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Shanghai @ Yangshupu Creative Center
Jun 16, 2007


Cologne @ Atelier Colonia
Jan 21, 2010


San Diego @ MXD830 / Counterpoint
Jul 20, 2011


Palmerston North
Jun 15, 2013


Calgary @ WinSport's Canada Olympic Park
Nov 25, 2013


Sioux Falls @ Sioux Falls Design Center
Dec 06, 2013


Shenzhen @ Les Duos
Sep 06, 2014


Detroit @ Eastern Market - Shed 3
Sep 25, 2014

PAST WAF PechaKucha Night

Singapore @ Marina Bay Sands
Sep 30, 2014

PAST PechaKucha Night Istanbul ARKIMEET Special "whats next?"

Istanbul @ Four Seasons Istanbul at the Bosphorus
Nov 19, 2014


Documenting Through Photography

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 02, 2012

Jan Caga was born in a small industrial town Hodonin, Czech republic in 1976. After graduating on VUT university in Art Design he began working as a freelance magazine photographer and later became a contract photographer for ISIFA Image Service agency. 

Caga used to work on long term projects, focused and documented mainly social and environmental issues, human and animal rights, mentally and physically handicapped communities, and the study of contemporary man and society.

He has received numerous awards in international photo contests such as several prizes in the Czech Press Photo, Award of Excellence in the 68th Pictures of the Year International competition, Grand prize PhtoEspana OjodePez Award of Human Values 2011. (in Czech)


Parkinson's Awareness

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 08, 2012

Chrissanka Christadoss details the causes and effects of Parkinson's Disease, and encourages others to learn more about the illness so as to promote funding and research for its cure. 


Being Aware of Urban Ecology

@ VOL 28 ON DEC 03, 2013

Steve Sullivan talks about the importance of ecology and being aware of our natural surroundings and how we interact with them. He specifically talks about squrriels in the Chicago area as a means to encourage people to become more aware of how impactful they are to the urban ecology. 


Crescere Con L’Architettura

@ VOL 9 ON JUN 05, 2014

Nowadays it is interesting to reflect about the importance of the manual skill in the architectural practice. It is a needed task and a challenge to tackle: it deals with the future of architecture, with his civic role and with the possibility that technical knowledges could be still transmitted and spread in useful ways for our time. Showing you the Swiss program held by i2a “Crescere con  l’architettura” it is a way to purpose you a talk about the effectiveness of a learning and working model which embeds the practical and manual behaviours. “Crescere con l’architettura” wants to show the potential of a learning model which shares the learning by doing principle: a learning method which shows the emerging
need of a practical volountee especially in the architectural subject, in order to reconsider the original role of our subject, so far from reality and real objects.

Letizia Carini, 27 years old from Milano. Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design at the Politecnico di Milano in 2013. She is really interested in educational and pedagogical studies related to architecture. Her Master Thesis is about the relation between knowledge and doing where she investigates the importance of practice, manual skills and technical knowledge in architecture.

Silvia Ducart, from Cordoba (Argentina). Graduated in architecture at the FAU UNC of Cordoba, she moved to Switzerland in 1992. She worked as architect, graphic designer and illustrator and she also took part to research project about space, the importance of playing in childhood and handicap deseases. In 2001 she started working as an independent architect and collaborating with other studios in Ticino and in Zurich. In 2011 she started her experience with “Crescere con
l’architettura”, giving to the project a big contribute.

Neostudio Associated Architects is a studio active from more than 10 years, nationally recognized;
Neostudio is a reality that deals with urban projects, with several awards and some built works;
Neostudio is a team active in field of interior design & temporary, with residential, commercial and temporary exhibitions works;
Neostudio is a laboratory in which the profession and research aspects converge in a multidisciplinary structure.


Hip Hop Hooray

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 28, 2013

Fotosynthese is Breda's youngest and most well known MC. Apart from one million views on 101Barz, his Rookie Of The Year nomination at the State Awards, the fact that he was the youngest Hip Hop finalist ever Grote Prijs, and his more than 100 appearances at parties and festivals one thing is clear: Fotosynthese is here to stay (in school).


I Love Books

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 07, 2014

Anja Lutz is a Berlin-based book designer specialising in contemporary art publications. She studied at London College of Communication and the Jan van Eyck Akademie. She was Visiting Professor at the American University of Beirut and the Bauhaus University in Weimar, as well as Design Fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude. She is the initiator of the experimental publication platform shift!, that has won numerous awards and was present at various festivals and exhibitions. Anja is also co-founder and art director of The Green Box art editions, a publisher of artist books. She develops and designs in close collaboration with the artists and has recently published the first interactive art e-book.

"I am interested in local crafts and the Hampi crafts project, initiated by Jaaga. I am also planning to research popular crafts in and around Bangalore. The way I work with artists when designing their books, is always a collaborative one. The same goes for the »shift!« publication projects, where collaboration is at the heart of the activity, drawing from each other's ideas, inspiration and expertise. In the same way I want to view a book on local crafts, by not just doing a book about, but first and foremost a book with the crafts people. This could also go as far as including their crafts in the actual making of the book.

I would also like to put a focus on the sustainability aspect of local and popular crafts, insofar as they offer highly inventive ways of using and reusing material. This re-appropriation of existing and often discarded material constitutes an important aspect of how we use the possibilities around us, with awareness and respect. I believe there is a lot to learn from the people who produce these re-appropriations and I would like to research their approaches and products. And seek an exchange with them, to develop new items and ideas based on their knowledge and experience."


Top-Class Design from the Czech Republic

@ VOL 7 ON NOV 29, 2013

Rony Plesl is one of the most substantial personality of czech design. His work is focused in glass industry and interior design. His glass designs for brands Mattoni, Bernard, Staropramen and Vinea are well-known. Rony Plesl has been designing glasses and beer mugs for over 10 years with great succcess and that’s the reason why he became main designer of german company Sahm, that supplies czech market with beer mugs. Rony gathers prizes in Czech Republic and all around the world. He was awarded as Designer of the Year 2011 given by Czech Grand Design Awards.


Japanese Anime


Hiromi Aihara and Yuri Kubota talk about how Japanese movies are appreciated in Europe. They also speak about the many European movie Awards given to the films in Japan. Yuri Kubota then explores the development of future Japanese animated films.




Masahiro Yasuda, the  founder of Yamanote Jijosha, speaks about the many Yojo-han styles plays he has written and directed. Yojo-han combines the art and style of European and Japanese. He has won multiple awards in many Japanese events for these plays. 


The Flying Grass Carpet Gets Nominated

We've covered PechaKucha Night in Amsterdam organizers Bart Cardinaal and Nadine Roos' "Flying Grass Carpet" before, but we've very happy to note that the project has been nominated for the Dutch Design Awards. The process now involves public voting, which you can do by going to this page of the competition's site. For more on the project, make sure to visit the official "Flying Grass Carpet" site.


Mark Hoekstra PechaKucha Award

Today, September 20, we mark the passing of a dear friend of the PechaKucha family, Mark Hoeskstra, with a very special announcement, and the first public project from the PechaKucha Foundation. Read on for full details on the "Mark Hoekstra PechaKucha Award." Mark liked to ‘get his geek on’ and his blog showed the world how to get its collective geek on. Whether an iPod charger for his bicycle, a love-toy made from hacked Ikea products or his iNoPhone collection -- Mark inspired many with his amazing creativity which he so generously shared. PechaKucha Night met Mark, as you would expect, online and shortly after PechaKucha Night Groningen was born with the first event held in October 2006. PechaKucha Nights were held all over the city in old churches, department stores -- Mark and PechaKucha even made it onto national TV. Sadly and very unexpectedly Mark passed away on September 20th, 2008. He was 34. To celebrate Mark’s life and his passion for the GEEK in us all the PechaKucha Foundation and the PechaKucha Groningen team are launching the annual ‘Mark Hoekstra PechaKucha Award’ today, one year after he passed away, to find the person with the most GEEK technique! This award seeks to celebrate projects, ideas that express 'GEEK technique' to make the world a better, simpler and funnier place. We will be looking for PechaKucha presentations that are pro-social, pro-environment and pro-city and embody Mark’s love for the geek. Explore Mark’s amazing blog for inspiration! Full details of the award, judging system and how to upload your presentations will be announced in January when the website for the award is launched. We are working with several wonderful sponsors to bring this project to fruition. If you would like to support the project in any way please feel free to contact us:


PKN Victoria Up for an Award

Big congratulations go out to the organizers of PechaKucha Night in Victoria for being nominated as part of the Monday Mag M Awards. Here's co-organizer Elisa Yon with more on the nomination. We are not going to pretend that we don't care about awards, cuz we do! PechaKucha Night Victoria has been nominated in the M Award category for BEST MULTIMEDIA EVENT. We are honoured to have been recognized by our local community, and it would be vegan icing on the cake to win the prestigious M Award. Even if it's likely to be an award that's drinkable or edible! The Monday Mag is THE local weekly arts and entertainment (free) newspaper. It is quite a popular publication as it offers a round up of what's happening in the local arts and culture scene. Every year they host an awards ceremony to recognize Victoria's visual, literary and performing artists. This year will their 9th Annual M Awards. We are in the voting stage at the moment. If you'd like to vote for us you can. To vote from your couch, visit this link, skip to the Multi-Media category and cast your vote.


PKN Gothenburg + Global Cities Week

Gothenburg will be participating in our Global Cities Week, and none other than the city's mayor, Annelie Hulthén (pictured above), will be presenting at the event. PechaKucha Night in Gothenburg Vol. 30 will be held on February 21 at Park Lane, and below are plenty of details on the event, sent to us by organizer Jesper Larsson -- also, here's an invitation in the form of animated GIF.THE MAYOR OF GOTHENBURG The chairman of the Gothenburg Municipality executive board, simply put "the mayor of Gothenburg", Annelie Hulthén will present at the upcoming PechaKucha event in Gothenburg as part of Global Cities Week. Last year Annelie Hultén won the prestigious Politician Award at the 2011 World Entrepreneurship Forum in Singapore on behalf of Gothenburg, for her work with Business Region Göteborg which supports the local PechaKucha through the organisation ADA.THE EVENT On Tuesday February 21th it's once again time for PechaKucha at Park Lane. The following people will present different projects and ideas on the theme "Gothenburg" as part of PechaKucha Global Cities Week. Each with 20 images per person, shown for 20 seconds per image. Always interesting, too short to get boring. Free as always! No need to RSVP so bring your friends and family along. Speakers: Not the final order, and note that the speaker list may change. * Annelie Hulthén - Mayor of Gothenburg * Malin Leijonberg - "Prickig katt" * Robert Garellick - About the old Gothenburg * Helena Bjarnegård - City gardener * Hanna Lindholm - Shop assistant from Finland * Lucas Facchin - Mega Laser Magazine * Morten Lund - Artistic profesor Welcome! Date: Tuesday, February 21th Location: Park Lane (map) Time: 19.30 (stars 20:20) Age limit: 18 years Entrance: Free as always! Link to Facebook-event: Link to info on our homepage:


PKN Orlando's Silver Brick Award

We shared the news a while back that PechaKucha Night in Orlando organizer Eddie Selover would receive the Silver Brick Award from the mayor, and here's a photo of Eddie receiving the award. More on the photo and the award:This is Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer presenting Eddie Selover with a Silver Brick Award at a ceremony in Orlando on March 15. The award is presented by the Downtown Orlando Partnership each year to projects which affect the Downtown Development District and contribute significantly to its quality of life, making Downtown Orlando a more exciting, interesting and desirable place to work, shop and play. Eddie accepted the award with PKN Orlando co-founder Dustin Clingman.


Wild About Art, Performance Art for Bookstore Awareness, and Photos from Toronto

Presentations Selena Seifert is a practicing artist as well as being a trained arts educationalist. As we find out in her presentation (from PKN Blue Mountains Vol. 2), she is currently the director of Wild Valley Art Park, based in Blue Mountains. Jian Guo Xiong Di is an independent curator, and in his presentation (in Chinese, from PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11) he covers the well-received “30 days of bookstore closings” project he produced last year. Why 30 days? Jian Guo explains that he would like to use this art performance to let people realize that these days so many bookstores are disappearing. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is our flyer for tomorrow night's PKN Tokyo Vol. 95 -- it was designed by Luis Mendo, from a photo by Michael Holmes. You'll find the list of presenters on the official event page. Photos Today we share a photo gallery [Flickr] for Toronto's recent Vol. 17, and the PK site will soon be hosting plenty of presentations from that evening. Above, a look at the crowd, and the participants in that night's "PechaKucha Mix" improv presentation.  Calendar Here's what's on the schedule for tonight (September 25):  PKN Bowling Green Vol. 1, PKN Birmingham Vol. 6, PKN Huddersfield Vol. 6, PKN Lyon Vol. 4, and PKN Nantes Vol. 4. Tomorrow, on top of the aforementioned PKN Tokyo Vol. 95, you'll find the following events: PKN Glasgow Vol. 10, PKN Skovde Vol. 9, PKN Lille Vol. 1, PKN Coventry Vol. 10, and PKN Providence Vol. 42.


Architizer A+ Awards

We're very happy to announce that PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham is one of the judges for this year's Architizer A+ Awards. The competition looks to highlight "the world’s best spaces and structures, and the minds behind them," and it's an honor for PechaKucha to be a part of it all. You'll find more details about the Awards on the dedicated site, and here's a video that shows off the creative process behind the making of the A+ Awards Statuette (pictured in this post), designed by Snarkitecture. The winners will be announced in May at a red carpet gala in NYC.


Tokyo Prize

We were very humbled and thankful to be awarded the "Tokyo Prize" last week, given "for outstanding contribution to contemporary culture in Japan." It is represented by a trophy in the shape of a black crow, designed by artist Hiroki Tashiro -- if you've never been to Tokyo, let's just say that the black crow is a common sight, and represents the city well. Judges for the prize included Fumio Nanjo, Director of the Mori Art Museum. The prize was given to Mark & Astrid by Suzie Roos, wife of the the American Ambassador to Japan.  Below, a few photos taken during the ceremony, which was accepted by PechaKucha founders Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. Pictured throughout with his dog is Johnnie Walker, a mainstay in the Tokyo art scene, who helped launch the prize a few years ago.


Umea Creators' Award

It's with great joy that we find out that PechaKucha Night Umea organizer Anna Sjoberg has been given the Umea Creators' Award. This award was given to her in great part for her work with PechaKucha, which makes us extra happy. This message from the jury says it all: Anna has, from the original Japanese concept, created a curious and genuinely local platform which lets experiences, disciplines and ages collide.


A Declaration of Cultural Interest

Here at PechaKucha we're very proud to have received a variety of awards and special recognition in cities all over the world, and the latest such honor comes via the PechaKucha Night series in Colonia del Sacramento. The series has received from the Uruguay government -- more specifically, the Ministry of Education and Cutlure -- an official "Declaration of Cultural Interest," and that's before the first event has even been held (it's set for February 21). A big congratulations to the PKN Colonia del Sacramento team!

Friends of PechaKucha

Friends of PechaKucha