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Budapest @ Museum of Applied Arts
May 16, 2009


Barcelona @ Sala BeCool
Nov 27, 2009


Champaign-Urbana @ The Canopy Club
Jan 30, 2010


Athens @ The Hub
Mar 18, 2011


Sydney @ Happy Talk Haus
Oct 20, 2011


Gisborne @ War Memorial Theatre
Mar 01, 2013


Pontevedra @ Portal 48
Jun 13, 2013

PAST Ubud 20x20 VOL 3

Ubud @ Betel Nut
Nov 27, 2012


Townsville @ School of Arts Theatre
Jun 05, 2014

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Stillwater Community Center
Apr 11, 2014


Talking About Grass

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 06, 2011

Mark Longbottom talks about his grass collection, which he has slowly built up through friends and connections over the years. He asks his friends, artists, and acquaintances to send him a patch of grass from different parts of the world, which he places in a bag with their name, location, and year, and then adds to his wall.

"Presentation of the Day" on April 30, 2013.


Flying Cigars

@ VOL 17 ON APR 18, 2013

Jennier Lust likes birds -- a lot. And she really likes chimney swifts. She details all of the details that make the chinmey swift one of the most interesting birds in the animal kingdom.


Insights from a Higher Perspective

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

Whereas most people became weary of airplanes after September 11th, Bill Fox decided to take up his childhood dream of flying. He became a pilot and then flew over a volcano. While flying over the volcano he learned that living life to the fullest is a lot like being a volcano.


Firefly Experience

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 18, 2013

Radim Schreiber, an award-winning nature photographer, shares some of his best firefly photographs with us. Fireflies resting on grass with the full moon in the background, fields covered in fireflies under a star-filled sky, and more. His photographs are stunning.

"Presentation of the Day" on December 5, 2013.



@ VOL 20 ON DEC 05, 2013

Pilot Mark Cook really enjoys his job. Despite the difficulties that bad weather can bring, nothing compares to flying at 200 miles per hour and getting to see the sunset up close. In his own words, "aviation is where I live, and life is just a place where I spend time between flights."


Words Mean Things

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 07, 2014

Average humans will often converse on a daily basis exchanging at least 200 words per minute. With this many of them flying by, it's hard to sit back and think on what each word can really mean. Omar Khafagy takes us through on just a sample of what it's like to read a little deeper into what we say.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 28, 2014.


I Believe I Can Fly

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 05, 2014

James Pharaoh tells us about the joys of real flight and flight simulation and being inspired by the loss of a loved one.



@ VOL 3 ON NOV 06, 2014

Graphic designer Katrina Dixon speaks on the power a simple scribble can have in initiating something bigger. From Leonardo DaVinci's scribbles of flying machines to Thomas Edison's drawings of light bulbs, she illustrates the power a few lines of paper can have on the future of the human race.

"Presentation of the Day" on December 2, 2014.


Living Farm Fresh

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 20, 2015

Terrie Hardesty, of Working H Farm, explains their farm fresh - grass fed products and her inspiration of the business to create healthy eating options. 


Flying Photos

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 20, 2015

Recently photography has been stepping into uncharted territory of skyhigh drone photography. Brian Oxford discusses his new passion and business of drone shots, the legal challenges he has had to overcome and the potential future of this new technology while showing his photos of Western Maryland and surrounding areas. 


The Flying Grass Carpet

Bart Cardinaal and Nadine Roos of HUNK-design and Eddy Kaijser (ID Eddy) have a dream, and it's an inspired one: to see their "Flying Grass Carpet" project take flight and bring a touch of parklife to city centers around the world. Modeled after the idea of creating a giant Persian rug, the massive carpet measures up to 58m x 32 m -- it's adjustable, going down to 22m x 18m -- creating an instant field for anyone to enjoy as they would any park. The carpet is made of over 85 million pieces of artificial grass, using varied lengths and colors to create a satisfying texture. Bart, Nadine, and Eddy's goal is to have the carpet travel from city to city. So far, "The Flying Grass Carpet" has been spotted in the Netherlands (Rotterdam and Amsterdam) and Germany (Aachen). If you'd like to have it visit your city, you can find out how from the official project website. Bart and Nadine coordinate Pecha Kucha Night in Rotterdam, and presented the "Flying Grass Carpet" project at last week's inaugural PKN in Maastricht.


Flyer for PKN Budapest Vol. 12

PechaKucha Night in Budapest Vol. 12 happens tonight (May 16) at the Museum of Applied Arts. The list of presenters includes Bart and Nadine of "The Flying Grass Carpet" project, which we covered here at PechaKucha Daily earlier this year.


The Flying Grass Carpet Gets Nominated

We've covered PechaKucha Night in Amsterdam organizers Bart Cardinaal and Nadine Roos' "Flying Grass Carpet" before, but we've very happy to note that the project has been nominated for the Dutch Design Awards. The process now involves public voting, which you can do by going to this page of the competition's site. For more on the project, make sure to visit the official "Flying Grass Carpet" site.


The Flying Grass Carpet in Budapest

PechaKucha Night in Budapest Vol. 12 was held back in May, and you may remember that at the time we mentioned that PKN Amsterdam organizers Bart Cardinaal and Nadine Roos' "Flying Grass Carpet" was going to make an appearance. Photos from the event have finally popped up, and above you can see an amazing photo that showcases not only the stunning venue (at the Museum of Applied Arts), but the carpet as well.


Minxy NcNaughty

How could you not want to watch a presentation by someone called Minxy McNaughty? Here then is "Made in Deptford," presented at last week's PechaKucha Night in London Vol. 2. Deptford is not just gritty, it's is pretty too, in fact just like Cuba! This rocking presentation by Minxy aka Caffy St Luce, previously a high flying press officer to musicians (Manic Street Preachers, Radiohead, James, Kylie, the Reading Festival, to name a few) who is now heralding new musicians and art projects in South East London.


PKN Budapest and the Flying Carpet

Way back in 2009, PechaKucha Night in Budapest Vol. 12 played host to Bart Cardinaal and Nadine Roos' "Flying Grass Carpet" -- and we even covered it in a post. Looking through Flickr we just fell upon this new photo that was taken at the same time as the one in the original post (both by Flickr user bujatt), and we just wanted to share it because it's such an amazing view.


Architizer A+ Awards

We're very happy to announce that PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham is one of the judges for this year's Architizer A+ Awards. The competition looks to highlight "the world’s best spaces and structures, and the minds behind them," and it's an honor for PechaKucha to be a part of it all. You'll find more details about the Awards on the dedicated site, and here's a video that shows off the creative process behind the making of the A+ Awards Statuette (pictured in this post), designed by Snarkitecture. The winners will be announced in May at a red carpet gala in NYC.


PechaKucha Night Pontevedra vol.5 (presenters)

This are the presenters in the next Pecha Kucha Pontevedra vol.5.  It is going to have place in Portal 48, espacio para la creación,   1-Bolboretas de papel-artesania2-Correveydile-organización de eventos 3-Seara Records-plataforma de difusión cultural4-Freshysweet-agencia junior de publicidad5-Noemí Días Patiño- Circulo Polar6-Paulova- artista7-Flying rats-skateboarding crew8-Chás-fotografía


Pecha Kucha Night

PKN #19 is flying into town on August 15th! Join the flock at 6:30 at the Sanford Center. Doors open at 6pm, so come early to check out our artist showcase featuring Jane Carlstrom, Darci Thabes, and more! Speakers include Holly Alcott: Why I read so much Paul Carney: up2U: Good-Bye College Status Quo Kendra Fuller: From Drab to Fab Andrea Fricke: Sip the Spectacular: Celebrating Life With the Perfect Glass of Wine. Charles Greene III: Houdini Pecha Kucha Jon Heller: The Adventure Bum Rebecca Layman and Samantha Nienow: Feeding the Achieve Darci Thabes: Bottoms Up! Check in to chitchat at this real-life Twitter in beautiful Bemidji, Minnesota. As always, this community event is free, family-friendly, and fun. What's PKN? Read our blog article here, or just show up to find out.    Poster design by Alicia Cloose of Creative Pear Graphic Design  


Peeking Through Tall Grasses

 Susannah Lohr On her Pecha Kucha Poster Design:  "So I came up with the idea for the poster when I was thinking about visual metaphors for what happens at Pecha Kucha. Since it's an event where you're in a crowd and you're watching speakers, you're listening to presentations, it feels a bit like you're peeking through tall grasses. You can "come through the grass" and learn more about this interesting person who's speaking, you can go up to them after and talk to them about their work. Or you can simply enjoy the experience in a passive way, just through observation. Both are valuable and important ways, in my opinion, to attend the event. I'm currently working on a mini-comic that I'll be debuting at the St. Louis Small Press Expo. It's about three super-heroines saving a town from destructive supernatural cat demons. It takes place in a world heavily influenced by historical Japanese films and comics. " Learn more about this uber talented artist and illustrator:

Friends of PechaKucha

Friends of PechaKucha