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Whangarei @ Forum North Exhibition Hall
Sep 18, 2013

17 FEB


Blue Mountains @ Katoomba Brewing Company


Maori, the Culture of My Land

@ VOL 64 ON JUL 29, 2009

James Nicholas is from Wellington, New Zealand, and is half Maori and half Scottish. He speaks on the culture of his land and contemporary Maori art. (in Japanese and English)


Contemporary Maori Art Forms

@ VOL 108 ON NOV 06, 2013

Natasha Perkins and her team created a structure and is inspired by the New Zealand Maori practice of weaving.. Their structure is recyclable and was created using interlocking pieces, and was meant to be a place of thought, inspiration. Watch to see how they did it.


Masaru Aikawa

When I attended the opening reception for 101TOKYO, I noticed what looked like a few shelves of CDs in one corner, and was wondering why they were selling albums at the event. It's only when I looked closer that I realized they were in fact extremely detailed -- and painted -- reproductions by artist Masaru Aikawa (eitoeiko). The display was even flanked by a listening booth, where you could sample voice-only lyrics-free "covers" performed by the artist himself. For his PechaKucha Night presentation -- accompanied by manager Ei Kibukawa -- he not only shared works, but played some of his "covers" as well. It's also rumored that some high-profile patrons commissioned some specific album recreations...


Edmonton's Mayor Loves PKN

Gotta love this quote from the mayor of Edmonton, taken from his "State of the City" address. Events like PechaKucha present ideas about the form and texture of a future Edmonton. The photo above was taken during PKN Edmonton Vol. 3, in an effort to teach the audience the proper way to pronounce "PechaKucha." Vol. 4 is set for June 16.


PKN Organizer Becomes Mayor

It was with great joy that we received an email from one of our organizers, Vojtěch Franta, who informed us: "I became mayor of Mariánské Lázně, and it is also due to PechaKucha's 'magic.'" We've lost an organizer, but the town of Mariánské Lázně has gained a fantastic leader.


PK in Charlotte Mayoral Race

The PK20x20 format finds its way to the Charlotte mayoral race as candidates took to the stage showing their vision for Charlotte with 20 images each, and 20 seconds to explain each one. Organizers say hope the format will attract younger voters to the race. In a political landscape polluted with rhetoric and talking points, PK comes to the rescuse to distill political messages!