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Santa Barbara
Apr 25, 2013


Santa Barbara
Jul 25, 2013


Dar es Salaam @ Triniti Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant
Oct 01, 2015


New Westminster @ Anvil Centre
Oct 24, 2015


Santa Barbara @ Dargan's Irish Pub and Restaurant
Feb 10, 2016


Adelaide @ De La Liff
Aug 19, 2016


Santa Barbara @ Dargan's Irish Pub and Restaurant
Aug 17, 2016


Jakarta @ Bukalapak Office
Dec 15, 2016


Adelaide @ Nexus Arts
Aug 10, 2017


Santa Barbara @ Dargan's Irish Pub and Restaurant
Jan 25, 2018

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Leave My Heart in Vancouver

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 13, 2013

"I wanted to take a risk and try something new."

In Leave My Heart in Vancouver from PechaKucha Night Vancouver Vol. 28, After an experimental phase in her youth, Shawna Olsten longed for a marketing spot in the action sports industry. She only had one, tiny stipulation: she had to do so in the city of Vancouver. Here Shawna speaks of her trials, triumphs, but mostly her gratitude to the city that raised her. 

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TDAH Miembro de mi familia

@ VOL 5 ON OCT 20, 2015

Itzel Pamela Becerril, una jóven estudiante, narra lo que ha sido su vida familiar al tener que compartirla con el TDAH que padece su hermano.

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Salud y deporte

@ VOL 5 ON OCT 20, 2015

Sebastián Toledo, un jòven que tuvo problemas de obesidad, refiere el papel que ha tenido el deporte en su vida y lo importante que es educar a los niños para que tengan una buena alimentación y practiquen algún deporte para tener una vida saludable.

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Roots of Rhythm

@ VOL 14 ON MAY 18, 2016

Thomas OFlaherty is a creative dancer, teacher and entrepreneur who will tell the story of his British Caribbean artistic expression and how it connects to the roots of dance and rhythm from the African diaspora.

Website | Facebook

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Transforma tu vida a través de la Inmunonutrición

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 02, 2017

La nutricionista venezolana, Andreína White, nos explica la forma en la que ha logrado ayudar a sus pacientes a cambiar sus vidas por medio de la inmunonutrición. Este estilo de vida puede traer resultados positivos en todos los ámbitos, mejora desde condiciones complicadas hasta el humor. 

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Keiki Club

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Aviva Rowley and friends founded Keiki Club - an open social community for friends and flora fanatics to come together and grow plants, share knowledge, and trade collections. Attend a Keiki Club meeting in NY or California - more info here.

Aviva is a ceramicist / artist / florist from Brooklyn, New York.  She graduated from Cooper Union in 2011 with a BFA.  She has been finding nature in Brooklyn her whole life and stubbornly refuses to leave NY - thus forcing her to create an indoor jungle.  

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Natural Leavening

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

From Texas to New York to Brazil, professional pizza man Anthony Falco has been active in the food industry from a widely popular french fry stand to a famous Bushwick pizzeria, to perfecting delicious bread recipes with his kids. At PechaKucha Night NYC, he talks about the process and health benefits to naturally leavened dough!

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Иллюстратор как предприниматель

@ VOL 22 ON FEB 23, 2017

Ольга Протасова: Независимый иллюстратор и графический дизайнер с 12-летним стажем, активист дизайн-сообщества.

Иллюстратор как предприниматель. Доклад будет касаться вопросов организации иллюстраторские бизнеса — даже если речь идет об одном самостоятельном иллюстраторе: PR, маркетинг, лицензирование и продажи, авторское право, профессиональный нетворкинг  —  все, без чего мы не сможем рисовать то, что хотим рисовать, получая достойную компенсацию.

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Aprende a vender a través del mundo del cine

@ VOL 1 ON APR 27, 2017

Formadora en Ventas, Mónica Bóbeda habló sobre cómo las películas pueden enriquecer la estrategia comercial, los valores para fomentar la relación con los clientes, la motivación para ver el lado positivo de las ventas y la creatividad para descubrir nuevas perspectivas de negocio.

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Cómo ser un vendedor sostenible y no morir en el intento

@ VOL 4 ON NOV 28, 2017

Mónica Bóbeda. Riojana, es diplomada en Asistente de Dirección por la Universidad de Navarra. Especializada en Marketing, Comunicación y ventas, cuenta con 16 años de experiencia en empresas multinacionales. Ella tambien es Directora de Área (Cantabria y Asturias) del club de oratoria y liderazgo Toastmasters Internacional.

Mónica nos contará la historia de POPECO, una mascota de ventas que un día decidió analizar sus actividades comerciales diarias para ver qué impacto ambiental estaba dejando sobre el planeta. Gracias a este análisis fue consciente que él era parte de la solución para vivir en un planeta mejor, así que decidió ponerse manos a la obra y buscó recursos alternativos ¿Quieres saber cómo POPECO consiguió ser un vendedor sostenible

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Frank Salama

At last month's PechaKucha Night in Tokyo (Vol. 59), architect Frank Salama took us on a tour of his projects. Below, a selection of images from the presentation -- visit Frank's website to see more.

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PKN Santa Cruz in the News

A nice bit of press coverage for PKN Santa Cruz from the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Chip, director of the Santa Cruz Downtown Association, first became aware of Pecha Kucha several years ago and began the application process to launch "Pecha Kucha Nights" in Santa Cruz. Concurrently, Crystal Birns, coordinator for the City Arts Program, had been discussing a similar idea with the Museum of Art & History. Two months ago, the first Pecha Kucha Night launched at club Motiv in downtown Santa Cruz to a packed house. On Friday, the second "Pecha Kucha Night" will be hosted by MAH, under the leadership of Emily Hope Dobkin, with nine presenters presenting their "works in progress." Read the full story here. The city's Vol. 2 happens tonight.


Hello Santa Fe!

We are right now developing the inaugural PechaKucha Night for Santa Fe -- so please drop us a line to get involved, suggest venues, sign up to present, volunteer to help out, you name it! Let's get this amazing social evening going here and tap into the inspiration and creativity that lives and breathes here every day. Contact us anytime at Check out our new Twitter feed @PechaKucha_SFe, like us on Facebook (see here for our work in progress!) and help spread the word!  And see you in the summer! Cheers, CR

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PKN Posters: Santa Cruz Vol. 3

Calling geeks of all shapes, sizes and sorts! Santa Cruz has set their Vol. 3 theme to the beat of a very eccentric drum: "Geek: Obsession". PKN Santa Cruz organizer Chip has this to say about the evening's plans: Ten presenters will provide us with a window into a topic that inspires their geeky nature. We will hear presentations on a wide range of topics from bands, to beer, to water, to fonts. This groovy vintage view-master poster was put together by the fine designers at Cosmic; give 'em a hand!  To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.  

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PKN Santa Fe in the News

Santa Fe just recently launched its own PechaKucha Night series, and here's a great report from the Santa Fe New Mexican. Rubart recruited Wednesday’s eight presenters through cold-calling and word of mouth. The presentations were mostly arts-oriented, with a bit of technology and economic development thrown into the mix. Wednesday’s speakers were Marina de Palma, a poet and book designer; Zane Fischer, co-coordinator of MIXSantaFe; Tori Hughes, an artist and creative coach; Joanne Lefrak, director of outreach and education at SITE Santa Fe; Dienke Nauta, a visual artist; Gail Snowdon, a photographer; Katelyn Peer, a project coordinator at the nonprofit Creative Santa Fe; and Pete Kelsey, the founder of Adventures in Rediscovery, a company that does 3-D mapping of natural environments and historic sites. Read the full article here.

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Salutation to Corrugation

Whoever said, "If you're board then you're boring" must not have seen these stunning cardboard works. In today's Presentation of the Day, "Salutation to Corrugation" from PKN Cleveland Vol. 9, we hear from artist Mark Langan who, one day received a large amount of corrugated cardboard boxes from his neighbors, and decided to do something amazing with them. His three-dimensional works are composed entirely of recycleable material, and have become popular among eco-friendly movers and shakers.

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Saya Takahashi

Saya Takahashi is a new architect at Klein Dytham architecture, and at Wednesday's PechaKucha Night Vol. 116, she will share with us her love for one of Japan's most famous characters, Doraemon. Saya TakahashiはKlein Dytham architectureの新しい建築家として、水曜日のペチャクチャナイトVol.116にてドラえもんと一緒に語ります。  

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A Yemeni Female Rapper

Emerging artists are rapping “about the struggles of women in Yemen.” In her native Arabic and English, female Yemeni rapper Amani Yahya shares the trials and triumphs of pursuing her art against all odds. In “A Yemeni Female Rapper” from PKN Sana’a Vol. 1 she speaks about the support and encouragement she’s received from her friends and community, her rap style, and how she’s challenged cultural norms to do what she loves.

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Only Memory

“I traveled the world, made friends - but lost 5 years of it in an instant.” Tamim Al-Kadasi is a traveler, teacher, and friend to many in countries from all over. In “Only Memory” from PKN Sana’a Vol. 4, he speaks of an accident that altered his life, had him lose 5 years of memory, and how it has strengthened and empowered him to create new ones.

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Finding Home

“Home is not the place you’re born, home is the place you become yourself.” Tamim Al-Kadasi speaks on his conceptual definition of home. In “HOME” from PKN Sana’a Vol. 3 he shows us that where you come from is less important than where you’re going. Tamim discusses feeling homesick in his homeland after living abroad, and the realizations he's come to along the way.