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Oct 19, 2010


St. Louis @ Mad Art Gallery
Sep 08, 2011


Lausanne @ Forum, Rolex Learning Center
Sep 24, 2011


Seattle @ AT Camp Mighty Tieton
Jun 30, 2012


Moscow @ '35 mm' cinema hall
Jul 03, 2010


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Dec 13, 2013


Milan @ Seat of the Board of Architects of Milan
Feb 24, 2016

PAST Our Urban Fabric

Honolulu @ Center for Architecture
Mar 31, 2017


Blue Mountains @ The Carrington
May 20, 2017


Sheffield @ Local Authority (upstairs at Corporation)
Oct 19, 2017


Coping with Istanbul

@ VOL 13 ON FEB 23, 2012

The changes in Istanbul's architectural fabric over the years. Part of the Global Cities Week. This presentation is in Turkish.

A Life in Lace

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 16, 2015

Artist Lori Merhige talks about how growing up working in her family's lace factory in Northern New Jersey has informed her art practice. Did you know that silk is basically worm spit? Lori will school you.


Translating the Digital into the Physical World

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 14, 2015

Jeff Donaldson takes us into his obsession with the glitch world - creating knits and woven fabrics generated by game consoles, websites, data backups, and viruses to create physical, and wearable items!

Jeff  is an artist and designer based in Maryland. In 2001 Donaldson began preparing video hardware to intentionally short-circuit. This practice is the foundation for his textile and surface design practice.


Fori e design

@ VOL 10 ON FEB 24, 2016

Nelle mie nike ci sono migliaia di fori. Sono utili a permettere la traspirazione, una maggiore leggerezza, un forte   design ed identità.
Questa materia forata non è altro che un tessuto, definito da trama ed ordito, pieni e vuoti in rigoroso rapporto .
Al variare della percentuale e della dimensione del foro varia la funzione ed il contesto. Il foro  è sapienza produttiva, rappresenta, nell’assenza di materia, la capacità di utilizzare solo la quantità di materiale utile allo scopo. Attraverso un foro si può guardare  lo spazio , la città o il mare. Le tensioni si distribuiscono meglio attraverso di esso .
Un foro  o meglio in questo caso  una moltituidine di fori sono progetto che esce dalla fabbrica  per guardarvi attraverso.


Small Scale City Skirt

@ VOL 26 ON JUL 05, 2016

In Small Scale City Skirt from PechaKucha Night Coventry Vol. 26, Textile Artist Julia O'Connell talks about taking time to look carefully at details. She collects these beautiful 'micro moments', which she views as everyday presents, and uses them to layer and stitch into her textile work. Here she talks about her commission for the City Arcadia project, where she is working up her Small Scale City Skirt as a way of making the city wearable.


A Journey in Hats

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

New York based and originally from Papua New Guinea, Eleanor O'Connell has been working within the Theatre, Performance Art, Film, Fashion and Design industry as a Costumier, Costume Designer, Wardrobe Manager, Milliner and Artist from London to Melbourne and now New York. Listen to her journey here!


Conversation Prints: Artful Dialogues about Reproductive Rights

@ VOL 3 ON DEC 08, 2016

"Conversation print" is the industry term for fabric prints that re not floral or geometric.  Darcy Falk talks about her project that moves beyond prints that featuring golf clubs and kitchen appliances.  She is developing garments using vintage patterns and unique fabric that sparks conversations about topics that we don't usually talk about at the dinner table.  The result is conversation prints that stimulate artful dialog about reproductive rights.


Spirit Fairies and Fish Skins

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

When a psychic tells you to take a trip to Scotland do you go? Design Principal Brynne Rinderknecht did! Find out what happens in her presentation from PK NY Vol 17..

Brynne Rinderknecht of From the Inside creates residential, commercial and hospitality interiors with a focus on connecting spirits to surroundings. Originally from ST. Louis and a graduate of SAIC in Chicago, Brynne has made New York City home: collaborating with people to make functional and sustainable concepts—conscious.


From Sketch to Store: Designing a Dress

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

NIYATI KARWAT was on her way to medical school, but after studying abroad in Cypus, she decided to follow her true love. She enrolled at Parsons and now 8 years later is a designer at Tracy Reese. Hear how her travels and art inspire creating women's wear.


Reading Material

@ VOL 8 ON OCT 26, 2017

"I'm interested in materials in their rawest state ... to the point where it's processed, to user intervention, to post consumption and disposal and reuse."

Yemi Awosile presents Reading Material.


PKN Ostrava Vol. 2

Looks like it was an amazing PechaKucha Night Vol. 2 for Ostrava, held this past Saturday, as described below by organizer Jiri Vicherek. It was completely full, about 700 people of all ages and backgrounds! The event was at club Fabric, usually a dance club, very famous, and rebuilt from the old tram depot! 12 guests presented their passion, including Adam Gebrian, architecture guru and co-organizer of PKN Prague, design studio OFICINA -- creators of the visual concept of the Prima COOL TV Channel -- and guys from the design studio Najbrt -- creators of both Ostrava's and Prague's city logo design. It was huge succes, documented by various national and local media.


Coping with Istanbul

Today's presentation, "Coping with Istanbul," was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Istanbul Vol. 13 -- part of the Global Cities Week -- and features Murat Germen covering the changes in Istanbul's architectural fabric over the years.


A Cafe Where You Fabricate Things, Everything About Aperture, and Reports on Bangkok and Dubai

Presentations With a name like FabCafe -- and with a location in Tokyo's Shibuya district -- you may think that the "Fab" stands for "fabulous," but instead it's short for "fabricate." This presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 93) by Toshimasa Kawai will reveal some of the amazing things that you can produce on a visit. Hint: It involves a laser cutter. This presentation (in German, from PKN Regensburg Vol. 2) by Johannes Paffrath could also be called: "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Aperture But Were Afraid to Ask." Posters There are no new additions to the Tumblr blog today, so instead we highlight this poster for next Tuesday's (July 24) PKN Halifax Vol. 11 -- you'll find more details and the list of presenters with links on the official event page. Links We have a couple of links to share today, that act as event reports for PKN Bangkok's recent relaunch (pictured above) and PKN Dubai Vol. 11. "PechaKucha: Unique idea sharing event brings folks back to the Nest" [Coconuts Bangkok]"PechaKucha Night Dubai: The 11th Edition - A Convention of Creative Minds" [Khaleejesque]Calendar Here's what you can expect in terms of weekend action. First, tonight (Friday, July 20), there's Tijuana's very first PKN, as well as PKN Waterville Vol. 8. On Saturday night, Taos hosts its Vol. 7. And if you'd like to plan the week ahead, on Monday you can expect PKN Fresno Vol. 16 and PKN San Jose Vol. 7. 


Soft Sculpture Art

Springy, bouncy, puffy, floppy, and squishy. Erica Gray discusses her artwork focused around soft sculptures or the use of fabric and other soft, pliable materials to create sculptures. In "Soft Sculpture Art" from PKN Townsville, Vol. 4 she discusses her past soft sculpture exhibits which have featured sea anemones, pipes, and animals. 


Snipping the Fabric of Time

"I'm interested in the wonder, violence, and bewilderment of modern existence..." Justin Davies is an educator and artist. He likes to work in a range of media which he uses to integrate historical, scientific and aesthetic perspectives. In "Snipping the Fabric of Time" from PKN Honolulu Vol. 19, we see his work is also influenced by his love of film and by his studies in biology and history.


The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke

“Just outside Hoke’s Bluff was a hole in fabric of time and space. Henry turned it into a business.” Writer and researcher Mark Thomson delves into his historical research work. In “The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke” from PKN Townsville Vol. 7, Mark uncovers the history of Australia’s greatest unknown genius inventor, Henry Hoke, who can be credited with the creation of the wooden magnet, and the clockwork car.


Fairy Tales Can Come True, They Can Happen to You

"If you want to develop your imagination and go beyond your limits, read fairly tales!"From "Fairy Tales Can Come True, They Can Happen to You" from Tokyo, Vol. 126, Tokyo-based, Brazilian artist Angelo Mokutan talks about the influence of a having a mother in oriental medicine, a sculptor for a father, and the creative seed he inherited from them taking root and inspiring a move to Japan to follow a dream. After studying fine art, and unsure of his prospects he found himself working a for an IT term. But his passion was calling and he finally abandoned the stability of his job to follow his true dream to become a successful manga artist. He believes manga can develop our imagination and help us go past the limits of our rational minds. Lastly, offering a new twist on an old classic, Mokutan gives Little Red Riding Hood an urban update, her grandmother living in Tokyo, and big bad wolves all around. If you send a him a suggestion on what she brings to grandmother's house, he'll illustrate it in a manga and credit you as co-author! Lets send him some ideas so we can ALL be manga artists!  


Something from Nothing

"If I can give a voice to people who don't have one, I'm all for that."In "Something from Nothing" from PechaKucha Night Forster, Samantha Everett talks about her evolution from a fashion designer to fabric artist to an installation artist. She shares how her experience in textiles, fashion, and recovery has enhanced and rehabilitate her world. An unsuspecting and humble artist gives it here all here. 


Fabricating History

"I make art about ineffectual dreamers who try really hard to succeed at something but always fail miserably." In Fabricating History from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 16, artist and founder of the Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative, Caitlin Cass, focuses on the need for diverse sources in creative research, especially when you invent them yourself. She reflects on the subjectivity of history and explains how she co-opts historical authority to create comics and counterfeit historical exhibits. Walking us through her artistic process from the stage of “tadpole” to “strawberry dart frog,” Cass presents highlights of her recent comic book an counterfeit historical exhibits, such as “Folktales of American History” and “The Museum of Failure.” 


Disowned Customs - Motorcycle Fabricator

  "When I was younger, I never thought that I would be a motorcycle builder." In Disowned Customs - Motorcycle Fabricator from PechaKucha Night Cleveland Vol. 27, Dani Pajak shares on his life as a custom motorcycle builder. Pajak is a builder in Cleveland who got his start in his own garage. He learned how to weld from a local company – Lincoln Electric – in a work-study type program when he was trying to turn his life around after the birth of his daughter.