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Los Angeles @ Royal/T
Jul 12, 2008


Saint-Etienne @ Cité du design
Mar 02, 2011


Brussels @ Flagey
Mar 07, 2014


Brussels @ Flagey
Feb 20, 2015



@ VOL 14 ON FEB 28, 2012

Sebastian loves animation, and that could help explain how he ended up becoming an animator. He uses this presentation to describe the main principles behind animation, and shows how all animated forms (2D, CG) can be used to tell stories in original and creative ways. (in English)


Principles of Animation

@ VOL 14 ON FEB 28, 2012

Daniel Muñóz is a character animator, and in this presentation he explains the main principles and techniques required to produce animation work that manages to suck viewers in. (in English)


Animating in Sweden

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 06, 2013

Ben Mowbray is an animator and owner of Zygomatic Animation Studios.  He talks about animation and the making of the company's own animated TV series, Duffton Friends. (in Swedish)


Animal Umbrellas

@ 「ICSでNIGHT」 ON SEP 23, 2013

Shunsuke Umiyama, a product designer, showcases some of his work. In particular, umbrellas with animal shapes attached. He used crowdfunding to acquire funding for the initial units and then shows us how his project has blossomed from there. (In Japanese)


Radio Eva

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

Yoshio Muto presents products from his company, Radio Eva. These products are all based on a TV show called Evangelion. They have recently started a new line called Evangelion Red in which they selected red things from the show and used them as a theme to design new products.


Party Animals


Ryan Sumo is an indie game developer and artist who is currently working on a game called Party Animals, that takes a fascinating look at Filipino politics, by presenting it in a way that makes it surprisingly fun. 

This presentation was recorded live at BitSummit MMXIV, the 2nd edition of the Kyoto-based indie game festival. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 18, 2014.


Anime fan

@ VOL 8 ON DEC 03, 2013

Anime is niet alleen een Japanse tekenstijl, het is een lijfstijl. De 15-jarige Veerle Zandstra vertelt over haar passie voor manga comics en anime gebruiken.


Mind Playin' Tricks

@ VOL 12 ON NOV 27, 2014

Art Director Marc ter Horst start elk project vanuit een helder gesteld concept. De kracht van zijn werk ligt in het maken van niet direct voor de hand liggende combinaties van thema’s, onderwerpen, symbolen of iconen waardoor nieuwe interessante verbanden en betekenissen ontstaan. In de uitvoering zoekt Marc naar visueel inspirerende oplossingen waarbij inhoud en vorm elkaar versterken. In zijn werk maakt hij geen onderscheid tussen autonome kunst en toegepaste kunst.

Het werk van Marc communiceert op een directe manier met als doel publiek op een nieuwe manier naar bestaande zaken te laten kijken.


Japanese Anime


Hiromi Aihara and Yuri Kubota talk about how Japanese movies are appreciated in Europe. They also speak about the many European movie Awards given to the films in Japan. Yuri Kubota then explores the development of future Japanese animated films.


Anime Masters


Hiromi Ito talks about the empire of Japanese anime and its huge popularity across the world. She also speaks about the many people and industries involve in creating these animations.


PKN Gothenburg Vol. 22 Gets Animated

The next PechaKucha Night in Gothenburg (Vol. 22) is coming up -- it's set to happen October 19 at the Angereds Teater -- and organizer Jesper Larsson shares the fun animated gif he put together to promote the event, which was inspired by one of the presentations that will be part of the night ("From Inception to reality; the science of Sci-Fi"). The words read: "You're dreaming about" "taking the tram to Angered" "to visit Pecha Kucha" Here's a list of the presenters set to take the mic. Anu Niskanen – Burma Martin Gustafsson – What is humour? Almira Osmanovic Thunström – Brain researcher: “From Inception to reality; the science of Sci-Fi” Brendan Tate – Copywriter: ”’Swenglish 101- a crash course in English Copywriting” Kajsa Arnoldson – Wrestling Lisa Gröön – Arthur Rimbaud Marcus Persson – GBG Nonstop / Safewalk Länsmansgården


An Animated PKN Montevideo Vol. 7

We shared with you the other day the poster and flyer that was designed for last night's PechaKucha Night in Montevideo Vol. 7, and here's more in the form of an animated GIF that reveals all six posters that were produced and mixed.


Rethinking Design, Some Animation Love, and the Aalen Poster Explosion

Presentations Doreen Toutikian thinks that design can change the world for the better, and that's what she hopes to achieve with her "Rethinking Design Through Cross-Cultural Collaboration" project -- see her describe it in this presentation from PKN Beirut Vol. 13. Sebastian Alvarez loves animation, and that could help explain how he ended up becoming an animator. He uses this presentation (from PKN Miami Vol. 14) to describe the main principles behind animation, and shows how all animated forms (2D, CG) can be used to tell stories in original and creative ways. Posters We found this Facebook gallery of posters for Aalen's past PKNs, and so have added a few of them (the ones we'd never seen before) to our Tumblr blog -- and that's the one for PKN Aalen Vol. 2 you see pictured above. We've also added the poster for this week's PKN Portland, Maine Vol. 19 -- next up for the city is the momentous Vol. 20! Photos Today's photo galleries, as well as an event report. The photo above is from PKN Maribor Vol. 7.Photos from PKN San Sebastian (Vol. 5, Vol. 6, Vol. 7, Vol. 8) [Flickr]PKN Maribor Vol. 7 [Flickr]PKN Hamilton Vol. 7 [Facebook]PKN Logrono Vol. 9 [Flickr]Photos from PKN Bellingham (Vol. 1 and Vol. 3) [Facebook]PKN Sacramento organizer Claire Obenson reports on the city's recent Vol. 17:There were presentations from creative professions across the spectrum, such as a playwright, David Blue Garrison, host of the event, who showed posters of his work; there was Andrea Lepore, the creative director for a well known restaurant, Hot Italian, who showed her plans for a well known strip, called Del Paso Blvd; we had Melissa Magliola who showed off her new company, Compliment Rings, whose proceeds "give back" to the community; Veronica Delgado, the great publicist and Artist Agent showed off her endeavours and volunteering efforts; Famed architect, Owen T. Jones presented images about "inside versus outside" spaces; Dennis Dong, another famed architect and PK Night veteran presenter showed off his anonymous spaces and lastly, Marvin Maldonado presented images from his wife's new boutique, Gypsy Mobile Boutique, Sacramento's first mobile boutique. Overall, this was one of the most interesting PK Nights we have ever held and thanks to all who participated!Calendar Tonight (May 22) you'll find your PKN action in Montreal (Vol. 22), Dnipropetrovsk (Vol.1), and Dundee (Vol. 3), while tomorrow (May 23) you can look to these events for some PKN satisfaction: PKN Prague Vol. 29, PKN Ekaterinburg Vol. 3, PKN Leksand Vol. 4, and PKN Copenhagen's very special Vol. 20.


Learning About Animation, Kyiv's Iconic Architecture, and "Hearting" Parks in San Diego

Presentations Daniel Muñóz is a character animator, and in this presentation from PKN Miami Vol. 14 he explains the main principles and techniques required to produce animation work that manages to suck viewers in. Oleg Zhary is a photographer who lives and works in Kyiv, and in this presentation (in Ukrainian, from PKN Kyiv Vol. 7), he gives us all a stunning photographic tour of the capital of Ukraine through its iconic objects. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is the poster above, for the upcoming PKN San Diego Vol. 15. Here's more from PKN San Diego organizer Leslee Schaffer on the poster, as well as the event itself:We are holding #15 at a venue in which we are hosting an exhibit for the next two weeks, called Orchids, Onions & Opportunities, an offshoot of our Orchids & Onions program. The exhibit strives to accomplish a lot of things; mostly, true to the mission of SDAF (and why PKN is such a great fit for SDAF) to raise awareness and encourage practical discourse about matters relative to our build environment. It’s focus is on San Diego’s civic spaces, and lack thereof. We usually don’t theme our PKNs, having found that an organically curated event keeps things interesting and works quite well for us. This time, because of the exhibit, and other complementary events we decided to offer Making the Case for Public Space as a theme, and keep it interesting by presenting a range of perspectives on the matter. As fro the event flyer, we are blessed with the support of someone we believe to be one of the most inspired artists/designers ever here in San Diego. Her name is Terri Beth Mitchell. You have already posted a couple of her PKN SD flyers on your site, and we thought this one deserved special attention. Photos We have a couple of photo galleries to share with you today. Above, one of the presenters from PKN San Juan Vol. 6, and below, the crowd at PKN Derby Vol. 5.PKN San Juan Vol. 6 [Flickr]PKN Derby Vol. 5 -- and check out all previous sets as well [Flickr] Calendar Here's what you can look forward to in terms of PechaKucha action tomorrow night (Tuesday, June 12): PKN Aalborg Vol. 8, PKN Toledo Vol. 2, PKN Ottawa Vol. 5, and PKN Hawkes Bay Vol. 2. 


Animated Graphics for Australian TV, an Intro the Color Wheel, and a Doom Clock from Vladimir

Presentations Tim Costello has worked in Australia's television industry for the past 10 years, creating animated graphics for a variety of TV shows, which he shares in this presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 93). He also worked on the feature film Where the Wild Things Are. In her presentation (in German, from PKN Aalen Vol. 6), Annegret Barth wants to introduce us to the interplay of colors. Using photos from nature, Annegret walks us through the development of the color wheel and its possible applications. (in German) We don't have a full presentation to share, but PKN Vladimir organizer Boris Matin has sent us the following photos (above) and description of this rather interesting participant at the city's recent Vol. 6.Sergei Karelin is a silversmith and goldsmith, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, and an academic at the Petrovskaya Academy of Science and Art in St. Petersburg. The clock (in the photos) shows the countdown of the time from the moment of the Birth of the Earth to the moment of its collapse, owing to its inevitable approach to the Sun. The work calls for the drawing together of world religions, the union of all nations, and the immediate stop of all war conflicts in the face of the fatal disaster. Posters We have two new posters on the Tumblr blog today, one for this month's PKN Waterville Vol. 8 (pictured above), and one for PKN Chattanooga Vol. 11, also happening later this month.  Video Pisa's Vol. 2 is happening this Friday, and today we have a video promo to share for the event.  Calendar On this 4th of July, we may not have any PKNs happening in the US, but we do have these two events: PKN Amsterdam Vol. 22 and PKN Utsunomiya Vol. 1. Tomorrow, you can look for the following: PKN Semarang Vol. 9, PKN Augsburg Vol. 1, and PKN Las Palmas Vol. 7.


Improving Our City Streets, a Czech Animation Project, and a Report from Sacramento

Presentations Barry Wilson is a landscape architect, and in his presentation (from PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11) he hopes to show how we can work to make our city streets function in a better and more efficient way. Animánie is an innovative project with the goal of spreading the possibilities of animation to the general public. As you'll find out in this presentation (in Czech, from PKN Plzen Vol. 1), it promotes artistic expression by children and youth in the field of animation. Posters On the Tumblr blog today is the poster for this month's special London Design Festival edition of that city's PechaKucha Night series, taking place on September 21 at the Designjunction venue (The Sorting Office 21-31 New Oxford Street). The event has a fantastic lineup, including Lee Broom, Ben Rousseau, William Hall, Anthony Burrill, Moritz Waldermeyer, Amos Merchant, Jason Bruges, Giles Miller, Joe Doucet, and Andrew Stafford.  Event Report Here's a report from PKN Sacramento organizer Claire Obenson on the city's recent Vol. 18:Held for the first time at the amazing Hot Italian Restaurant, it featured several presenters: John Krempel and his stunning art; self-possessed College students, Olivia, Rachel and Kelsey who showed photography and art; Robina Conway and her awesome wall paintings; Scott Vaughn with his bamboo tatooed leg and his fishing exploits; Entertaining architect, Dennis Dong and PK Night Poster Designer extraordinaire, Julie Vatuone, who presented work from her new business - Dirty up the Dress - with her business partner, Sonia Hidalgo. Sonia in her first jaunt as an MC was sparkling with her off-the-cuff kind remarks about the presenters and her ad-libbed presentation. It was simply awesome! Sonia will also be MCing Pecha Kucha Night Vol 19 during Sacramento's first ever Architecture Festival - stay tuned!Calendar Tonight (September 11) we have PKN Toronto Vol. 17, with tomorrow night featuring the following four events: PKN Cleveland Vol. 16, PKN Ekaterinburg Vol. 5, PKN Bozeman Vol. 4, and PKN Stockholm Vol. 35.


Redesigning Food, Anime-inspired Jewelry, and a Tinkerer Travels

Presentations Today, we share the final set of presentations from last week’s Tokyo Designers Week edition PechaKucha event (PKN Tokyo Vol. 96). Please note that all of today's presentations are in Japanese. Ayako Suwa (food creation) brings her delicious food-induced designs to the PKN stage. Nagisa Kidosaki, a Yokohama-based architect, covers a few projects produced with students from the Kyoto Institute of Technology Naka Lab. Jewelry designer Mikiko Minewaki shares her unique accessories, often built using pieces from plastic Gundam models. The always inventive "tinkerer" Muneteru Ujino shares some of his projects, and takes us on a wonderful trip. Posters We have two new posters on the Tumblr blog today, for PKN Hong Kong Vol. 13 (pictured above) and PKN New Haven Vol. 14. For the Hong Kong poster, that pixelized profile you see is for none other than PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham, who will be on hand to MC the event. Video Here's a video to give you a feel for what Winnipeg's latest PKN (Vol. 11) was like. It happened in September, and you'll find the list of presenters with links on the official event page. Calendar Here's what to expect tonight (November 7): PKN New Haven Vol. 14, PKN Bozeman Vol. 5, PKN Helena Vol. 3, PKN Toronto Vol. 18, PKN Austin Vol. 15, and PKN Tehran Vol. 3. These are the six events in the calendar for tomorrow: PKN Augsburg Vol. 2, PKN Shanghai Vol. 19, PKN Columbus Vol. 23, PKN Taos Vol. 8, PKN Milwaukee Vol. 12, and PKN Dayton Vol. 13.


Party Animals

What do satire, pigs, government, crocodiles, strategy, and mice all have in common? Ryan Sumo is an indie game developer and artist who is currently working on a game called Party Animals, that takes a fascinating look at Filipino politics, by presenting it in a way that makes it surprisingly fun.  "Party Animals" was recorded live at BitSummit MMXIV, the 2nd edition of the Kyoto-based indie game festival. 


Alex Aniel

What do you really know about the immensily popular Resident Evil (Biohazzard) video game series? At next week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 115 (on Wednesday, June 25), Resident Evil expert Alex Aniel will take a deep dive into the series, and explain why he is obsessed with it. Alex also runs the Brave Wave music label, that produces video game-related music -- watch Alex's previous PechaKucha presentation about the label here. 大人気ゲーム「バイオハザード」をどこまで知ってますか? 6/25のペチャクチャナイトでは、バイオハザードの大ファンのAlex Anielさんが魅力について語り尽くします。 ゲーム音楽をプロデュースする音楽レーベル、Brave Waveを経営する彼の過去のプレゼンテーションはこちら。


Anita Chang

At next week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 119 (on Wednesday, November 26) we welcome artist Anita Chang, who will be sharing some of her work, and also talk about projects from a lighting company she works with.来週のペチャクチャナイトVol. 119(11月26日(水)) にアーティストAnita Changをご招待。彼女の仕事について、またlighting companyのプロジェクトについても話していただきます。

Friends of PechaKucha

Friends of PechaKucha