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San Jose, CA @ Sonoma Chicken Coop
Jun 29, 2010


Miami @ Lester's
Jun 09, 2011


Montreal @ La SAT (Société des arts technologiques)
Feb 22, 2012


Mar 29, 2012


Dayton @ 798 Union Hall
Feb 21, 2013


DIY Transhumanism

@ VOL 11 ON NOV 03, 2011

Eric Boyd runs Toronto's hacker collective Watch him talk about implanting electronics into human bodies and wearable electronics. (in English)


Die Poesie des Erweiterten Raumes

@ VOL 21 ON APR 14, 2012

A room is defined by its demarcations, the exclusion from its environment, the limitation of the room for manoeuvre and the space for thought, its volume, its dimensions, its room shell and its haptic materials, its lightning and its acoustic and narrative potential. The expandable room is a vision of a room, “which casts its shadows into the future” and – metaphorically speaking – creates shadows of the room. By the use of projected film, a virtual expansion and transformation is possible; the perception of room or spatial dimensions is not limited through physical borders anymore but solely dependent on the imaginative potential.
The associated, the imagined and poetical room takes the real room’s place. (in German)

Ein Raum wird bestimmt durch seine Umgrenzung, die Ausgrenzung des Umfeldes, die Eingrenzung des Handlungs-, Denk- und Spielraumes, sein Volumen, seine Dimension, seine Raumhülle und ihre haptische Materialität, seine Beleuchtung und sein akkustisches und narratives Potential. Der erweiterte Raum ist  eine Vision von Raum, "der seinen Schatten voraus wirft"  und Raumschatten im metaphorischen Sinn kreiert. Durch den Einsatz von projeziertem Film ist eine virtuelle Erweiterung und Verwandlung des Raumes möglich; die Wahrnehmung von Raum oder der Raumdimensionen ist nicht mehr durch die physischen Grenzen limitiert sondern allein vom Imaginationspotential abhängig. An die Stelle des realen Raumes tritt der assoziierte, der imaginierte, tritt der Poetische Raum.


Crafting Together

@ VOL 15 ON MAY 24, 2013

The Crafties HK explain the ethos behind crafting and coworking as well as how their workspace can benefit Hong Kong.


Power, Passion, Purpose

@ VOL 105 ON JUL 31, 2013

Bob Tobin talks about three ways to design and change the invisible at work-corporate culture, motivation, relationships between people, and your own feelings. He shows how you can work with power, passion and purpose, no matter what you do. 

Kitchen Science: Fermenting with SCOBYs

@ VOL 14 ON JUN 13, 2013

Sarah Hargreaves goes over some of the amazing science behind the process of fermentation and shows how you can take advantage of it to easily make cheap and delicious new foods in your own home.


Home Brewing

@ VOL 2 ON AUG 09, 2013

B.T. Davis walks us through how to make your own beer. He explains the process of how beer is made and what he and his friends did to brew their own delicious home-brewed beer.


How Much Did Your Ultrasound Cost?

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

How much did your medical procedure cost? How much should it have cost? Where is the for doctors? In this presentation Sagar Sawant shows us just how much the cost for procedures can vary. A hip replacement surgery in Ada, Oklahoma will cost $5,300 while the same procedure in California will cost $223,000. Sagar hopes to help make people more knowledgable about their choices so that medical costs will go down and care quality will go up.


Hago Mi Guitarra

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 20, 2013

José María Gil (Luthier since 1979). His knowledge has been passed down by his family, and wants to share the secrets of the Spanish classical guitar making through a book written by himself and image courses onlinevia his blog:


How to be Seen

@ VOL 16 ON DEC 05, 2013

Doug McArthur discusses the essentials of business promotion on the web, including improving search engine optimization, local search, and content. Drawing from his experience working for AutoTrade, Doug emphasizes what is neccesary to improve visibility and maintain an audience.  



Abandoned Spaces, A Better Tijuana

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 20, 2013

Miguel Buenrostro talks about his inititive for making Tijuana a better place for locals and tourists. Either by encouring arists and architects to recreate abondoned spaces ("DIY Urabnsim") or documenting the poorer areas to raise awarness, his efforts have contirbuted to the overall well being of Tijuana by transformring it into a cultural hub with a slowly reviving economy. 


Happy Soil Project

It starts from a simple idea: taking a child's drawing of a house, and then actually building it using branches. David Pollard first initiated the project in Birmingham, England, where the structure was brought into the city center to amazing effect. Wanting to spread the idea to other places in the world, the next stop was Tachikawa in Tokyo, where he would try to recreate the experiment, this time converting an unused -- yet yakuza-owned -- piece of land. With the help of architecture students -- who had to take time to "rediscover" the simple act of building -- the installation was a success. It later turned into an art installation, eventually included as part of the Tokujin Yoshioka-curated "Second Nature" exhibition at 21_21 Design Sight in Roppongi, which was also accompanied by a children's workshop. David Pollard and Tomonari Waku presented the project at Pecha Kucha Night in Tokyo (Vol. 58), where they also expanded on other similar DIY experiments and installations.


A Theme for PKN Miami Vol. 12

PechaKucha Night in Miami Vol. 12 is set for June 9 at Lester's Coffee House, and here's more info on the event from organizer Carl Hildebrand (and you'll the list of presenters on the official event page).PechaKucha Miami celebrates Lester’s Coffee House recent opening by honoring it’s mission serving as a place for exchaning both products and ideas. The DIY – Do It Yourself theme for the evening event will feature speakers in professional photography, street art, wok cooking, independent radio, and hologram technology. Adding to the mix, for the first time ever, speakers will offer their products and services for the best barter they get from the guest audience.


DIY Transhumanism

Have you ever wanted to improve your sense of direction? How about sense magnetic fields, or naturally view life in infrared? Eric Boyd runs Toronto's hacker collective and DIY maker-space In his presentation (at PKN Toronto Vol. 11) he discusses the future benefits of uniting the human body with technology.


Painting with Light

Light painting isn't a new art form by any stretch, but recently it's been revitalized and enhanced by the DIY community. In today's edition of Presentation of the Day, we see the extent to which the medium has grown.  In his presentation (from PKN Barcelona Vol. 10) Mateusz Staniewski enlightens us on the finer details of the photographic art. The techniques he goes into include light-stenciling, freezing, and painting; when combining these methods the results are both literally and figuratively luminous. There's much more to be seen than said here, so for further illumination check out the full presentation. 


PechaKucha Night Istanbul Special Event amberFest '13 "did you plug in"

PechaKucha Night Istanbul Special Event amberFest'13 ( technology and digital art festival)  was held on November 1 at Roxy Club in Istanbul. So many guests and speakers came all around world for this special EU festival. on the stage, they were telling about their projects and works about technology, art and digital culture. Here is the some presenters details and photos links. And videos are coming soon! Please check the photos on  : Susa Pop- Public Art Lab and Connecting  Cities Susa's project was about connection with festival cities on public street with Outdoor LEDs  Martin Brysnkov Life Between Systems   He spoke about how difficult it is for people who build technical systems for cities  to  predict what kind of life that people will live between those systems. Hideaki Ogawa - Ars Electronica Futurelab as Creative Catalysts Hideaki's project is known as a simple and consecutive interaction design combined digital technologies and analog technologies.  Mahir Yavuz- United Colors of Dissent   He was talking  about his project with Orkan Telhan entitled United Colors of Dissent Yılmaz Kıymaz-  A Growing Indie Community in Turkey He is independent game developer and GDT ( Game Development Turkey) admin, will talk about the GDT community and the game jam that will be organized as part of AMBER