gone viral. More than [640] cities have held a Pecha Kucha night - from Eureka in Montana, a town of just 1500 people near the Canadian border, to Dubai and its ever-growing multinational community - and it's no longer confined to architects and designers. "People have realised that you don't need more than six minutes and 40 seconds to get your point across. Pecha Kucha presentations allow anyone to get up and present their latest work or passion, especially young entrepreneurs who may only have one project to their name and thus not enough for a full lecture," observes Dytham. And so far everyone from schoolchildren to yacht builders have adopted it, photographers included. By all means, check out the full article, it goes quite deep into the benefits of the format not only to photography, but all creative medium. 


Fayetteville NC Skyline Challenge

As a requirement for setting up our PechaKucha-Fayetteville page, we had to find a beautiful and high quality photograph of the Fayetteville "skyline". But (I wondered), where is Fayetteville's skyline? Instead of finding it ourselves, we're turning to you. Here's the challenge:  Dig up those creative Fayetteville photographs or to take an original one RIGHT NOW and send it in to (High res is NOT necessary for this step. ONE ENTRY per participant.) When you do, we'll post them to the Detour Coffee House Facebook Page where all of our Followers will eventually vote for the image that will represent our city in Tokyo and around the world.  What's in it for you?  The chosen photograph will earn its maker the following Bragging rights A mention right here on our blog A waffle breakfast at Detour (Includes a specialty liege waffle with any size coffee or espresso drink) A guaranteed front-row seat for you and any number of guests you bring to PechaKucha-Fayetteville at Detour Coffee House for as long as your photograph is on display on our PechaKucha page.  That's it. Simple. Good luck.