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Montreal @ CCA [Centre Canadien d'Architecture / Canadian Center for Architecture
Feb 11, 2010


Rijeka @ Hartera
Jun 10, 2010


Montreal @ La SAT (Société des arts technologiques)
Mar 09, 2011


Montreal @ La SAT (Société des arts technologiques)
Apr 20, 2011


Bemidji @ The Hungry Bear Banquet & Conference Center
Sep 22, 2011


Bemidji @ The Hungry Bear Banquet & Conference Center
Nov 17, 2011


Montreal @ La SAT (Société des arts technologiques)
Oct 02, 2011


Montreal @ La SAT (Société des arts technologiques)
Feb 22, 2012


Adelaide @ Tuxedo Cat
Oct 19, 2012


Hong Kong
Feb 20, 2013


Bits of Elsewhere

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 21, 2014

Rob Irion directs the Science Communication Program at UCSC. He's been a science journalist for more than 25 years, focusing on astronomy, cosmology, physics, and earth sciences. His most recent stories have appeared in National Geographic, Science, Smithsonian, and Scientific American. In his talk, listen as he describes how he came to have a passion and obession for space. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 9, 2014.


Inside the Scottish Political Archive

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 02, 2014

Sarah Bromage presents about the diverse material of Scottish Political Archive that Sarah currates at the University of Stirling. Sarah presents unique and rare photos of Scottish politicians, interesting political campaign materials, including comments on Tatcher Government, as well as Scottish devolution referendum debate materials from 1979 and 1997 that allow comparing the agendas of the past with the ongoing debate.


Material Knowledge

@ VOL 115 ON JUN 25, 2014

After discovering leftover material from Kikutake's 1970 Osaka Expo tower, architectural researcher Nick Bruscia and his students began experimenting with textured stainless steel sheets to create a system of woven face frames. Its reflection of sunlight and resistance to winde make the installation's specular quality and the structural integrity one in the same. Nick comments that he is trying to create knowledge about materials, rather than implement knowledge. 

"Presentation of the Day" on July 18, 2014.


Daily Dosis

@ VOL 8 ON DEC 03, 2013

In 2011 Reijgers’ work Negerin 2009 (a football made of pieces from a blow-up-doll) is 'discussed' on the renowned blog Resulting in an enormous respons the content of these comments confronted Reijgers with the vast distance between GeenStijl-respondents and the art world.
Reijgers challenged himself to create a piece of art every week during the year 2013. In these wroks he manages to have Business and Religion or Sex and Islam visually communicate with each other.



@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

Three years ago my brothers and I got together to work on our first short film together; It was for the 48 Hour Film Festival in Asheville. If you're not sure how the 48 Hour Film Festival works, you essentially show up on a Friday night, draw a genre out of a hat, are given a character, prop and line of dialogue and then have 48 hours to make and turn in the film. It's a stressful but very fun way to spend the weekend. Our film that year, MALK, went on to win the Audience Choice Award as well as best use of genre, Mockumentary. 

It was the story of group of guys who in an effort to feel a stronger bond with their children, began lactating. They formed the Male Lactation Koalition, or Malk for short.

The film was a hit and we still get great comments on it to this day. Since then we've gone on to win the Audience Choice award for the past two years with two separate films however the soft spot in our heart has always been for our first film together.

We then figured why do we only work together once a year for a weekend? Let's do something bigger.

This presentation would be about the start of our journey to turn our off-the-wall short film into a feature: MALK the movie. By far our most ambitious project yet, it would be a followup feature mockumentary that will tell the "where are they now" story of 5 guys who have turned their local lactation group into a worldwide movement. It will all be shot locally around Knoxville, Asheville and Bristol and will be a great way to gather our friends, family as well as every new crew connection we've made through the past few years. Just three brothers trying to make a movie while still trying to live our everyday lives. 


"Presentation of the Day" on January 22, 2015.


What it's like Being a Female Engeneer


Musings on gender by a female engeneer. Comments made by contemporaries, aquantances, and the effects on the gender dynapic in the workplace.

Since getting her Mechanical Engineering degree from MIT in 2007, Janet Lieberman has designed everything from 3d printers to dustpans. As the co-founder of Dame Products, she’s now a sex toy engineer.


Comment Améliorer les Services Publics Par le Design?

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 15, 2016

Les politiques publiques nécessitent souvent de la part des usagers des interactions fastidieuses (correspondance administrative, rendez-vous multiple, attentes etc.).

Comment le design de service peut-il mettre en oeuvre les principe d’ergonomie au profit d’une administration plus simple et plus accessible? Alexandre Mussche apportera des réponses au travers d’exemple de politiques sociales ou médicales. L’attention sera portée sur la lisibilité des services. Qu’est-ce qui dans l’administration doit être rendu visible et qu’est-ce qui doit être rendu invisible pour l’usager des services publics?

Alexandre Mussche est co-fondateur de l’agence de design de service Talking Things qui veille à articuler de façon fluide l’ensemble de l’expérience usager : l’expérience spatiale, l’expérience sociale, l’expérience informationnelle.


PKN in The Japan Times

httpvh:// PechaKucha Night gets a nice write-up in today's edition of The Japan Times. The piece includes comments from a few of the presenters at last month's edition (Vol. 59), with the online version also including a short video compilation of that night's presentations. This is as good a place as any to remind everyone that the PKN Tokyo mothership celebrates Vol. 60 tomorrow night -- it should be a blast!


PKN Musical Comments in Salzburg

During last month's PechaKucha Night in Salzburg Vol. 2, attendees were treated to the first instance -- as far as we know -- of "musical comments." Organizer Bernhard Jenny explains: After our second PechaKucha Night in Salzburg we received numerous positive feedback. Our idea of inviting the John Bruno Quartet for “musical comments” was especially successful. We informed the band in advance about the topic of the presentations, so that after every presentation a short -- mostly amusing -- interlude (approximately 1 minute) was played, like an excerpt of a known song. Live music used for warming up, chilling out and for loosening up in between the presentations. The John Bruno Quartet can be booked worldwide ;-)


PKN Salzburg Vol. 2

Following up on the post about PechaKucha Night in Salzburg Vol. 2's "musical comments," here are a few more photos from the evening, courtesy of Cristina Colombo -- there's more to see in this Flickr photoset.


Poster for PKN Philadelphia Vol. 4

One that unfortunately got lost in the shuffle as we were gearing up preparations for the "PechaKucha for Haiti" event, here's a look at the poster that was produced for PechaKucha Night in Philadelphia Vol. 4, held at the tail end of January -- and take note that Vol. 5 is just a short few weeks away, set to happen April 17 at Studio 34: Yoga | Healing | Arts. Also, a few comments from organizer Jonathan McEuen on the Vol. 4 festivities: PechaKucha Night Philadelphia Vol. 4 was a huge success. We heard from kids who started a company that developed into an east-coast enclave of wizards and warriors -- mostly children in urban areas with wild imaginations eager to be set free. We heard from professors studying the work of Kevin Bacon's father, from people building gardens on rooftops, constructing low-power, pirate radio networks, and making the best cupcakes I've ever personally had in my life. Attendance grew again to a new record despite the snow, and all had a wonderful time. It was a true gift to be able to organize and present these speakers to the city, as both presenter and audience shared a fantastic night.


The PechaKucha Effect

Receiving comments like the one below -- included in an email from Phillip Tomlinson of PechaKucha Night in Nashville -- well, it certainly makes us feel pretty good about what we're trying to accomplish with PechaKucha. This opportunity has opened my eyes and has changed my life. I'm now working on creating a "community" in Nashville that focuses on design collaboration and PechaKucha is the grand-father of this group. This is an incredible experience and I thank you for letting me ride along!


Look Up, Way Up

We don't know at what PechaKucha Night this photo was taken -- the Flickr page we found it on says it was taken June 23, 2010, and according to the calendar there were PKNs in Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Belfast that night -- but we sure love the lighting that overlooks the crowded venue. If you do know at what PKN this was taken, let us know in the comments. Update: Looks like the winner is Vancouver -- Vol. 12 -- held at the Queen E Theatre. Thanks, Jem!


PKN Tokyo Vol. 89

What a great Global Cities Week celebration we had in Tokyo last night, with our PechaKucha Night Vol. 89 attracting over 200 to come see a rather nice round-up of presentations about Tokyo (pictured below, most of the presenters). One of the hightlights was our first "PechaKucha Mix," which saw us put together a presentation with 20 images that related to Tokyo, and then inviting attendees on stage to adlib to them! Lots of laughs followed, and we're now thinking of turning it into a regular fixture at our events. The live stream was fun as well, with Mark Dytham often reacting throughout the evening from comments that people were leaving or tweeting. We'll have more photos by Michael Holmes to share next week, but in the meantime, here's our traditional group photo!


What is PKN anyway?

What's Pecha Kucha Night? It’s a community event where presenters are given six minutes and forty seconds to share a story, a hobby, an experience, or pretty much anything else. The Pecha Kucha format is also called “20x20,” because each speaker will have 20 slides that will display for 20 seconds apiece.Why the funny name? Pecha Kucha was developed in Japan, where pecha kucha is a common word for chitchat.  More than anything, Pecha Kucha Night exists to get conversations started! The audience can share lots of questions and comments with each other and the presenters during intermission and after the event.So, what kind of presentations are we talking about? Will I be bored? You will not be bored. An array of topics is covered at each PKN! Past topics have involved: Travel, hunting, crafts, science, health, sports, philosophy, creating art, and building a house of mud and straw! PKN presenters aren’t professional speakers—they’re just people with twenty images and less than seven minutes to share stories with the community.Is this a sales thing? Absolutely not. In fact, PKN is a nonprofit organization. We just love chitchat.Is PKN family-friendly? Yes! Each presentation is suitable for all ages.


First PKN in AlKhobar

First of all, thankyou so much for this opportunity! We had our very first PKN in AlKhobar, Saudi Arabia last night and I am happy to report that it went amazingly well! We have had such a positive response so far and its definitely become the talk of the town. People just cannot wait for the next one.   I am just writing to tell you a bit about it as I would love to include all of you in our experience.    We have been planning this since Feb and I have built a team of 6 other members all of whom have various expertise. The event took place in a community hall and was attended by about 150 people and we had 6 speakers for the night, each with a completely different topic, sharing processes and experiences. Ofcourse, we kicked off the event with Astrid's video message!   As it was a casual event, we had a whole wall covered with paper to get people to leave comments and suggestions, this was a huge hit with everyone.   I am sharing some selected pictures with you and will be uploading the presentation videos on the PKN website as soon as I can. We also gave each of the audience members a Pen (with the Pecha Kucha logo and Al Khobar printed on it), an information booklet (I am attaching a pdf of this with you) and a notebook each.     Thankyou so much for all your support, we really appreciate it.   Saman Sohail PKN AlKhobar Founder  


Material Knowledge

After discovering leftover material from Kikutake's 1970 Osaka Expo tower, architectural researcher Nick Bruscia and his students began experimenting with textured stainless steel sheets to create a system of woven face frames. In "Material Knowledge" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 115, we see that its reflection of sunlight and resistance to wind make the installation's specular quality and the structural integrity one in the same. Nick comments that he is trying to create knowledge about materials, rather than implement knowledge.