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Skin to Skin

@ VOL 17 ON APR 12, 2013

Dana Quealy touches on the importance of skin to skin contact after a baby is born. Such as how the baby will cry less, feel better, stay warmer, and regulate their breathing and blood sugar better if in lots of contact with the mother's or father's skin. 


Badge for PKN Sofia Vol. 3

For the upcoming outdoor PechaKucha Night in Sofia Vol. 3 (July 24), tickets will be replaced by badges like the one pictured above. The idea is that attendees will fill in the middle with something -- thoughts, slogans, sketches, an avatar -- and the badges will then act as everyone's "business card" for the evening.


Badges by PKN Gdansk

Since its very first volume, the organizers behind PechaKucha Night in Gdansk have been producing some great visuals to promote their events -- see previous posters -- and the latest is the set of badges pictured above. They were produced for last month's Vol. 3, held as part of Gdynia Design Days.


PKN Gdansk Vol. 3

Yesterday we saw the badges that the organizers of PechaKucha Night in Gdansk put together for their Vol. 3, and now we get a look at the event itself. As organizer Filip Kozarski explains, the difficult weather did nothing to dampen the spirit of the event, and may have even boosted it: It was the best event so far! This time we held it outside, and we had a big storm: rain, thunder, and everything! The computer was hidden under an umbrella, and the presenters also had to use umbrellas, but the people who stayed were really great and so was the atmosphere. During the last presentation (ours), the screen came off and fell down on my friend and the first rows -- everybody was wet but laughing! Below, a few more photos from PKN Gdansk Vol. 3, including some that cover the process of producing the event's poster -- there's more to see in this Flickr photoset.


PKN Champaign-Urbana Material

To help promote this Friday's launch of PechaKucha Night in Champaign-Urbana, the organizers produced all manner of handouts (badges, business cards, posters) to help spread the word about the event. The photos in this post were taken at a booth at the local Farmer's Market.


Badges for IDEPA Event

You may remember that we covered the pamphlet created for the special PechaKucha Night held as part of the IDEPA Encuentros Empresariales 2009 in Oviedo, Spain earlier this month. Here's a look at some very nice badges that were also produced for the event.

Friends of PechaKucha